American Support for Marijuana Legalization is Overwhelming


Times are changing, that is for sure. Marijuana has always had a bad reputation, all the way back from the hippy days. But as the green wave of marijuana legalization is sweeping across the United States, public opinion is changing accordingly. A couple of years ago, marijuana’s public approval rate was around 25%. Last year, than number jumped to 51% and this year, 58% of Americans support legalization of marijuana, according to the latest poll from Gallup. The demographics in this case are pretty amazing. Baby boomers obviously support marijuana legalization but what is most interesting about this poll is that more than 40% accounts for people over 65 years of age and that is pretty amazing.

Marijuana has been stigmatized for a really long time so it is kind of refreshing to see that the shift is heading into a more positive direction. Naturally, this will benefit people who need marijuana the most but it will also stop a bunch of unnecessary incarcerations and open a lot of doors in terms of marijuana legalization for recreational purposes. This time next year, we hope marijuana’s approval rate could reach at least 65%.


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