5 Amazing Features of Arizer’s Desktop Vaporizer

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The vaporizer scene in the UK  is rapidly growing, portable vapes have nearly become ubiquitous. Hundreds of vape aficionados are choosing to move from the familiarity of portable vaporizer to a more comfortable and leisurely alternative that offers incredibly thick and potent vapor. Desktop vaporizers are ideal for people who like to enjoy their vaping experience in the comfort and discreteness of their own home. When you’re selecting a desktop vaporizer you have to keep in mind several features that you may not be familiar with that can wildly affect your vape experience. To help with this we’ve compiled 5 must have features found in Airzer’s amazing range of high quality desktop vapes

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If you want to comfortably enjoy a vape experience with a desktop vaporizer in peace you’ll want to be sure that your unit has a sufficiently long, high quality whip. Most vaporizer whips are made of medical grade silicone, so they won’t taint your hits with an unpleasant plastic taste. Many quality desktop vaporizers come packaged with a whip. Another great feature of a vape whip is that it allows the user to directly control the thickness of the vapor they draw; a quick pull draws a less dense vapor, and a slow, long pull will result in a thick, potent vapor.  The Arizer Extreme Q comes with a high-quality whip that will let you sit back, relax, and enjoy a high-quality vaping experience.


A vape balloon is essentially a small bag made from food-grade plastic that is intended to be filled with vapor and detached from your unit. This lets you vape without being tied to your desktop vaporizer. Balloons are usually filled by a fan built into your vape. When the balloon is filled to a point you are happy with all you do is detach it and enjoy the vapor. You can control the thickness of the vapor in the balloon to an extent by adjusting the speed of the internal fan, when set at lower speeds it will result in thicker vapor. Faster speeds on the other hand lead to a thinner vapor. The Arizer Extreme Q features a balloon mode that is compatible with a range of balloon accessories. The Extreme Q can fill a balloon in only 90 seconds making it one of the fastest balloon vapes on the market.

Dual Use

Thanks to the advanced heating systems, aeration, and extra-large chamber many desktop vapes are capable of using a whole variety of materials in its vaporization process. This means that you can enjoy a huge range vaping experiences including dry herb, concentrates, and other herbal blends. The Arizer V-Tower is a true dual use desktop vape. Its high-quality ceramic heating element and glass components mean that you can be sure that no matter what material you place inside this, concentrate, or dry herb, you can be sure that you’ll have a great vape experience.


Large Display


Image Source – Arizer.com

When you are sitting back and enjoying your desktop vape the last thing you want is to struggle to make out a tiny digital display while you are doing your best to adjust the temperature of your vape experience. A big, easy-to-read LCD display that shows you the temperature your desktop vape is set to is a great perk for those who want to precisely control their vape. The Arizer Extreme-Q features a large, backlit screen that allows you to see exactly what is going on inside your vaporizer. You can precisely control your vape experience and enjoy the quality and flavour you want.

High Quality Glass Components

This feature is possibly one of the most important features of a quality desktop vaporizer. All the features mentioned thus far you could probably not have and still enjoy tasty, thick, and untainted vapor. Unless your desktop vaporizer is built from the best quality, medical-grade glass components you can’t be sure of a truly tasty vape experience. High-quality glass is non-reactive by nature, and the specially treated glass used in vapes is usually highly resistant to thermal shock, this means that you can enjoy a potent, untainted vape experience every time. The Arizer V Tower in particular is built with some of the finest glass components on the market. This means that you can enjoy some of the best and most flavorful vaping experiences that money can buy.


Desktop vaporizers are the ideal gift for true vape aficionados. They offer incredible levels of flavour and a whole host of features you’d never find in the compact form of a portable vape. If you truly value a potent and tasty vape experience, then either one of Arizer’s fantastic desktop vaporizers are a must have.


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