7 Tips for Optimizing Your Crafty Vape Experience

By January 30, 2018Vapes

Storz & Bickel are one of the most well known names in the vaporizer market. From the beginning, when they released their Volcano model, they have continued to grow in popularity and reputation. This hasn’t happened by fluke however, this has happened by continuous improvements, research and trial and error. Using the most up to date German Engineering, Storz & Bickel have created a range of medical grade vaporizers sure to impress. In this article we will take a closer look at the Crafty, the smallest and most portable model in their range. As each vaporizer is different, each will have unique traits and each will work best in different ways. This article will teach you some easy tips to optimize your Crafty.


The Crafty is the smallest Storz & Bickel Vaporizer on the market. Known for its easy portability, the Crafty is surprisingly powerful. The Crafty has a number of features designed to make your vaping experience better. The Crafty App allows you to control your unit remotely while the serial number system ensures you never buy a fake. The Unit itself has a powerful battery which powers a heating system which is hard to rival. The vapor produced is building a reputation of its own, and is very hard to compare to any other portable vaporizer. While its bigger brother, Mighty, is even stronger, the Crafty is certainly holding its own in the ever growing Vaporizer market.


Read The Instructions

While this might seem a fairly obvious tip, the amount of people who ignore their instruction manuals may surprise you. The Crafty comes with an extremely in-depth manual and it is definitely in your best interests to pay attention. By following the manual you are ensuring that nothing goes wrong in your set up. Another option would be to watch guide videos on youtube, there are any amount of them, so take the time and learn before diving in.


Sterilize Unit Before Use

It is highly recommended to sterilize your unit before use. This is a quite easy process and only involves turning the unit on full power with an empty chamber. By running the device before use you ensure any manufacturer toxins or residues is evaporated. This is turn prevents any unwanted toxins from entering your vapor.


Dry & Finely Grind Your Herbs

Every bud is different. Each has their own characteristics and each has different textures. When using the Crafty Vaporizer, try to ensure that your bud is dried sufficiently enough. While the moisture is preferably drier, it is imperative to grind your herb finely. By using dry bud and grinding it thoroughly, you ensure the most contact area between your herb and the hot air. This is turn results in the most fulfilling vapor possible.


Charge Battery Fully

Before using your Crafty try and charge it to full capacity. This is a practice which is important with every battery powered unit and can result in a far superior longevity of your device. By allowing your battery to charge fully after use ensures that no power will be sacrificed in the long run.


Take Long, Slow Draws

The way in which you extract vapor from your unit is extremely important. Overly strong, harsh draws can result in overly strong, harsh vapor. By drawing to hard on your unit you also run the risk of sucking some herbs into the mouthpiece or a drop in temperature in your oven. By taking long, slow draws with your Crafty, you ensure maximum quality, flavor and density of your vapor.


Gradually Increase Temp

The set temperature of your vaporizer plays an integral role in the kind of vapor you produce. By sticking to lower temperatures you can really accentuate the flavors while by using a higher set point can result in thicker, more potent vapor. The knack of gradually increasing your temperature throughout ensures you receive the maximum value from your herbs.


Always Clean After Use

I really cannot stress enough how important this tip actually is. A lot of people make the mistake of not realising the importance of cleaning your vaporizer. By cleaning your vape at regular intervals you can be confident of the longevity of your unit. Continued cleaning prevents residues and remains from building up in the important areas of your vaporizer and can ensure you have a vaporizer for life.


The Crafty is one of the most reputable model of portable vaporizers on the market today. While the market is continuously growing, there are few vaporizers which can truly rival the Storz & Bickel brand. By following these easy tips, you will be sure to have the optimum results from your Crafty Vaporizer.


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