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Yesterday evening I had an interesting conversation with a long-term user of cannabis. He said he had
spent the past 15 years trying to decide if he was addicted to marijuana or to tobacco; at the moment
he is coming down on the side of nicotine addiction. The sad fact is, he only started smoking tobacco
when he started rolling joints.

So, what is the truth about marijuana addiction and does it even exist? As ever in the world of drugs –
be they food, tobacco, drink, heroin or pot – the answer is complicated. The truth is that, physiologically
at least, weed is only ever addictive when it used frequently and heavily over a prolonged period of time
and even then any withdrawal symptoms are likely to be psychological in origin. You don’t need detox
to quit weed.

Now, here comes the ‘but:’ many pot-smokers use the plant as self-medication, in the sense that they
use it as a security blanket when their life is not going well; those same people are also likely to roll a
joint to celebrate the fact that ‘today is good.’ Got a cold, coming down with flu? A smoke will help. So,
perhaps weed isn’t addictive in the true sense of the word, marijuana is a lifestyle choice and it becomes
a habit that can be difficult to break. A habitual user is likely to say they use their drug out of choice and
nobody can argue with that – their body certainly doesn’t crave it and will continue to serve them well
with or without the drug – their lifestyle, however, may be built around using the drug and being with
people who have also made that lifestyle choice.

Marijuana as medicine is a good thing, we know from both research and anecdotal evidence that it is
highly effective; marijuana as a life style choice is not necessarily a good thing because a typical cannabis
user will use the drug to medicate his or her feelings on a daily basis.

So my long-term user friend might well be addicted to nicotine; his lifestyle, however, dictates that he
needs to use cannabis. That might not be a physical addiction but the social and financial outcomes can
be just as dire in terms of time lost to the ‘medication’ of choice.

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23 Responses to US Federal Laws

  1. wayne says:

    Addicted? 7-8 percent? are you kidding me? I still get a chuckle every time I see the refer madness skit of little johnny killing because he is high. The war on pot back then was because the government could not keep a strong arm on it, it can be grown by anyone. Then they make up crazy and stupid assumptions that its oh so dangerous and one can be addicted to it. I am 32 years old I started smoking pot at 14 years old. I smoked on a every day basis sometimes 8 times a day. just recently stopped and its been over a year ago, and guess what im not addicted to it, no withdrawals, no oh my god I have got to get high, nothing I stopped because I wanted to, and because its hard to get a good job with urine tests, so I just stopped. the only thing ive noticed and this means the only thing, is my dreams are ten times as stronger, I dream every night, but that’s it. first of all if anyone states there addicted its not physically its only that they are looking to get high, that they cant feel normal, you know like the folks who are on anti depressants, its the same thing, its any one who cant cope with life normal, but again to the body there is no withdrawals and no physical addictiveness to it. one thing is for sure, it helped me with post stress disorder. I watch my father die right in front of me, and it was not a nice going either, organs shut down, it caused me to go into stress and anxiety, but while smoking pot 100% helped my anxiety and not only that but my high blood pressure, now that I don’t smoke I take blood pressure meds and that’s it, I have anxiety and stress disorder every day from my fathers death the thought will never go away, I wish people would legalize it, it would sure do me some good. last thing, yes its not so good on the lungs unless smoked from a cooling water vaporizer, if smoked from a joint your smoking the resin as well, resin is sticky and thick which collects on the lungs, it will go over time, but it feels like crap coughing it up, that’s from long term smoking., but again im good not addicted to it, so stop trying to sat it is and get the stuff legalized., its stupid that its not

  2. MIKE J. says:


  3. Alexis M says:

    I am 18 years old & writing a research paper in regards to the legalization of Marijuana for my Honors Research & Exposition course at my high school. I had not understood until recently how long this war has been in effect. I am a regular smoker and it has become as much a part of who I am as my tattoos or my Vegetarian lifestyle. Because that’s what it is- a lifestyle. As an artist, Marijuana has helped me grow tremendously. I want to thank everyone who commented on this thread because each of you, regardless of your stance, has helped me a great deal in the construction of my report. Keep fighting the good fight. \m/,

  4. Joey says:

    The LSD effect is described as a ‘trip’ because it is a long (8-12 hours) and powerful experience which takes you beyond normal perception and then back again.

    Simply put, it profoundly alters and expands consciousness by loosening or — at higher doses — completely erasing the normal filters and screens between your conscious mind and the outside world.

    With these filters down, more information rushes in. You sense more, think more and feel more. You become aware of things normally filtered out by your mind — visual, auditory, sensory and emotional. The intricate details on surfaces, the richness of sound, the brightness of colors, and the complexity of your own mental processes are all brought to the foreground of your consciousness.

    At higher doses, the rush of information becomes a flood and your senses actually begin to merge and overlap (syntheasia) until you can see sounds or smell colors.

    CANNABIS dulls the experience in the come-up; heightens the peak; brings back the effect during comedown. AWESOME.

  5. Aaron says:

    I am a police officer and I wish they would just make this shit legal already.

    WTF I mean if weed was legal, people would not drink as much, it would cut back on the DWI fatal wrecks, because people wouldn’t fear losing thier jobs as its legal and probably would rather smoke it or eat it instead of drinking, it would reduce all the domestic violence calls (most dangerous call for officers), would reduce alot of fights, peoples anger, and it would help alot of people study.

    Hell if it was legal I would probably do it to but its not worth my job, instead I drink (not heavily but still drink, gets your mind off all the bad things we deal with day after day) And its not a gateway drug. i’ve never heard anyone say \Damn thats some good shit I think I’m gonna go do a line of COKE!!!!!\ Plus theres all types of marijuana so if they get used to it, they can get another type, and just keep going back and fourth.

    It should have restrictions, where you should be able to smoke, eat, what ever you want with it inside your residence. (I know people can drive on it but maybe if congress or law makers make it where its legal inside your house, and jobs wouldn’t drug test for it then that might be the only way they decriminalize it is only you can do it inside your house.

    All the cartels will stop killing kids yea they MIGHT go to cocaine but its a $40,000,000,000.00 profit they make a YEAR so alot of them would just hang it up already and stop. Juarez Mexico has over 3,000 Deaths alone in just ONE city because of weed.


  6. ~YB says:

    I have consumed cannabis as a cure-all for at least 5-6 years. Since my initial inception into the sub-culture of the stoner, I have completed college and now hold a salary position as a manager in a newly established start-up company.

    In all honesty, I don’t think I could have completed the hard-work I had done without the help of my chemical friend, THC. It allows me to tap into what I would like to refer to as “creative conduits” and allows me to draw upon inspiration as one would draw upon food from the kitchen.

    In my position, my creative thoughts are money and Cannabis allows those thoughts to be financially effective. Cannabis allows me to notice more subtle things, such as the wind in a willow tree, the code error in line 107, or how I might converse with my egotistical, self-serving family members when I choose to call.

    When I call it a cure-all, it has been just that. I will make a note. Of my years of use, I have quit several times. These periods of non-use are especially difficult for me to endure right after I stop, but with willpower and determination, it can be done. I have dried out countless times since I started to smoke cannabis, and as so many others have dictated that it’s a life choice, I must whole-heatedly agree.

    Cannabis was the target of Anslinger to defame and belittle to effectively brainwash the social norm into thinking of it as a harmful, life-destroying substance. Just watch the film, “Refer Madness”. In a nutshell, the original ban on cannabis was enacted with the fears that pot made black men pursue white women. It was also thought that mexicans were destroying the country as they had brought their friendly plant with them to America.

    Overall, the bans on weed focus around racist and out-dated mentionings that no longer hold weight in today’s society.

    With any substance, it can be abused, but we don’t limit a fat man’s use of food just because he’s endangered is life. We pick and choose what to manipulate and the underlying morals of such a choice couldn’t be more biased.

    Pot does not cause interracial tensions. Pot does not threaten our culture or way of life. It is a plant that even the forefathers of this country used and even REQUIRED their citizens to grow at one point as it’s use in textiles in ship building were nulli secundus (second to none).

    I beleive it is only a matter of time before cannabis is either decriminalized or legalized. Those who choose to stand in the way of this reform, do so under the bias pretenses of others and not from their own free will.

    The truly sad thing is, most people who are brainwashed, don’t realize they are.

    The ultimate issue here isn’t pot legalization, but it is the self-awareness of our culture and people as a whole.

    I hope we can survive our own ignorance. In my heart, I think we’re doomed unless we revolt.

  7. kushchica says:

    I have been smoking pot for over a year now and I am not addicted.

    I have quit a few times because I wanted to get a job and I was perfectly fine even when i was around my friends when they would smoke it (job thing never worked out because I don’t have time now that i’m in college). I still continue to smoke it but only on occasion because I have to concentrate more on my school, but when i do smoke it when i hang with my friends, it’s the only escape i get from the stress of my family and school.

    It makes me so much more relaxed…it keeps me sane when I feel like I’m going to go crazy from the tons of stuff I have to learn at school.

    Marijuana is something that grows on the earth naturally, even though a lot of people manipulate it to make it stronger, it’s still not something man-made. God made it and anything he made I can trust! I can honestly say that no matter how high i am i can drive just fine…actually i drive a lot better…my friends are witnesses.

    When I’m drunk though…I definitely could not drive and i would never try it. Alcohol should be illegal…not weed.

  8. tightrope walker says:

    I will speak for myself.

    I am pro-pot & pro-choice. However, I feel much better now that I now not smoking on a daily basis. My life gradually started to revolve around when & where I could smoke.

    I have more energy & concentration is better. When I tried controlled smoking I quickly fell back into the same overuse. So – some people can use it without bad effects, but sadly for myself, I cannot.

  9. Markos says:

    Very well written!

  10. Rob Marley says:

    I’m from Canada and the way i see it is there are many different life styles everywhere which cannot be figured out easily due to mass amounts of deception each person sees daily.

    The only thing keeping most of us asleep is the notion that we aren’t these low life half witted criminals keeping selling extorting packaging and whatever other kinds of illegal stuff. But we all are and theres no difference when it comes to a historically relevant smokeable flower as an automobile fresh off the conveyor belt, to big macs and fries as also crack and cigarettes. we use them, they get old we move on to a better one, the only obvious difference is that a weed plant has a truly positive effect on everything that encounters it.

    Unless it is false informative snakes at the presidents desk, yeah fuck you americans too, noone will ever see peace or wealth so long and this plant is ILLEGAL because I a 13 year old kid am a criminal for being as high as i am atm, fall under the umbrella of ifluenced by an illegal substance. Just like how it is illegal to tresspass somewhere and we all are under control from, from freedom. Because weed is everything people dream of having today and more, its the plant of golden roots and spirits so to everybody not reading this. No matter how hard you try to stay alive, you will die sooner than you know it and i will be laughing wont remember you cause im high as an eagle.

  11. KW says:

    Technically it is impossible to be biologically addicted to Marijuana because THC doesn’t even interact with the Limbic system.

    The Limbic system is the reward center of our brain, everything from food, alcohol, tobacco to LCD is addictive because of the Limbic system. Marijuana’s psychoactive compound THC interacts with a part of the brain that wasn’t discovered until 1988, the Cannabinoid receptor. It is called that because the only thing that part of our brain can interact with is THC. We are biologically designed (or we evolved this one part of our brain to process marijuana) to consume Marijuana.

    As human beings it is our birthright. The only comparable type of addiction would be being addicted to a TV show, as a runners high is also a result of the Limbic system. Marijuana withdrawal is similar to getting cut off by another driver while on your way home from work. Your ticked off because you want to get home and your prevented from doing so as quickly as you like (because TV addiction might use the Limbic system too).

  12. charles s. says:

    I can say that I have been pro-pot for almost all my life, and I know for a fact that even my dad (who has been a national clinical pyschologist for over 30 years) that marijuana does not cause any problems psychologically, physically or otherwise.

    The guy who said he treated patients that smoke had “motivational and memory problems compared to non users” is full of crap. I have smoked herb for over 20 years myself, and know first hand that is not addictive, because I haven’t smoked herb in over three years now!!!

    I don’t see how anyone can compare the addiction to heroin or crack cocaine to the habitual use of herb. It’s like comparing a watermelon to a potato, they are two totally different things. I had an addiction to crack, it made me steal from my own family, sell things i shouldn’t have and left me penniless and homeless for a time.

    Yet when I smoked herb, I held a job, went to college, got my own apartment and never asked my parents for anything. Heck I even took myself on vacations!!! and THAT COSTS MONEY!!! so no, there is no such thing as addiction to marijuana, if you are stealing,telling lies and selling your shoes to the potman, then you have a REAL PROBLEM that doesn’t have to do with marijuana.

    I was in Tulsa ,OK not too long ago and a Fireman who had been on the force for over 25 years told me this ” It’s not ILLEGAL because it’s dangerous, it’s DANGEROUS because it’s illegal” he said in all those years he has never had to use the “jaws of life” to pull a person out of their smashed up car because they smoked a joint, if not legalization, at least DECRIMINALIZE IT!

  13. Asbjørn says:

    Well.. Interesting responses.

    I think that Cannabis should be totally legal at the age of 16 and up. It is proven that THC is harming the ability of creating new memories (and memory in general) in mice equal to the age under 15 in humans. After this point, the damage is minimal to the brain, if any.

    The effects of cannabis varies from person to person. I believe that some people (very, very few) does get depressed. But if you compare it to alcohol, then it’s nothing. Alcohol is a powerful depressant.
    And yes, some people does get addicted, but as all other things in life, addiction is a survival instinct. Everyone is addicted to food, water, sex, comfort, fun, ect. Of cause to survive. If we didn’t drink water we would die. But we would still survive if we didn’t get sex, but we wouldn’t get our genes into the next generation.But as a lot of things today it have changed. Now it’s enjoyment. Everyone does it.

    Lighting up a reefer is just the same. Enjoyment. We need enjoyment in the world today. With workdays from 08 to 17 we need to be able to put our worries away for a short period of time to have the energy to go on with our problems, to have fun, or just to relax.

    I began smoking reefer once a week about 6 weeks ago ago. Already after the second weekend, i felt better. Even when not being under the influence. My tendency to paranoia- like thoughts have completely gone. My relations with friends and foes has improved. I’ve become a more honest man. I even told my parents 2 weeks ago. I even drink a whole lot less since i like the high more than the drunk. I have realized that life is about having it well. If you need a success in business life to be happy, then do that. Or if you need a family to be happy, then get one.
    It’s about doing what you wanna do. If you like reefer, the smoke it. Just don’t let it get in the way of your plans. It’s about moderation. Just keep yourself on the line, then there is nothing wrong with it. Be happy.

    The problem now that we need to legalize cannabis, is that it has become socially unacceptable. The general population is against cannabis as recreational use because the brainwashing from Harry Anslinger have continued through the generations in the general population. We need to make about 2 billion people (the western countries (Europe, USA, Canada and such)) realize what that has happened, and why it should be legal.

  14. Phil says:

    May 19th my 3 yr old son was apprehended by CAS (Canada-Children’s Aid Society) for testing 1.0 above the “legal limit” , apparently 0.03 is the allowable amount of THC found in a hair follicle of a child his age, I tested ten times the legal limit which we all expected because I have always been open w/ my marijuana use.

    For the last year since they’ve been involved w/ my son & I was working w/ them going to an Addictions Councillor, working on harm reduction & moderation, going to Crisis sought a psychiatrist which prescribed me medication to help w/ stress/anxiety, helps weening off marijuana & is effective with Epilepsy, which I was diagnosed w/ when I was 14 after receiving head trauma from a bike accident.

    I was put on a medication though the seizures continued whenever I had to face life changing & traumatic things like the birth of my first son or the break up of a relationship which is life & I dealt w/ it wrong, I had full custody of him & as a single parent I can’t be under the influence at any time,” though if I wish to smoke I may do so at my g/f’s, who doesn’t smoke “. & can supervise ? So now I’m going to get an assessment done on my addiction & get into a detox program for three months & hopefully find a prescribed narcotic which will better suit my needs & the damage done of excessive use over the years mentally & emotionally. I want my son back & I will change my lifestyle & learn to deal w/ life without a dependency & become independent.

  15. LZ says:

    There are many reasons why too and why not too. I believe taking the market out of the hands of criminals, and legalizing it can only be a good thing. The product would be better and more constant, prob cheaper. Also i know a fair few people been murdered for diff reasons .i.e cant pay bail debts. cant get money for suppliers. I dont believe the government will kill if invoices dont get paid.

  16. Justin says:

    “Minors should be protected from getting exposed, in my opinion, but what do I know? I’m just a physician board certified in addiction medicine.”

    What protections are they getting from exposure right now? It’s sort of like trying to protect your kids from the color blue, no matter how well intentioned it might be it is still impossible. The best way to protect your kids from exposure to drugs is to educate them.

    But what do I know I’ve only been a child psychologist for 38 years.


    I feel that it may be a good idea for Noe to master English before he attempts to contribute to social issues like the legalization of marijuana. Clearly above your pay grade.

  18. Ry says:

    Marijuana should be legal. Or else individuals are going to turn to hard drugs if they are unable to get pot. It is the opposite of a gateway drug. It keeps people away from pills and alcohol. Peace & Bliss!!!

  19. zak says:

    Im not trying to be the stereotypical stoner, but marijuana should be legalized. I have been smoking just about every day for around 4-5 months now and have not had a bad side effect one time, now im not saying that everyone should smoke pot on a daily basis but however much you desire you can do. I still am in high school and here about how bad marijuana is every day from teachers, students, parents, etc.

    But the majority of students and the people who criticize cannabis have never even experienced it or have had just one bad experience and don’t give it another chance, when im high I feel like I can almost function better if not then just as well as I do sober. Many americans say that smoking pot makes you lazy or a low life, but they just have been governmentally brainwashed into thinking that all drugs are bad because they have been told that by the authority or whoever is ‘in charge’.

    Just about half of my high school in northern indiana smoke pot and the majority of the students are involved in extra-curricular activities such as football, baseball, etc. I have had my share of bad experiences with cannabis and know that it does enlighten you. Marijuana, I feel, can even be used for educational use.

    Whenever I go to school high I feel like I am in a better mood and can focus more, rather than walking through the doors sober thinking of how bad school will be. I just thougbht I would put my 2 cents in..If anyone wants to talk about it email me or talk on here.

  20. Jeffrey says:

    Marijuana is not addicting i have been smoking for four years now and i can stay proudly that im not addicted. I was on probation for six months and i was fine. Im not a stereotype, but it bugs me how everybody hates people that smoke weed just because it is illegal.

    Just because you smoke it doesnt always mean you are a bad person. You see people dieing from alot of other drugs and alcohol, but do you hear about people dieing from marijuana no! If marijuana was legal most of the world would be smoking it right now as we speak. its kinda funny cause about three fourths of my high school smoke weed.

    I know from expereince that marijuana helps with depression and could change the world if they would just legalize it!

  21. Joe Troncale, MD says:

    Marijuana is addictive to about 7-8 per cent of the population. So about 90 per cent of people can smoke marijuana and not end up addicted. Just like alcohol where about 10 per cent of people get addicted.

    So you can argue that statistic as a pro or con statistic to argue for or against legalization. Just like alcohol or other mind-altering substances, marijuana might make you feel good, but the societal and personal costs outside of the legal aspects are high.

    Cannabis users are much more likely than non-users to get depressed and commit suicide, more likely to suffer lung disease, more likely to have accidents. I have treated lots of patients addicted to marijuana and there is definite motivation and memory defects compared to non-users.

    Would legalization help? I really don’t care. It would just turn the government into drug dealers. Minors should be protected from getting exposed, in my opinion, but what do I know? I’m just a physician board certified in addiction medicine.

  22. noe says:

    wat my BUDie is sayin u might not know that when u go to sleep some people just never wake up just like u dont know u would be lucky to be in a car accident who knows? stuff happens so fuck it live it the best way u can and the way u want who cares wat ignorants think

  23. michael johnson says:

    My friend un fortunately you are confused with the way humans operate. I do not care who you show or how old they are. I will show you an un healthy addiction that person has to something. Be it someone addicted to weight loss, working out, having sex, cocaine, ecstacy, liqour, flying, driving, drinking water.

    People are psychologically prone to addiction because freedom gives people a choice to do as they please be it in excess or in moderation or hardly at all. People will do what they feel makes them feel good. Not everyone is the same either in this aspect either. Funny thing is everyone has a defensive or non defensive reason as to why they do what they do and its always some varitation of what someone else has already told you.

    The bottom line comes to this. It does not make 2 ***** what other people think of you. Not your family, not your friends, not your dog, or anything. Even god cannot tell you just yet what he thinks of you if you believe in such things.

    What matters at the end of the day is wether you as a person are comfortable with sayin to youself I am ready to quit or I am not ready to quit. And people can argue the health reasons about addiction all they want, even me. Fact is one day your going to die Smoke or no smoke. How you wish live your life until you meet that end…is inevitably up to you…

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