Are feminized seeds that good for growing?

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The cultivation of cannabis seeds in indoor environments has been increasing and popular in recent years, due to the high quality and excellent yield of this type of seed. Growing indoors provides a great advantage to the producer, such as having close and detailed control of his planting, apart from the comfort of being basically inside their home.

Feminized seeds are cultivated in such a way that it is possible to eliminate the male chromosome from the seed, thus producing only the so-called feminized seeds, they are the most used for their high yield and optimizing the sowing space.

Main benefits of feminized seeds

The best thing about feminized seeds, and what has been a true revolution for indoor cultivation, is the possibility of being able to use 100% of the cultivation space, without any type of loss. This is possible because with them the sexing task is avoided and the femininity of all plants is ensured.

While it is true that some growers seek the development of male individuals for seed production, in general, it is flower-filled rooms that they long for. In addition, its growth is much more uniform, which allows filling hydroponic systems or plant pots to make better use of the available space.

Cultivating feminized seeds ensures that there are only female plants in your garden, or in your indoor cultivation, on the balcony, terrace or in guerilla cultivation, which allows a quick and easy cultivation of the marijuana plant. With feminized seeds, maintenance and pruning work caused by the male plant is eliminated.

Projection in the use of feminized seeds in recent years

Looking at seed sales on a global scale, it is clear that feminized seeds have slowly but steadily increased a large percentage of the cannabis seed market over the past 10 years. In some European countries it currently represents more than 90% of sales, both in specialized shops and in internet stores. The so-called feminized seeds are not as popular in America as they are in the European continent, but this characteristic has been rapidly reversing in recent years, with significant increases in Canada and the USA.

Reading in various American and European Internet forums you easily realize that there are many different points of view in relation to the title, the same types of categorization that one can do between substrate and hydroponics, organic and synthetic, sativa and indica, can now be done. What can be the differences between feminized and regular seeds?


According to experts on the subject, feminized seeds are a great ally for the cannabis producer, providing an optimization in their production. It is a very simple, basic concept, but it generates a good margin of differences. For both indoor and outdoor cultivation, feminized seeds guarantee that the space used is as productive as possible, no space is wasted until they are eliminated.

In short, the most critical point when selecting feminized seeds is mainly their origin and the professionalism of the producer. Feminized seeds represent the future of cannabis production around the world.


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