5 ways we are seeing cannabis being legalized more around the world

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cannabis legalized around the world

Cannabis, as you may have heard the word, is commonly known as weed, marijuana, pot and ganja and it is a greenish-grey mixture of dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. In today’s world, there are some countries which have legalized cannabis both for personal use and for medical purposes. Then there are countries which allow the use of cannabis only for medical purposes and cannabis is illegal for recreational purposes but there are some countries around the globe where you can keep a little amount of cannabis for recreational purposes but you cannot commercially sale and purchase cannabis.

Recently, we have witnessed a surge in the legalization of cannabis across the globe. More and more countries are adopting ‘cannabis-friendly’ policies. Here is the list of five ways through which we witness the legalization of cannabis around the world:

1) Medical Usage

Countries like the Netherlands, Colombia, Czech Republic and India have laws which allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The efficacy of cannabis and its usage in medicines have dramatically increased in recent times and more countries are legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes considering its effectiveness.

2) Decriminalization of Laws

This is the most important way through which we witness the trend of cannabis being legalized around the world. More countries are adopting ‘cannabis-friendly’ policies by either changing their existing laws, which considered the usage of cannabis both for personal and medical uses as illegal, into the laws which allow their citizens to keep small amounts of cannabis for recreational purposes. Some countries have also changed the draconian laws which were previously in place to control the use of cannabis into more-lenient laws which do not put the use of cannabis into the ambit of capital punishment. The examples include countries like Belgium, Argentina, Switzerland, Australia, Costa Rica and other countries which have decriminalized the laws governing the use of cannabis.

3) Online Head shops

This is a rather new concept through which the use of cannabis is getting legalized these days. In countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America and Uruguay, it is allowed to sale and purchase cannabis-related equipment such as bongs, bubblers, water pipes and grinders to masses through online headshops and people can openly purchase cannabis and its related products.

4) Cannabis-selling coffee shops and clubs

Countries like the Netherlands, Spain and Jamaica have legalized the use of cannabis by designating spaces like coffee shops and clubs to use cannabis for recreational purposes. People can visit the coffee shops and clubs if they want to get high by using cannabis.

5) Cannabis Farms

Some countries across the globe have allowed growing cannabis for personal usage. You can grow cannabis in your backyard in case you want to roll a joint or you want to use it for medical purposes. In countries like Canada, Chile, Austria, Belgium and South Africa, it is legal to grow cannabis for personal use, though the quantity allowed for cultivation varies from country to country.

In conclusion, it is clear that with the passage of time the acceptability of cannabis as a recreational drug and for medical use is increasing by every passing day. As some say, ‘everything to an excess is bad’, the same principle applies to cannabis as long as it is taken in a controlled quantity the pros outweigh the cons.


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