The Future of Marijuana in North Carolina

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The future of North Carolina isn’t looking bright. They’ve been a bit short of cash as of late. It seems that legalizing marijuana solely for the purpose of gaining revenue seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. Even Indiana is thinking about it. This is all happening mostly because of Colorado that has gained more the $2 million in one month alone. Naturally, when other states that are fighting for cash notice that Colorado and Washington are doing really well, they start thinking about legalizing marijuana as well. This is great but marijuana legalization should be backed up by a number of reasons that would benefit the community and not just measure their success in income. As expected, politicians that run North Carolina are not that thrilled about legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

A Tough Sell

Generally speaking, marijuana will be a tough sell in North Carolina. After all, this is a state that thinks of liquor as a necessary evil. In fact, the state is so conservative they don’t even endorse hunting on Sundays. Yet, the state is desperately in need of money. When compared to Colorado, they are almost jealous because Colorado is currently investing 200,000 dollars in schools alone and that’s just 10% of the revenue from the first month. Colorado has a 13% tax on marijuana, which is more than enough to keep filling the state treasury on a monthly basis. On the other hand, most people from North Carolina don’t believe that money should be the only reason to legalize marijuana, yet most of them want to reap the benefits of taxing at the same time. Its obviously a moral dilemma more than anything else and it will be interesting to see how they play their cards.

Public opinion of North Carolina is still a couple of years behind the latest cannabis research. The local lawmakers still believe that marijuana consumption would actually increase if cannabis were legalized; yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, there is a glimmer of hope because even though Representative Ted Davis does not favor marijuana legalization, he tends to think proactively about medical marijuana, which is always a good start. The general opinion that marijuana is a gateway drug is a bit over the top and we noticed that more conservative states share that opinion as if, by some weird chance, marijuana research studies are avoiding those states. A few other representatives were asked to share their opinion on marijuana legalization and Representative Frank Iler is definitely not in favor of legalizing marijuana while Representative Susi Hamilton has co-sponsored the medical cannabis bill for years but to no avail. There will probably be more attempts legalize marijuana but we presume that North Carolina will probably be the last in line to do so.

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4 Responses to The Future of Marijuana in North Carolina

  1. randy brewer says:

    please support the right to choose no different than ciggs or booze its your right as an american

  2. Bubba says:

    I wish NC would legalize it so I could get some relief from my glaucoma…

  3. Mark Mccravey says:

    So the state will continue pursuing innocent people. The agents in these task forces are continually making false statements against citizens
    Mostly to extort funds in taxes from innocent people
    It’s just very wrong
    Government sponsored corruption

  4. Bubblers says:

    Go legalization and don’t listen to Dave you got the content out that’s what is important.

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