Can CBD Oil Help Dogs with Joint Pain?

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cbd oil for dogs

Dogs also face a bit of a problem in terms of mobility when it comes to being old. This will make the dog not to run or jump as before. This is mostly attributed to having joint pain. The good news about joint pain and arthritis is that there is a better medication now.

So, what is arthritis all about? Well, arthritis is simply the inflammation of the dog joints. This results in having severe joint pain sometimes. As a result of this condition, the cartilage between the bones is normally rougher than usual. Having increased friction in the joints is what leads to the painful feeling.

Joint pain is considered as something permanent in dogs. The condition is also progressive and painful. It means if not addressed in time, it worsens with time. The amount of pain, stiffness, and lameness will vary among different dogs. Mostly, you will note that the dog has a hard time getting up in the morning or after taking a nap.

Symptoms of Joint Pain

Before you can start even using CBD oil for dogs with joint pain, you have to watch out for the common symptoms. Well, the symptoms in dogs will be easy to spot. First, the dog becomes less active or cannot jump as good as it did before. Whenever you note such symptoms, it is time to start giving your dog some of the CBD oil to aid with the pain.

Limping is definitely going to be pronounced when the dog has joint pain. In some dogs, the limping is pronounced as it stands up from a sleeping position. However, the limping might go away as the dog walks away. Take note of the limping, especially when the dog is just from a rest.

Becoming inactive in older dogs is nothing new, but in some cases, it is also a sign of joint pain. The dog finds it hard to keep up with the demands of the owner who likes playing with it. You also find that it has a hard time getting on top of a favorite chair where it used to sit. Also, running becomes hard for such a dog.

Sometimes the pain will make the dog irritable. This is where the dog might snap or bite when approached. As a result, it is important to handle such a dog with care so as not to lead to aggravating the pain even further.

How CBD Oil Helps

Since CBD oil has many benefits, it is also going to be great to use generally. You will have a great time using the CBD oil knowing that it is able to work great and give you the performance you have always wanted. One of the features of CBD is that it comes with anti-inflammatory features. This is what makes CBD oil good on overall to use at the moment.

CBD is also good as it lacks the THC compound that induces high. Since THC can be bad for pets, it is the reason the CBD oil is preferred. You will be able to use it for treating the joint pain without having to worry that it might affect the overall health of the dog.

It is worth noting that CBD is also a natural pain reliever. This is because the cannabinoids will control the pain by limiting its transmission to the brain cells. This makes is good for making sure that the dog can walk around easily with joint pains.

Also, CBD oil is natural and does not have side effects as compared to prescription drugs. You will find that it does not damage the liver or any other parts. This makes it good for pets which sometimes can be sensitive to some medications.

Using CBD Oil

As much as CBD oil can also come in topical form, it is common that even for joint pain, it is taken orally. Also, make sure to use the CBD oil as directed by the vet. Just because you learnt that the oil is good for the dog’s health, it does not mean you get to overdo it.

Give CBD oil some time to start working. CBD oil for dogs with joint pain it does not work immediately, so a few hours of waiting are not bad. As for administering, you can put drops of CBD oil right into the mouth of the dog. Or you can still have the drops in the dog’s food.


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