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Myth: Today’s marijuana is more potent and more harmful than it was many years ago.
Fact: There is no medical evidence that shows high-potency marijuana is more harmful than low-potency marijuana. Marijuana is literally one of the least toxic substances known. High-potency marijuana is actually preferable because less is of it consumed to obtain the desired effect; thereby reducing the amount of smoke that enters the lungs and lowering the risk of any respiratory health hazards. Claiming that high-potency marijuana is more harmful than low-potency marijuana is like claiming wine is more harmful than beer.

Myth: Smoking marijuana can cause cancer and serious lung damage.
Fact: There chance of contracting cancer from smoking marijuana is minuscule. Tobacco smokers typically smoke 20+ cigarettes every day for decades, but virtually nobody smokes marijuana in the quantity and frequency required to cause cancer. A 1997 UCLA study (see page 9) concluded that even prolonged and heavy marijuana smoking causes no serious lung damage. Cancer risks from common foods (meat, salt, dairy products) far exceed any cancer risk posed by smoking marijuana. Respiratory health hazards and cancer risks can be totally eliminated by ingesting marijuana in baked foods.

Myth: Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals, thus proving that marijuana is dangerous.
Fact: Coffee contains 1,500 chemicals. Rat poison contains only 30 chemicals. Many vegetables contain cancer-causing chemicals. There is no correlation between the number of chemicals a substance contains and its toxicity. Prohibitionists often cite this misleading statistic to make marijuana appear dangerous.

Myth: Marijuana is a gateway drug–it leads to harder drugs.
Fact: The U.S. government’s own statistics show that over 75 percent of all Americans who use marijuana never use harder drugs. The gateway-drug theory is derived by using blatantly-flawed logic. Using such blatantly-flawed logic, alcohol should be considered the gateway drug because most cocaine and heroin addicts began their drug use with beer or wine–not marijuana.

Myth: Marijuana is addicting.
Fact: Marijuana is not physically addicting. Medical studies rank marijuana as less habit forming than caffeine. The legal drugs of tobacco (nicotine) and alcohol can be as addicting as heroin or cocaine, but marijuana is one of the least habit forming substances known.

Myth: Marijuana use impairs learning ability.
Fact: A 1996 U.S. government study claims that heavy marijuana use may impair learning ability. The key words are heavy use and may. This claim is based on studying people who use marijuana daily–a sample that represents less than 1 percent of all marijuana users. This study concluded: 1) Learning impairments cited were subtle, minimal, and may be temporary. In other words, there is little evidence that such learning impairments even exist. 2) Long-term memory was not affected by heavy marijuana use. 3) Casual marijuana users showed no signs of impaired learning. 4) Heavy alcohol use was cited as being more detrimental to the thought and learning process than heavy marijuana use.

Myth: Marijuana is a significant cause of emergency room admissions.
Fact: The U.S. government reports that marijuana-related emergency room episodes are increasing. The government counts an emergency room admission as a marijuana-related episode if the word marijuana appears anywhere in the medical record. If a patient tests positive for marijuana because he/she used marijuana several days before the incident occurred, if a drunk driver admits he/she also smoked some marijuana, or if anyone involved in the incident merely possessed marijuana, the government counts the emergency room admission as a “marijuana-related episode.” Less than 0.2% of all emergency room admissions are “marijuana related.” This so-called marijuana-causes-emergencies statistic was carefully crafted by the government to make marijuana appear dangerous.

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64 Responses to US State Laws

  1. chris says:

    I am a doc and musician. I feel great everytime I smoke, as do my friends…professionals. Should be legal. Alcohol is by far the worst drug in america. It will take time, but the day will come. For the record…I’m a weekend user, never on the job.

  2. Railroad Bill says:

    I believe that everyone lies to Quote DR House, yes I realize he is a fictional character

    I would like to give a few examples of what the our government has said or had us done in the name of safety.

    Remember the cold war and the Cuban Missile crisis, they had us set under our desks or march into the hall and line up against the wall to shield us from the bomb. Does anyone really believe that that would have saved you. If you do not know or missed the news over the last 50 years, we all would have been either in nanoseconds or weeks depending on how far we were from ground zero.

    Who can forget stranger danger where a cop would come into class and tell us to be ware of strangers as they were all molesters and perverts who would catch us and rape and torture us. Oh what a lie!!!!!!!! The fact is and know the government people do to that most, nearly all sex offenders are people that we know, the uncle that liked when your sister sat on his lap, the teacher that had over groups of kids and the group got smaller till it was one or two kids these are the facts not some stranger, yes it does happen but not that often

    I suffer from a few illnesses or syndromes from degenerating spinal discs, which has lead to calcification of one disc which is pushing on my spinal cord. The nerve passages do not send signals properly and my ankle will just fold in half for no reason. I am also a migrainer(for those who have not heard the term, we are people with sever migraines, being bedridden two weeks a month or more, not all moths but most).

    I was a very successful business person am still moderately successful as I work from bed, but it is very hard and no I do not take any government assistance.
    I do not smoke MJ, but I would if it was legal. Instead I have taken over 40-50 different medications. These are all prescribed medications Some were made for what I have and some were for other problems, but were used as off label drugs( those are drugs that were not meant for my illnesses but the FDA found that they sometimes work for them so they are used).

    I have tried these medications even though the possible side effects are worse than the disease. The side effects some that were labeled and some that I am allergic too. I have been hospitalized 4-5 times due to bad reactions. This has gone on over 20 years, They have run out of things to try so I live on a cocktail of some potent medications, that keep the pain some what in check, it is a very good month when I am out of bed 3 weeks(I do save a lot on gas) I drive about one day a week and work by computer when ever I feel well enough.

  3. Davey says:

    I tried the smoke years ago and enjoyed many hours of fun .I have a job where I can’t smoke like many other people.I am since married kids bills out the ass ect.
    My question is if it is decriminilized and not legal why bother with the effort on the govt part.I would also ask since I have a job in transportation but do not drive or opereate equiptment I am a mechanic basically.If it were legal and I smoked and was involved in a workplace accident injury ect,would I fall under a new set of rules or is everyone working for railroads,buses,airlines govt jobs forever banned from the pipe? I know many would look at these questions and laugh but we have had coworkers go to partys like bachellar ect and come in monday only to take a pee test and if the results were positive they are fired on spot.If you willingly inform they I did a drug before test they will get you help.It does bother me that weed would cause someone to loose there job for something if it was’nt the cause of an incident or injury.If I smoke friday and tuesday get rear ended in work truck a pee test is ordered and im out a job.(NOT FAIR)We all know the effects are not still present.
    I really hate how this wonderful drug got a bad rap.I miss the GOOD OLE DAYS!!! my last joint 31 Im 40 and missing out

  4. Larry says:

    Great article. I use to smoke pot when I was younger, some 30 years ago. Couldn’t smoke it now. Probably get too paranoid. Everything you wrote about I agree with 100%.

  5. timoth420 says:

    you guys rock

  6. Jugalukes says:

    There are many good points being made here, as well as healthy arguments on some pretty complicated issues, however I believe this is a debate that will never find a peaceable solution that will be well received on both sides (both sides being 1)for pot and 2)against pot). I tell you the truth, those that smoke pot will find some way to justify smoking pot and those that are against pot will find some way to advocate the illegality of pot use, and both will be right in a paradoxical kind of way. It will be this way, more thank likely, until the end of age i assure you.

    With that being said, I would opinionate that this whole argument has been blown way out of proportion. The prohibition of marijuana for whatever reasons, created a generation who grew up seeing pot with a negative perspective based on manipulative propaganda and questionable research. A negative mindset, colored by fear and painted by mass media, towards marijuana, was instilled in the general public who, for the most part, were uninformed about the factual information regarding marijuana and its effects. This “created” a conflict between people who knew, from personal history, the positive uses of marijuana and the newly emerging majority, reacting purely out of fear, who were against pot. This all happened just before the baby boomer generation, who obviously grew up with the idea in their mind that marijuana was “evil”, and as far as they knew, had always been considered bad for your health and for your conscience, but this is not the case. Marijuana was grown peaceably in this nation for just about half of our history and even Abraham Lincoln admitted that one of his “favorite things” was sitting on his front porch “smoking a pipe of sweet hemp”

    I believe it was the exaggeration of the reefer madness campaign, and all those like it, and basic “telephone game” principles (the concept that information when passed from person to person is bound to become distorted and/or exaggerated), that led to the generalized idea that weed was a dangerous and sinful pleasure drug (look up the reefer madness campaign; judge for yourselves). In my humble opinion, It was this gross paradigm shift that led to a national condemnation of a plant that was at one time as common as corn. This, in turn, had a backlash later down the line when the next generation, known widely as the “counter culture”, discovered that marijuana wasn’t as bad as their parents perceived it to be. Instead of investigating their children’s new take on the plant, the adults, for the most part, wrote them off as rebellious sinners choosing to use a dangerous and some would say demonic drug. They turned their anger on the psychoactive drugs (marijuana included and maybe even focused) and started what is now known as the war on drugs, which is how the baby boomer generation thought best to save their “lost” kids instead of just hearing their side of the story. This was not going to happen because everything the counter culture reasoned was void because they were “high”, and their sober (and quite frankly self-righteous) parent generation, did not try to understand, or care to understand, people who got high.

    Now keep in mind I am speaking very generally, so I expect there to be many exceptions, but try to see the point that I am trying to make. I am not condoning the rebellious nature of the counter culture, however I do think that attitude they formed was a reaction to society’s hatred towards marijuana and marijuana users (and all drugs of that matter), which I believe is credited to the Government’s decision to demonize pot and pot smokers. What happened here? Can you see what I’m saying? If pot was never criminalized, it wouldn’t have made users feel like rebellious, criminal counter society “sinners” because it would have been considered a normal part of life and one might say that the counter culture would have never formed!

    Weed can be useful and good, just like the coca plant can be useful and good and in the same way, weed can be misused and become bad, just like the coca plant can be misused and become bad. It’s completely circumstantial and is greatly colored by perspective. One might argue that everything could be considered either good or bad based on where you’re looking from! To me I think if marijuana was never criminalized in the first place, it wouldn’t have become so associated with rebellion and criminal activity like it is today. It would probably have the appeal of and be as common as a bottle of beer.

    So if you smoke weed, great! If you don’t, great! Decide for yourselves and use rational thought to explain your justifications in this never ending quest to prove whose right and whose wrong, or rather prove what information is relevant because just about everyone is right in their own way. Until someone lays down arms, this topic will forever be contested, so debate with love, so people will receive you and what you have to say =). Sorry for the long winded post! And for the record…(not to cancel out everything i just said with a comment that could deem me bias)…I’m high as a kite and have nothing better to do thank you Jesus, so I hope this makes sense to not only me! Thanks if you took the time to read my opinion. Cheers!
    P.S: Ed, you’re a good man and express your opinions like a gentleman and a scholar. Tip of the cap to you friend!

  7. Jizzle says:

    To everyone who opposes legalization. I have smoked for over 2 years. I’ve even smoked 92 day in a row, all day everyday, and I have found no issues with my health, or my ability to comprehend things in this world minus the fact that I UNDERSTAND THINGS AT A DEEPER LEVEL. I passed my biology final totally baked, with flying colors, after weeks of going to that class high. So don’t say it’s a bad thing. RESPONSIBLE people can use it with no ill effects, it’s the irresponsible people that the government studies focus on, and so it does not reflect the actuality of things. LEGALIZE!!!

  8. Anyssia says:

    Smoking is basically like drinking because you know when to use it and when not to use it. If people can drink, then stay home. People can smoke and do the same. Everyone knows how to control their own bodies. Like, most people dont drink and drive. You dont have to smoke and drive. It’s all the same.

  9. Grant says:

    I think that it is wrong how the government is controlling what we do in are free time.

  10. Ricky says:


  11. steven says:

    all the people who say marijuana is so bad for you and only have studies that dont prove anything and their personal opinion to try to back it up are most likely the people who have never tried it and only say it because most of america is on that side(i dont understand why, marijuana is great)
    so to all those people who are just hatin to be in the majority should probably just roll a joint, try it out and then see if they wanna talk crap about it because im only 17 but i smoke almost everyday and i have a 3.9 gpa so next time you want to talk crap about the herb come find me

  12. made says:

    I wish you would reference these “studies” that have shown how great marijuana is. i don’t smoke, and i don’t really care about legalization. i think, “whatever. it’s a waste of money to keep it illegal and people will smoke anyway. so what if it’s harmful or not?” i’m writing a paper supporting legalization and it would be great if this was a more legitimate source. just saying “studies show…” doesn’t make it true.

  13. Taylor says:

    I am a regular pot smoker, and well i love it. Everyone on here makes a good point. Pot does (in my opinon) make you have memory loss, but for a short time. I like being able to smoke marijuana because i dont like drinking. Alcohol makes me feel bloated, and makes me puke. also when im drunk i dont really know whats going on and i cant remember anything the next day. So it makes me think “wow i hope i didnt do any stupid”.
    Marijuana on the other hand does not make me feel sick and i can remember everything. I would rather have alcohol and ciggerets illegal and just have pot legalized. I feel like there would be less deaths and ALOT less people going to jail. If pot is not legalized when i am older, i will just move to Cali and enjoy my pot there(:

  14. marcel says:

    listen up folks. i have smoked regularly for over 27 yrs. all that time i had to be “in the closet”. when did we as a society decide that homosexuals had more rights as people to do as they wish in the privacy of their own homes,than we ‘the stoners” have? i have raised a family and held a good job for the last 20 yrs just like many homosexuals are doing,but i’m not allowed to smoke my “mj” in public while homosexuals can kiss,hold hands,and flaunt it all over mainstream television? why can’t i at the very least be allowed to do as i wish in the privacy of my home? maybe some people think i’m harming myself or my children but i can assure you as a parent i don’t smoke in front of or near my children(i go in the garage)and as for “harming” myself thats my choice not anyone elses choice. government be damned for entering my sanctuary of peace and relaxation. time for us as a united people to “COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND BE HEARD” after all what is 4:20 about? “free the people” was the chant heard back in the veitnam war days,should we change it to “enslave the stoners” now after 30-40 yrs of fighting for “our” FREEDOM. YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH YOUR “FREEDOM”. i personally have stopped buying street weed laced with coke and crack and who knows what,i now grow my own and will take full responsibility for my actions when i have to stand before the courts, because big brother came knocking in the middle of the night,busting into my home with his might and righteousness,terrifying my wife and kids because some “monster”went out to the garage to get relaxed before going to bed!!! my lifestyle will certainly change while i sit in a taxpayers prison cell but not when i get out. i will again pay my taxes like every other citizen thereby helping the economic wheels of society turn,but what use will i be when incarcerated. keep me FREE or forever incarcerate me but you cannot and will not ever imprison my “GOD GIVEN FREEWILLING SPIRIT”. P.S LIVE WITH PEACE IN YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL LIVE A GOOD LIFE.

  15. Mike says:

    I agree with Ed, some of the “facts” are a bite biased, which is normal for such a website that support marijuana. Never the less I think our generation have been fed by a lot of propaganda both in our homes and at school. This issue must be openly debated using only the facts. Groundless claims, meaningless statistics, and exaggerated scare stories that have been peddled by politicians and prohibitionists for the last 60 years must be rejected.

    I also got my own blog that support and debate about the legalization of marijuana, i would hope some of you would like to read and comment some of the stuff that been put out there.

  16. koree says:

    bull shiot tht shit helps not hurts 🙂

  17. Ed says:

    This will be the softer and (after reflection and some degree of awakening after reading some of the responses) a gentler post from the guy that has gotten some people worked up earlier.

    To hailey and Craigery I appologize if I have offended you both. In response I will say this…Yes, I can be an asshole. I have been accused of being judgemental and narrow-minded, many times with good reason. I have a way of getting out of hand when it comes to the good of people I love in my life. I have been witness to the downfall of siblings, parents, uncles and aunts, and yes, even my own children and can attribute much of it to substance abuse. this includes both pot AND alcohol. I am equally against the over use of alcohol and do not drink either. If I had actually seen the benefit of the use of alcohol or pot, I may be a user myself, but unfortunately, I have only seen the downward spiral from my observing of others. I have also seen the dramatic upswing that almost always comes from these family members who have quit using drugs or alcohol. given these facts, I can only conclude the obvious…..

    As far as being unqualified to make these judgements about alcohol and pot if I do not personally partake, I will ask you this…. Should I try steroids? I am an avid weightlifter. there are plenty of arguments on both sides of this issue as well. I do not because I have been around the gym for 30 years and have personally seen the physical and psychological effects of this drug on people both short and long term. I have had very close friends use steroids and have seen most of them quit and be very grateful they did. I also have seen guys health go completely to hell because of steroid abuse and to this day they use and defend thier use….

    Should I try meth? I have a good friend that lost his brother to meth abuse….Now I know there is a big difference between meth and pot, alcohol, and maybe even low doses of steriods, but my point is, can we not learn by observing the same things over and over again and seeing the same thing happen over and over again and come to a conclusion without being a participant?

    I will give you this point. Alcohol is easily the biggest problem drug in our society as far as it’s negative and far-reaching effect on massive amounts of people. But does this mean we go for a more subtle alternative to alter our experiences in our lives? It seems we all turn to something to enhance our enjoyment in life, but again in my experience and over years of watching myself and people I care about, these activities generally get in the way of or negatively affect our lives, and if done to the extreme…. are catastrophic to ourselves and the relationships with the people we care about. Human nature lends to the cliche that if it feels good, do it, and then ultimitely to If one drink or one pill is good, two must be better…. and in the short-term many times it is, but long term most of the time it is not.

    Drugs,(including alcohol) gambling, careless sex, hour after hour on the internet, hour after hour of sports, etc….(name any habit) any of these may seem harmless at first, and in some instances, they may be, but if they are taking the place of something or are being done to soothe a hurt, we are all better off facing things head-on. I may be wrong but the best times I have had and the things most people seem to remember most fondly are the times they had a real, honest, good time with others they care about. Usually it was sober and simple one on one times with people we love. On the other hand I can list a ton of experiences of regret involving things said or done while drunk or loaded. I can not think of one time I have personally done anything noble or noteworthy while I was drunk.

    Anyway, this is what I am really fighting with. again, sorry if I was harsh, but substance abuse and use has been awful in my observing of those i care about……

  18. jesse says:

    thiis stuff needs to be lagalized. NOW!!!

  19. Alex says:

    just to start off id like to say i really appreciate what everyone is doing here to support the truth about marijuana! I would do anything possible to help the legalization because not only would it help out the countries but the world would change for the better! The war over oil would be done because we can make natural oil from pot, its has thousands of medical uses, thousands of textile uses, it would take north america out of our recession/depression, save the tax payers + government 100’s of millions of $$$! If there is anything i could ever possibly do to help the move on the legalization of Marijuana id be there in a heart beat! See you on April 20th in Vancouver!!!

  20. Bryan says:

    I am new to smoking weed. I started within in the last week and have over the course of the last week smoked 5 times. 2 days ago I went to a party and while getting high i decided to drink a little whiskey too. i drank the whiskey to wash down my throat. Any one who has smoked before knows that sometimes your throat gets a little hot and the drink is soothing. also any one who has smoked and drank before knows that mixing the two is not the brightest idea. Ultimately i ended up passing out. Needless to say i am fine now. Had a Headache from hitting my head on the counter i was leaning against but all is well. The point I am trying to make is that I had positive experiences with weed until i mixed alcohol with it. I have found no difference in motivation of any kind. I haven’t felt any kind of “withdrawal” other than the headache which was caused by me hitting my head.
    Before i forget i would like to thank this website as it has given me a good deal of information i was looking for. I am 16 and I support the movement to legalize marijuana because I personally feel that any negative effect coming from MJ is simply Placebo. Again thank you for the information and opinions

  21. pepp12421 says:

    I smoke on a regular basis. I believe that it does have negative effects on the body n brain. But the problem as far as lack of motivation is completely personal. If u dont have enough get up and go, thats your fault. Being lazy is a choice.

    Although I wont sit here and claim it was easy when I quit, I will say I stopped as soon as I wanted to and I have been battling with cigs for years! Not really a fan of drinking, and I feel the decision making process is much more difficult when drinking than smoking. Anything done in more than moderation can cause problems. I always say (maybe I am justifying to myself lol) if someone can get off work and have a beer, y cant i have a smoke??

  22. Shaman says:

    I hate people who measure how smart they are on the basis of \GPA\…
    You ppl need to wake up..
    I’m from europe and I dont like USA…
    Mozart was from europe…he never went to school…same with Beethoven

    I dont go to school..but im an artist and I can do my living…

    The facts related to Marijuana are bs same with myths…

    Marijuana is an ancient herb used in spiritual and medical practises..

    Spirituality and freedom of thinking shud be the way to describe MJ..not to relate it with Goverment or that sorts of things.

    All world Goverments are bs…anyways..

    If I can remember correctly Alexander the great was close to being a perfect leader.

    Todays leaders are bs aswell..they are merely puppets..and people behind the curtains are controlling the strings…and that’s the way how the world works.

    These capitalist/materialist egoistic greedy bs ppl…

    And yes I fully approve the Legalization of MJ..If it’s used as a medicine or for spiritual purposes and not to sit on couch and get stoned…

    Last note..I dont care about my grammar it’s the last thing to worry about in human life..there are more important things to do…

    But most likely there will be some person to pose an argument against my reply , since he or she thinks he has something better to say…to my unimportant reply wat I dont think to be anything smart or understandable.

    In other words it’s utterly meaningless and pointless to even look at my reply and if replying …then im just (silent)

    And some one would most likely even say something like this \ if you think talking about MJ or something about it , why even bother to reply)

    Answer to this would be : Im a spiritual person..and I have a special respect for the herb…I dont like when ppl ,insult my special herb…

    One last note these\….\ mean im serious.

    Im a savage human being…I belong to my nature…I feed on flesh…

    So \GPA\ ppl…look into the mirror and look how smart you are…these schools or watever places you go make you smart I suppose?
    You mean people can only be smart if they go to school?
    People can only be happy and have great important accomplisments if they go to school?
    That basicaly means …A human being is not capable of learning something individualy..He or she must go to a place where u get books and u do maths and things = u get smart?

    I like to figure things out on my own and i’m very capable of doing so and so are my friends.

    Way of life described: female + male > A child > materialistic b day gifts to the age of 6 or 7>School where you learn all the things that make you smart>College where you improve your skills in some speciality> A degree a piece of paper wat shows how smart you are>A big house…a nice car…50 flat screen…>work until you are a working robot..>retirement…>death.. idk if I was accurate on this one ..but seems to be so.

    way to be smart…explained : Figure out how your mind works ..figure out the limits of your mind…Medidate…use MJ in spiritual practises…dont pay the bills…Use ecolocigal energy…Dont buy meat from stores…dont drink alchohol or smoke tobaco…

    Grow your own animals for meat…own vedgetables at garden..own tobaco at garden…brew your own alchohol…grow your own weed in garden…dont buy a car…pollutes the air…walk do alot of sports..learn to play an instrument…learn marshal arts…drink tea… as isoloated from the citys and police as possible you dont want robots near you…be creative………………………………….


    ………………Be mentaly insane….

    thank you.

    The following reply shud be ignored in all means.

  23. Actually the tabaco companies are the one’s who are preventing the legalization of marijuana for people might cease purchasing their products.

  24. Jay says:

    Hello Sam,

    so first of all I would like to respond to your point stating that ALL drugs should be illegalized. Now let us be honest, we all know that this would cause an enormous financial breakdown. Alone in the alcohol market. You say that “we’re already fighting a battle against drugs[…]” and then say, that with the legalization of Marijuana another war would be started. Basically you are refuting your own argument, as currently, there is a huge drug war against Marijuana going on. You say you don’t want drug wars —> Legalize Marijuana. Now to your “personal” example: You must be delusional. How could you possibly condemn Marijuana while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of these kinds of accidents is caused by abuse of alcohol. Lastly, if you are against drugs themselves don’t post in a “Legalize Marijuana” website.

    Sincerely, Jay.

  25. Justin says:

    Well the guy driving wasnt too bright then was he sam? That is literally the first directly marijuana related death ive come across. how many deaths are related to alcohol? a whole lot more than weed. i drive high everyday. Everyday. never had a single problem. when im driving drunk, thats a little more challenging. All of you who have something bad to say about marijuana need to get a life. Who cares? People drink, and smoke and chew tobacco. Why isnt that bad? Both of my grandparents, who i was very close to, died within a year of each other due to lung cancer from tobacco after going through painful and degrading chemo for months, so thats ok? its ok to mass produce cancer but not weed? and to have alcohol sponsors at every athletic event? I just dont understand society. All of you who are saying its bad is only because you can and because you feel the need to tell people they’re wrong. Well grow up. If you havent realized by now that everyone has their own life then your just ignorant. As long as they arent harming anyone else, let them live it how they want to live it.

  26. Kendra says:

    Hey guys! I absolutely LOVE your site!!! This site was soo helpful! I am doing a speech on the legalization of marijuana and I found almost everything I needed from ya!! Don’t worry I’m not plagairising!! Totally giving credit where credit is due!

  27. Tre says:

    Look! LIFE is to SHORT to worry about what’s “GOOD”or”BAD” for you if it feels good do it!
    If your conscience prevents you from Enjoying such things then cogratulations on your successful sobriety. With that being said…
    IT isn’t you’re or my place to either condemn or condone.

  28. John says:

    Myth: These facts are true.

    Fact: You are a complete idiot.

  29. kevin says:

    i like reading these comments. i have to say its amazing how all non-smokers say the same thing, and how smokers or people who have smoked say something different. hope they legalize it, it sure would be nice to not have to take 7 different medications that smoking pot helps with and does the job better.

  30. Ben says:

    @Sam This isn’t to say that I don’t feel bad, but your personal story is completely irrelevant and has absolutely no place in the discussion about legalization. The driver’s error in judgement did not occur when he got high. Instead, it was when he got behind the wheel of a car, thus putting others in danger. Obviously if marijuana were to be legalized, high driving would still be illegal, just as drunk driving is today.

    The fact that marijuana is illegal is extremely hypocritical of the same government who allows other drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, to be legal. As a college student who has been exposed to the likes of all three of these drugs, when mistreated, marijuana poses a minimal threat compared to alcohol, which can lead to serious danger not only for the person drinking, but to those around that person as well. Furthermore, tobacco is much more addictive than marijuana, yet tobacco is legal while marijuana is not. Something doesn’t add up.

    The city of Philadelphia, among other places, decriminalized marijuana, which means that if a person is caught with a small amount (less than intent to sell), they aren’t arrested but instead given a fine; it’s basically the same as getting a parking ticket. Not only does this save the city (and taxpayers) millions upon millions of dollars (no court sessions, etc.), it allows police officers to worry about the legitimate crime they should be worried about. Decriminalization, at the very least, is an effective measure that should be mandated nationwide.

  31. Paul Radley says:

    Marijuana was not considered legal for a good reason, if not, then it was already legal at this time and age.

    It would be devastating to legalize it.

  32. Sam says:

    I think people need to address the deeper psychological reasons as to why people need to take drugs in the first place. Humans beings for some reason, have, throughout history, turned to drugs to make there lives happier. No single human being seems to be content enough with life by itself! Weather it’s alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, cannabis, or harder drugs – I doubt there are many humans alive today who don’t use one of these regularly.
    This said, I don’t agree with legalizing marijuana, I am completely against it. As we’re already fighting a battle against drugs, alcohol, caffeine and other legal drugs included, why should we open up to another one? In a perfect world, every single non medical drug would be illegal. As that is obviously not possible right now, the best we can do is keep as many drugs illegal as possible.
    You guys give your contradictory statistics, percentages, reports, and the opposing side gives theirs… but what about on a more personal level?
    A car full of my friends died last year because the driver way high from pot. They weren’t high, but he was, and he survived. They died.
    Is making your day a little bit more pleasurable worth this?
    Is your life so sad and meaningless that you can’t get satisfaction from anything other than a drug?! Maybe you need to address what is missing from your life, rather than fill it with drugs.

  33. Hailey says:

    Why do you care what other people do with their spare time? If you are happy enough with your life to not smoke pot, then good for you. Keep your nose out of other people’s business and go on with your life. Do people use marijuana to cope with their lives? Yes, but, just like alcohol, alot of people use it to have fun. Some people just use it to relieve a headache, or help them sleep. If alcohol is legal, then marijauna should be too. It is our right as Americans to make these decisions for ourselves. When alcohol was relegalized were there gang wars in our streets? No. If you’ve never smoked weed before, then you have no idea how it affects you, no matter how many studies you have read. How many musicians smoke weed and still function? They seem like they have ambition. They are not sitting on their couches eating chips and doing nothing with their lives. If all you have to do in your spare time is go on websites and tell people how stupid they are for doing something that makes them happy then YOU need to grow up. Be honest with yourself, what motivates you to be against legalization? You’re just an asshole. What you need to do is go smoke a joint and then maybe you wont be such a dick. You don’t make me pause to think before I light the next one up. People like you make me WANT to smoke a joint.

  34. paula says:

    I hate the smell,I am sure I will get over it. But, legalizing pot. It’s not a good thing..I has an effect on a persons mind. And it is legalized, would you want your surgeon working on you in the morning? I bet he had a good breakfast. Legalizing is not a good answer. I can control drinking some don’t. But, it like taking that first cigarette and next thing you have a hard time stopping that. But, smoking pot is a start of a downward spiral.

  35. craigery says:

    and Ed,

    if you were to take my advice and get high for a week, im sure you will feel a lot happier and not get so worked up over this lol

  36. craigery says:


    Seriously, shut the hell up. There are several things i have to admit about smoking week. One, for instance, is the addictiven nature of the drug. Yes, i have felt MINOR withdrawls that most wouldnt even consider to be withdrawls but whose to say it is actually addictive? Givin the odds, you probably drink sodas, and did you know that caffein is classified as a DRUG? it has been PROVEN to assist in the cause of several types of cancer as well as diabetes. Weed, however, has not. And while i do have to agree with you on the fact that not everyone will be forced to be responsible while under the influence, givin personal experience, i am much more willing to drive to the store after drinking a lot than to walk further than my kitchen after smoking a lot. Correct me if im wrong, but you sound like you have never smoked before. Have you done any research yourself on the effects of weed? Have you experienced the effects of the drug first hand in both short term and long term? If not, how the hell can you seriously sit on your chair and talk all this crap if you dont even know first hand what it is like? i can say that i have tried almost every single drug out there just to be able to have a non-bias oppinion about them and i can say that i am scared to death to come close to some drugs and see valid points for use in MODERATION for others especially weed.
    So do us all a favor ed, get high for a week and if you still have the same opinions then fine argue all you want cuz you experienced it. But im sure you wont have the same opinion to the extent that you have shown here.

  37. Ed says:


    Refusing to see the obvious about pot and its insidious and slow but sure in it’s own quiet way how it robs you of ambition and drive.

    You talk about patriotism and competence, while ignoring human nature. Legalizing alcohol does not mean it will be used in moderation. To say we will all understand our limits and be forced to act responsibly is to ignore reality altogether! Alcohol is by far the most abused substance in the United States and contributes to millions of deaths directly or indirectly as a result of the obvious imparement to the mind and body. To think pot will be used any more responsibly if made legal is absurd.

    To say everyone will be able to find that perfect blend of weed to “take the edge off” is absurd. There will be abuses and consequences just like with alcohol. You are in denial if you really think you are perfectly normal when you are “high”. One other thought…. you are making a HUGE ASSUMPTION when you claim most people are living for a coping mechagnism for life. Is life really all that stressful? Is it so stressful and are we all so weak that we cannot cope with the help of good people or God himself in our lives? We have no choice but to find an escape?

    Yes, there is some wisdom in what you are saying, but I say this easy way out of escaping life instead of facing it head on is the root cause of many of our problems as human beings. You see, if we avoid facing our problems and stresses in a constructive way that yes, can be hard, we only prolong the inevitable and eventually face reality far too late, ill-equipped, and the consequences of taking the easy way out (inaction) are horribly worse than if we had chosen the noble, integrity-filled way to begin with. Know this, stresses not dealt with will not go away, escaping and becoming “comfortably numb” will not take the truth away, it will only prevent you from maturing as a human being…..Ed

  38. joseph says:

    In recognition to Robert’s post, I can only escalate the awareness of the benefits of pot. As previously stated a good many people smoke as well as A MANY GOOD PEOPLE.
    Our country relies on the work of our underprivileged and impoverished. Most of our hard working Americans are faced with the daily stress of living day to day and not having clear goals or room for advancement. We live our lives working and saving in hopes of retiring and we share the same way of life collectively. Now I ask, what is the one thing MOST AMERICANS TAKE PART IN? The answer is finding a medium to cope with these stresses inflicted by living in such a way – drinking, smoking, sex, art, music, hobbies, sports, family, POT. Yes, I was able to combine all these topics into a collaborative group so we can ALL SEE THE SIMILARITY. It’s no longer a question of immoral drug abuse, it’s a question of allowing Americans to have a right to self preserve and cope, as well as have fun and enjoy what we have.

    It should be a current GOAL OF THE GOVERNMENT for legalization. Taxation would bring in MORE REVENUE THAN ALCOHOL OR CIGARETTES. More JOBS WOULD BE CREATED as well as an entirely NEW MARKET FOR ADVANCEMENT. Economically, legalization makes absolute sense – more jobs, more money, MORE INCENTIVE FOR PEOPLE TO WORK.

    We all work for something, it’s just unfortunate to see many people working for nothing but more work. I know I would love nothing more than to come home from work and relax with a bowl. Personally, I know that POT IS SAFER THAN ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE I can use as a medium for relieving stress. It’s much more relaxing to smoke a bowl than to risk being drunk, abusing prescription drugs or any other substance, and as hardworking Americans we deserve the right to indulge in safe, controlled options. I know I can function PERFECTLY WELL after a bowl and honestly I have reached a “happy” ground by then. What will happen with legalization, just as it is with drinking, we will all understand our limits and be forced to ACT RESPONSIBLY OH MY GOD!

    To push for legalization shows true PATRIOTISM and COMPETENCE. I hope those reading this will understand the BENEFIT OF LEGALIZATION and refute the outrageous claims of CARINOGENIC, IMPAIRING, IMMORAL BLOOD MONEY. You have to be kidding me. We would PREVENT INTERNATIONAL CRIME, CREATE JOBS, and give the working Americans what they RIGHTFULLY DESERVE.

  39. Ed says:

    This whole website and most of the resposes to it remind me of a little kid who gets caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar, or gets caught stealing bubble gum at the local grocery store and rants without logic trying to justify his poor judgement.

    The real tradgedy here is that we are not a bunch of three-year-olds and ARE capable of intelligent, logical thought. First off, the fact that THC is a chemical that alters the brain, and that there ARE carcinogens in pot should be enough to make one think twice about using it. But then to inhale to the point of almost passing out, holding your breath, and snorting like a dog for ten to fifteen seconds to get an almost instant result shoud, again if you use logic, make one conclude that anything harmful in the drug is deposited deeply into your system. I do not know anyone who smokes a cigarette this way….What really gets me going is all the rationalization and deflecting I hear from users (no pun intended, just the truth) when they are called out on thier usage. To minimize the deed by comparing pot to caffeine,fatty foods, meth,alcohol, etc.. reeks of more half-truths than any article I have read regarding side-effects of pot. Bottom line is this— Any overuse or abuse of any drug including alcohol is detrimental to yourself and to society in general. Stop already with the love affair with weed and how it has no side effects or potential for addiction! I know personally many people that are long-time heavy users of pot that have become lost, broke, jobless all in the name of thier precious daily \high\.

    To top it all off are the feeble, transparent, attempts to justify legalization for \medicinal\ purposes, or to gain more tax revenue or lessen the strain of the dreaded \cartels\ reeks of ingeniune, self-seving, devoid of logic, short-sightedness, age-old self preservation mixed with intellectual dishonesty. Medicinal pot? REALLY??? you REALLY care about the poor old lady that is suffering with cancer? That is what motivates you to legalize weed? With all the alternatives, including many that are cheap and \natural\ you are going to hide behind the guise of medicinal purposes? Be honest with yourselves and admit the real reason behind your crusade is to lessen the chances of getting your ass in a wringer if you get caught using, and to take the stigma of \breaking the law\ off your concience. Then we go to the argument for more tax revenue and putting the evil \drug cartels\ out of business.

    Again, besides the obvious fact that if you were serious about de-funding the cartels you would not be funding them as you most definitely are now, and you are failing to see the forest through the trees. Do you really think we have enough available farmland and basements to grow all the pot that is being grown in rouge countries like columbia that are ruled by militant psychotic maniacs that have no qualms starving and murdering thier own people to make the land available in thier countries for this crap? For the sake of argument, let’s say we do. Do you realize that these dreaded cartels are not going to give up thier cut of the trade without a bloody, gangland fight right here in our streets. You see, they really are bad people and they do not give a bleep about you end users, just the cash!! Then we need to think about all the people in power here that are stuffing thier pockets to keep the pipeline open as it is.

    Crooked state and federal government officials, border patrol agents, big freight carriers, etc… all stand to lose billions if we legalize. This would create an unbelievable pushback by our local organized crimelords (yes we have them too) to protect thier turf, leading to more and more government spending to combat, regulate, enforce, create new and numerous agencies that will be inefficient and ineffective that would in itself offset any tax revenue legalization would bring. So in effect, we would create a REAL drug war in our own country that would rival and eventually surpass what we have in Mexico. Any why? Because we ARE the end users, our streets ARE where the drugs are consumed, this country IS where all the willing $$$$$$$spenders$$$$$$ are! So please, Get off your high horse and false sensibilities and admit you true motives here!! Here are some facts as things stand today.

    If you are using pot, you are likely indirectly or directly supporting these \evil\ cartels, you are breaking the law as it is written today, and you are being completly dishonest about your true motives and are defying logic by using the above arguments for legalizing pot. I have problems of my own, but shame on me if I minimize or excuse them altogether by comparing them to something else or creating some false reason for my actions. Grow up and really think about it for a while. Better yet, clear you mind by skipping the weed for a month so you can have a clean, clear, rational thought. Just say no, young people, dope is for dopes who are grasping for a harmless, but effective drug to alter thier state of mind. Clearly, in you own altered minds, you have found nirvanna while divorcing yourselves from reality and truth. And for those of you (and you know who you are) that boast of thier usage while being \successful\, I pity you for your brazen pride that clouds even more your clouded minds. I sincerely hope I have given even one person pause for thought before lighting the next one up.

  40. Robert Ward says:

    After reading the responses from these good people, I would like to add my opinion to those posted here. As one person posted the possibility of federal legalization could lead to more revenue to reduce the national debt. Unfortunatly if the federal government were to collect more money they would find something pointless or vote themselves another pay raise.

    Also as far as the research that points to all the ills and dangers of cannabis, please note that the only research that has been given any credibility has been co-sponsored by the anti-drug coalition and the current and former drug czars. So how can a group that demonize all drugs or rely on prohibition for they’re paycheck be considered a fair and non-biased opinion? In fact Richard Nixon’s own researchers told him that prohibition of marijuana and hemp were not in the best interest of the government.

    I for one haven’t smoked in years, but I don’t feel that the government should be allowed to dictate the rights of consenting adults what they can or cannot do in their own privacy. Those in power have spent billions of taxpayers dollars on a failed campaign to eradicate a drug that is used by a good many people. Could that money have been better spent?

    I am quite sure that a more just cause could have been found. Perhaps instead of fighting it they could have helped people who have addictions to prescription drugs. Those are now being abused at a far greater number. Alcohol and tobacco kill thousands every year. But those are considered to be safe.

    But don’t fear folks, soon the majority of educated voters will vote to end the prohibition that creates a deadly black market and empowers large scale gang and cartel violence in this and many other countries.

  41. Justin says:

    I’m not sure why being smart has anything to do with medical consumption. The goal to the legalization is to regulate it and to make it easier for people who are suffering from certian illnesses not to say “oh lets have a giant party and get stoned!” although recarational use will increase it’s not much of a threat since not one person has ever died from using marijuana.

    You don’t have to be a genius to receive medical treatment.
    Addiction? otherwise known as LOVE, since its not physically addictive it’s no different than anything you could ever Love.

    Too many people are put in jail for nothing (on our tax money), once you go to jail your life is forever changed, alot of people don’t fully realize that. Oonce convicted you become labeled a criminal, and often disowned by friends and family. IN prison you almost always have to join a gang or else you risk Being beaten up, having property stolen, Raped (although this is declining), or murdered. If you are by yourself you are considered suspicious and often put in solitary. if you want more details on what prison is like go watch “Hard Time” a study of an Ohio state prison done by National geographic.

    The laws about this are basically the old school trick of “if one of you misbehaves all of you are punished.” and studies have strongly shown positive reinforcement is more effective than Punishment. my pets can Concure.

  42. Matthew says:

    @ Tim, Marijuana truly has no physiological addictive compounds or properties, although it can become habitual to use, the user can stop without any intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

    I’ve been smoking on and off for years now, felt just as myself the sober days as I did the high days. I’ve never thrown up from stopping, or lost any sleep.

    Although if you’re referring to the minuscule, burnt out, feeling you might get after a week of smoking straight, you have never experienced a TRUE withdrawal symptom in your life.

    Also, you don’t know nothing is a double negative, you’re making us meet of stereotype.
    But you’re right on Key Jay.

  43. chuck says:

    refuse to vote until a change is made

  44. Ben says:

    Hey, one thing I’m not sure most people realize, marijuana does not affect anyone long term unless they want it to. As well as the fact that marijuana does not change people, they are who they are and dumb people smoking marijuana are still going to be dumb.

    Smart people smoking marijuana are still going to be smart, but they may not be as capable of using their brain while under it’s influence. If people are losers before they smoke, they are going to be losers while smoking and after smoking. They only way be change is with a large life experience (usually near death or maybe someone else’s)

    Sincerely, an 18 yo kid who likes to think he sees more than others because he does not tend to actively participate (I rarely smoke and it is purely recreation, just for the relaxation).

  45. jay says:

    Sorry to say it to some of you but marijuana has no physiological addiction.

    Of course there’s a psychological addiction but anything can be psychologically addicting. Hell, look at all the people who say they are \addicted\ to shopping or gambling. Anything that can trigger happiness and release dopamine in the brain can be considered addictive. Alcohol causes so many deaths year after year and we’re worried about the people sitting at home smoking a little pot to feel good? All it takes is one person to bring about change based on nothing.

  46. Joey says:

    I’m about 6 months away from my MBA with a 3.9 gpa. I know plenty marijuana users that are smarter than the average non smoker. So, a big suck it to all those people that open their mouth without facts. The days of reefer madness are over and marijuana is only illegal because some jack ass wanted power and used fear to achieve his goals when racism was more prevalent.

    P.s. Don’t be jealous, non smokers, because I’m more intelligent and successful than you.

  47. John says:

    I’ve habitually smoked marijuana for almost a decade, pretty heavy at times, and I know from personal experience that it DOES hinder your ability to learn.

    Do you people really believe that your memory will work just as well when you’re stoned as it would if you were perfectly sober? Come on people, wake up. Ever heard of short term memory loss? How are you going to remember things in the long term if you can’t even remember what you said thirty seconds ago? Marijuana causes memory loss, and that’s the truth. And IT IS addictive, mentally and physically. It may not be as addictive as crack, but it is addictive, and if you say it’s not, you haven’t been smoking long enough or you’re just lying to yourself.

    The research studies you quote are bogus. A semester long study at UCLA will hardly give you definitive results to smoking marijuana. To truly get scientific evidence on drugs, reasearch studies need to be conducted for years, and with a lot of people. There’s a lot more research out there that says marijuana is more harmful than not. And the government will never fully legalize it. It may eventually be decriminilized, but thats about it.

    Why would our nations leaders want its citizens to do drugs that limit motivation? They want us citizens to be as productive as possible, and if we’re all smoking pot on a regular basis, that won’t happen. Less motivation translates to less productivity and less tax dollars to politicians. And productivity and tax dollars are what drive the country. Don’t get me wrong though, I believe that you can smoke marijuana and be perfectly fine, you just can’t be smoking often or habitually. It needs to be one of those things you do every once in a while, say once or twice a month or less. Everything in moderation people.

  48. Mike Morton says:

    By the way, the reason I took the risk to grow Marijuana is that my wife has stage three bladder cancer and I wanted clean organic herb for her to use. No matter what they do to me, it was worth it, Mike Morton Udall Kansas

  49. Mike Morton says:

    I pled no contest to cultivation here in Kansas, where political leaders are proud to say ignorant things like”evolution is just a theory” and “there is not such thing as man made Climate change “.

    I have been sent to a condecending class where myths run amoke. I asked the conselor to cite a peer reviewed study to back his claims re marijuana and I am still waiting. I will have the UCLA study in my hand next session. Because I am a past Democratic Party State official and County Chair I have been on the front page of the local paper every time I had to appear in court. Now it is my turn to reply and I am grateful to this site for the help. Mike Morton, Udall Kansas

  50. Tim says:

    If you think that addiction to marijuana is a myth you don´t know nothing about marijuana. You smoke crap. I have physical withdrawals and i know people who smoke high grade buds and have the same.

  51. Mable says:

    I’m really excited to see new information being published on the actual (un-biased) effects of marijuana!

    I’m also curious to see more studies on the effects of weed during pregnancy. I’m expecting a little one myself and while I don’t smoke (as a precaution), I’d like to know what medical professionals have to say on the matter!

    Thanks so much to everyone who put this piece together! I’ll definitely be sharing it with everyone I know. Keep up the good work!

  52. Jeremy says:

    Chase, you are stupid if you think “ya’ll” was what Jerry was referring to. What about that crazy, long run on sentence or “Ligalize” and “Dammit”. I hope you are a non-stoner, because stoners do not try to defend stupidity with stupidity.

  53. Navjeet singh jamwal says:

    Marijuana is symbol of lord bholenath.nd da bholenath is the only deadly chilum smoker so nt for me bt for our god bholenath.LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AT ANY COST.OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

  54. Ryan says:

    Awesome website! If you haven’t watched “The Union” on Netflix, I hope you watch it tonight!

    There is becoming to be a lot more research being done today and MJ’s use is becoming more and more acceptable, thanks to websites like this. Studies show that marijuana does actually prevent cancer from spreading throughout the body and even causes the cancer to kill itself. Crazy isn’t it?!?! Could this actually be the new alternative to chemotherapy?

  55. Scott says:

    Thanks, many people who think marijuana is a horrible drug have never researched it because 4 years ago w/o research I would have never tried it and it helps A LOT with depression which alcohol stimulates great article.

  56. chase says:

    Jerry, u sound like a dick dude. just because he said yall doesnt make him stupid

  57. r and z says:

    Thanks for all the info. The “Powers that be” in this country have “Demonized” marijuana ever since the “Reefer Madness” days. It’s sad that all of this accurate and good information gets NO mention whatsoever in “mainstream” America.

    Someday I hope to see all the MIS-information just stop!!

  58. Pedro says:

    I’d like to give thanks to the person who researched all these myths and facts because people should be aware of the true facts about marijuana. I have a 3.7 GPA and i smoke Marijuana quite often without any problems in school. Obama should legalize it and start getting billions dollars in tax revenue every year.

  59. Trevor says:

    Brian you are stupid even if it is that high because your dumb enough to smoke.

  60. Brian says:

    Thumbs up Jerry, I have a 3.5 GPA and an associates in Business Management, not all of us smokers are stupid.

  61. Eric says:

    Great facts, and great website. I really like the way you point out the myths and the facts. We need more pages like this one.

    PS. I just red a website created by the government to scare people of marijuana claiming that it has no medicinal use, causes cancer and is addictive, knowing that all are untrue, even my mom knows pot has a medicinal use, there has never been a cancer case attributed to marijuana and like you said no physical dependence. But what can you expect by the government.

  62. Myles says:

    Thanks for the great facts. So many people are against weed because of all the myths that people portray about it. I am doina a project in speech about legalizing it so i hope that these facts will help the people in my class realize this.

  63. Jerry says:

    Hey Ben try using proper English, you just made every marijuana smoker look stupid.

    Luckily, I’m here to tell everyone that there are people who are smart and use marijuana. I go to a top college in the united states and I smoke everyday. Marijuana, I feel, helps me understand certain concepts more thoroughly than I would otherwise. Marijuana opens the door to my creativity and thought process which puts me at a level for maximum learning opportunities. We need to legalize marijuana throughout the Untied States.

  64. Ben says:

    hey guy i think yall are doing great on these facts. Everything yall say is true and something that needs to be informed on.

    Just glad to see theres other people like me who dont see why they have to make a big deal out of it and carry on for as long as its been going on.


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