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Quite a number of states in the U.S have legalized medical marijuana. Examples of these states are Michigan, California, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska and Louisiana among a dozen others. The medicinal properties

A culture of marijuana farming is rapidly gaining popularity. After some soul searching, you may also come to a conclusion of venturing into marijuana farming as a domestic or business venture.

Investing in your own marijuana farm is not a practice that should intimidate you. Although a lot of learning is involved in order to be successful. One has to have knowledge of the basic marijuana farming fundamentals. The best place to start is by enrolling in Learn Sativa College where they will teach you how to do domestic marijuana farming and how to grow it into a lucrative business. After the training course, you will be awarded the Learn Sativa College Budtender Certification as proof that you are now a certified marijuana farmer.

From there is where you do the actual farming. Below are the basic procedures you should undertake when you want to start Cannabis Sativa growing.


There are many types of marijuana seeds you can choose from. It will all depend on your preference, personal experience and need.

Keep in mind that different strains of the herb grow under different circumstances. Please bear in mind the kind of environment you are most likely going to grow your marijuana. This will ensure you make informed decisions on the right type of seed to invest in.


In order to get a return on investment, the kind of environment in which you expect to grow your marijuana really matters. For starters, marijuana needs a lot of sunlight. This should be a minimum of 12hours per day. Depending on whether you want to do indoor or outdoor farming, you are the one to come up with a way of regulating the amount of sunlight getting to your marijuana plants.

In addition, you will be required to invest in lighting in case you opt to go with indoor farming.

There are also crucial factors that ensure healthily grown marijuana like air, water and the kind of temperature to grow marijuana. Marijuana does pretty well in both hot and cold temperatures. However, when the weather moves to the extreme, it will be merely impossible for marijuana to do well. So be keen to know the best climatic conditions to start this kind of farming.


There are different ways you can choose to germinate your seedlings. Like all other plants, they need water, oxygen, the correct temperature and suitable location.

After some time, the seedling will grow into the vegetative phase. Here, the sun exposure time changes. They should be exposed to light for 18 hours a day for them to grow well. Temperatures should also be steady to ensure they grow into strong plants.


This is the phase where the small plants will flower and later become full blown healthy marijuana plants. You are the one to decide whether to harvest them when they are in their small state or to wait until the plants are big and their leaves high. During this time, you will even smell its aroma from afar.

A few weeks before harvesting time, these herbs need to be watered a lot so that the plants take in much water flushing out saltiness and other after-tastes that may have accrued over time. This ensures the herb tastes fresh.

All in all, marijuana farming calls for a keen eye. However, with the emergence of colleges like Learn Sativa Weed School, the options you can explore with marijuana farming are vast. With that knowledge and a little practice here and there, you are on your way to becoming a very successful weed planter.




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