A Comprehensive Guide for Buying The Best Perc Bong Online

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Choosing a suitable smoking accessory can be a very daunting task, especially when the market is flooded with so many of them. However, if you are a veteran smoker, you must be having a perspective on what you want. Even if you’re changing a smoking accessory, picking out the right one will be a very challenging task. The online market is chaos because it has a bombardment of different kinds of smoke accessories. In this guide we will help you in choosing a suitable bong.

What do you want?

This is the first question you need to answer when looking for a suitable bong online. Are you looking for legal concentrates or dry herbs? If you are looking for a suitable water pipe online, you must know that they are ideal for both dry herbs and legal concentrates. However, your intended use will give you a perspective on the outcome.

If you are planning to dab in both, it is better to buy a small-sized pipe. Keep in mind, burning substances like kratom, CBD or tobacco is not always going to be a healthy choice for your lungs.  Therefore it is better to choose the right accessory. Consider the following factors when choosing a bong online:

  1. Material Matters

Traditionally, bongs would be made out of glass, but now the market has a vast array of bong materials. You can easily get a bong made out of plastic, bamboo, ceramic, acrylic and even silicone. Modern bongs are often translucent so that you can see the quality of your bong. Glass pieces are delicate and stand a high risk of getting broken at any time. Therefore you need to keep in mind, the higher the quality of the material, higher will be the price.

  1. Budget

How much do you wish to spend on your bong? If you think you can’t buy a cheap bong, you’re wrong! You can get a bong in less than $30 online. Platforms like Big Daddy Smoke and many others provide coupon codes and discounts to customers so that they can easily afford to buy bongs within any budget. Don’t forget, your wallet woes! If you plan to splurge, you can buy larger sized bongs that are exquisite in design.

  1. Size

This is the most important factor you need to keep in mind when buying a suitable bong. If you want to buy a bong that you intend to carry on a trip, it is better to go for small size. However, if you’re buying a bong for your house, you can buy one that is large and looks stylish. Larger sized bongs stand a high chance of getting broken, especially if you pass them in your friend’s circle. If you buy small sized bongs, they will last for a longer time and not get broken.

  1. Customer Reviews

Don’t forget to read customer reviews before purchasing a product online. Even if you’re shopping from a top-notch smoking shop but one that has poor customer reviews, leave that option and despise shopping from it. Customer reviews reveal the actual quality of a product that is why it is important to go through them before buying a suitable bong online.


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