Arizer Argo Vs Davinci IQ

By February 28, 2018Articles, Vapes
arizer argo davinci iq

Comparing these two vaporizers is like comparing a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. They are both top class dry herb vaporizers when it comes to price, performance and portability. It really does boil down to you as the user and your requirements. Below we look at the specific differences between the Go Vaporizer by Arizer and the Davinci IQ.

Design and portability

Both are advanced technological designs with stealth and style in mind. The Davinci IQ is more portable as it has a flat mouthpiece, unlike the Argo which has an extendible mouthpiece that can be hidden. However, the Argo’s mouthpiece is prone to breakage due to it being made using glass but can be protected by the touch of a button. The Davinci IQ’s mouthpiece is a lot longer and reduces portability slightly, however it does come with a shorter mouthpiece, but this limits the cooling of the vapor. The Davinci IQ does have various components when assembled and this, in turn, requires a lot more maintenance than the Agro.

One of the of the main benefits of the Argo is that it’s almost maintenance free due to its all-in-one design, while the Davinci requires a lot of cleaning to keep the vapor clean and crisp.


The Argo comes with a 2-year warranty and has a proven track record and a solid design. The Davinci has a 10-year warranty and a reputation to match. Their support staff are well-known to provide top class support service. You are unlikely to use any warranty on both warranties due to design and reliability and both will provide years of vaporizing pleasure.  Battery life is an important feature for any serious vaporizer on the move. Battery duration for both is roughly 90 minutes, which is the equivalent of about 70-90 hits.  Both vaporizers use an interchangeable 18650 Li-Ion battery that takes up to 4 hours to charge.


Both vaporizers are easy to use for both novice and seasoned experts. The IQ does stand out when it comes to flavour and cloud smoke, while the Argo provides a clean vapor through its uniquely designed borosilicate glass mouthpiece. This mouthpiece provides an overall cooler smoke and excellent vapor aroma and flavour.

Oven and Heating

The DaVinci Vaporizer provides a larger over, accommodating anything from 0.7 – 1.2 grams of dry herb while the Argo only has the capacity of 0.15 grams in the oven. The Argo used a convection heating method while the IQ uses conduction heating. The zirconia pearl layered oven in the IQ provides a more enhanced heat distribution, providing an evener heating of the herbs. The IQ does tend to heat up more than the Argo, both in the mouthpiece and oven.

Both vaporizers are top class quality products that are leaps and bounds ahead the rest of the competition in the portable dry herb vaporizer market. It’s really up to the user what their preferences are and how technical they would like to be. I personally think the Davinci IQ is a few seconds in the lead of the lap as it does come with a smart-phone app and suits my vaping needs a little more than the Argo.


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