Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros for Legalizing Marijuana:

  1. Prohibition must be weighed against the loss of personal freedom. Countries have a responsibility to respect individual free will and the right of self-determination.
  2. The immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one set of moral beliefs. By taking a “moral” stand against recreational drugs, or fighting the evils caused by the illegal drug trade they increase their popularity amongst constituents.
  3. The War on Drugs serves the immediate interests of politicians. By taking a “moral” stand against recreational drugs, or fighting the evils caused by the illegal drug trade they increase their popularity amongst constituents.
  4. Legal prohibition does not stop consumers from consuming drugs, it does not stop trafficers from producing and selling it. The price of the final product increases to abnormally high values because of the black market status, which together with the powerful effects of drug addiction causes users to commit crimes in order to fund their addiction.
  5. Critics of the War on Drugs advocate the partial or complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, combined with a system of regulation, as happens with alcohol and prescription drugs. By providing legal supplies of currently illegal drugs the price will fall, leading to a collapse in the illegal drug industry, and a reduction in crimes committed by both drug suppliers and users. They also argue that the reduction in the price will lead to little, if any, growth in drug addiction, due to the inelasticity of demand. Some even state that in a strictly regulated market, drug use may fall overall, by removing the marketing activities of the illegal drug industry.
  6. It is not worthwhile for a law to forbid people from willingly exposing their own bodies to harm by using drugs, any more than by overeating or bungee-jumping. Obesity is a national epidemic, killing millions every year, but the government has no right to regulate how much citizens eat.
  7. Drug users exercise free will when they chose to use drugs; a person has the right to give up his or her own freedom. A Government does not have the right to dictate them. No drug eliminates free will. It is possible to quit using any drug. Many banned drugs are significantly less deleterious to free will than legal alcohol or tobacco. Severe physiological addiction has been demonstrated for tobacco (stronger than cocaine), but no strong physiological addiction has been shown for marijuana.
  8. Illegal Drug dealers will sell to anyone, including children. Merchants who legally sell alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to sell to children. Many high school students report that it is easier to obtain illegal drugs than alcohol and tobacco.


Cons for Legalizing Marijuana:

  1. A State cannot be involved with the distribution of substances considered immoral by relevant lots of the population. A substance considered unhealthy cannot be produced and distributed with the help of the state, because the goal of the state is to protect citizens’ health and not to expose them to risk.
  2. The easy availability of drugs would create new consumers rather than rescuing current ones.
  3. Drugs are addictive. They rob the user of free will. A drug user cannot make an informed and rational decision to continue using drugs because the use of the drug eliminates that user’s ability to think logically. Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking.
  4. Drug use is dangerous to persons besides the user. In the rise of health care costs, violence associated with the use of drugs, neglect of children by drug-addicted parents, and other third party effects.
  5. The use of soft drugs, such as marijuana, leads to the use of hard drugs (the Gateway Theory).
  6. Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable.

More Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization.

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237 Responses to Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

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  3. justin pickering says:

    I dont think its our place to say what is wrong and what is right. that is just our opinion. we shouldnt say yes or no just because it can be addictive. there have been no cases of marijuana causing any harm to a person. so we should just let the people who want to smoke it, smoke it; and the ones who dont, dont.
    it aint such a big deal.

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  6. truth says:

    i feel like you guys are only looking at it being used as a drug but weed has other uses like hemp and other very useful resources .. so weather you believe I god or not, every pant has its uses and sadly one the most useful plants is illegal because when people fine something beautiful and useful we turn it into something sick and mess it up for the rest of us

  7. weedlover420 says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carl says:

      My ma always told me life is like a farm of marijuana u never no what your highness will be at ive been snorting cocaine and smoking weed every day infact i was born on april 20th i also suck vape and i was on the magic school bus with mrs. Frizzle and then i went to America to give trump my spacial meth pipe i got wen i was 4 but then i snorted some more cocaine my addiction happened when i was a baby my ma always put bath salts in my tub and i would eat them and after that i relized i was made to be a drug addict sincerely carl murphys

  8. barri rodgerz says:

    I stratde usign pot whin i wuz 13 yars old. it neuer afficted me at al. I hav smokt it for ovr 30 yars und al i cen sey is i hsd haved a purty guut life. i for tha mos part wuz not exceptd by mos peepel and wus luked doun upun und i dont no why but it havs not mater mush or evan maked mush of a deferans in my life anywaze. me stil thimks pot is wunderfel and youse alls shud try it. thanx for listuneng to my storee.

    • Josue says:

      I *started *using pot *when *I *was 13 *years old. *It *never *affected me at *all. I *have *smoked it for *over 30 *years *and *all *I *can *say is *I’ve *had a *pretty *good life. *For *the *most part *I *was not *ACCEPTED by *most *people and *was *looked *down *upon *and *I *don’t *know why but it *has not *mattered *much or *even *made *much of a *difference in my life *anyways. *I *still *think pot is *wonderful and *all *you *should try it. *Thanx for *listening to my *story.

      Next time you want to say something don’t be an idiot, you are just making people look bad
      -Sincerely someone who goes to school and doesn’t do drugs.

  9. Nick says:

    Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable? Using that logic, and considering alcohol and tobacco are legal, doesn’t that also send a message to children that they should consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes?

  10. willb1281 says:

    I would just like to add,, maybe Congress & the House of Representatives should BOTH watch the video
    THE UNION – the business behind getting high. In my opinion, alcohol makes you stupid,, pot makes you happy.

  11. willb1281 says:

    I would just like to add,, maybe Congress & House of Representatives should BOTH watch the video
    THE UNION – the business behind getting high. In my opinion, alcohol make you stupid,, pot make you happy.

  12. Medical Marijuana is a proven treatment for a wide range of painful medical conditions, and with the right treatment program, troubling side effects can be minimized.

  13. AS says:

    Weed is all we need.
    Mary Jane gets the fame.
    Marijuana makes me wanna holler.

  14. alidalol says:

    Most of the people commenting, hating on marijuana and ‘potheads’ have NEVER picked up a blunt. so before you look down on people that are involved with marijuana, smoke a bowl and if you still want to hate on it after that, then go ahead. no one’s stopping you. c;

  15. Yung Tom says:

    Lets all be HAPPPYY

  16. Aubrean Young says:

    We shouldn’t allow

  17. DMan says:

    i love weed

  18. bibi says:

    Like Colorado if it was taxed at 25% or more there is huge amounts of money that can then be put into the economy to help the people out, plus to miss Amanda its not like making them illegal will do any good marijuana is currently illegal and still used, alcohol had its prohibition and that didnt stop people from using it either. Yes some violence has been done involving marijuana but that is the same with sober sane people. We as human beings will do things if its legal or not the only difference is if it is legal we can start to help people get better instead of punishing them, we can increase the economic value and start more jobs along with making more activities for the youth to try and prevent drug use by building places for kids to hangout and giving them things to do that will entertain them. I can understand your views as it does have some drawbacks but in a society where there is no good choice you would do well to choose the lesser of two evils.

  19. Amanda says:

    Marijuana Vs Alcohol is the worst argument you could make. Let me make my point here. If there were two poisonous fruits.. One legal and one not. Your argument stands as “Well, this poisonous fruit is legal why not make this less poisonous one legal as well? ” .. When from a rational point of view both should be illegal.
    My second point is to the “Weed is good for your health” argument. Marijuana has it’s medical benefits, mainly in those with cancer. Health benefits is an argument also made by alcohol. In example: A daily glass of wine is good for the heart. However, the issue is we do not consume responsibly. Over use of marijuana, which has addicting components, will only add to this nations obesity crisis.
    My last point is to the “Alcohol kills people, Marijuana doesn’t” argument. The fact is, yes alcohol can kill people. It’s claimed many lives. However, that’s do to irresponsible consumption. If people are not going to be responsible with alcohol what makes you think they’ll be responsible smoking? There has been car accidents due to marijuana use.. There has been violence over marijuana. Sure it calms some people, but some people get irrationally paranoid. These things claim lives.
    Stop comparing two poisons.

    • brant e cargile says:

      legalize it in all 50 states turn the ungodliness of the things that acompany the black market 18 to smoke a cigerette 21 to burn a joint let the oficeship of influience take a stance from whithin as a long ongoing war has been at stance against our youth heritages and soil solely on the black market of marajuana

    • Hayden says:

      Man you are truly ignorant, saying marijuana causes car accidents because it was in a person’s system is like saying water impairs a person’s driving because they had water in their system millions of people smoke marijuana of course when there is a crash there is a chance they will test positive. Marijuana already is used in excess and still no one has died from it

    • clay says:

      Fact is that banning marijuana or alcohol doesn’t stop anyone from using it. By legalizing marijuana we are taking it out of the hands of gangs and drug dealers and giving it to the gov., where it won’t be sold to minors and will have a large income/job creation for our nation.

      If you can’t beat em, join em and make sure they do it right!

  20. Gavin says:

    Interesting opinion. However we all see things differently. So if you would be so kind as to keep your negative thoughts to yourself??? Thank you. -.-

  21. Dr.BeanDip says:

    America would make a lot of money if they taxed it like alcohol.

  22. taco says:

    the only thing that marijuana is a gateway to is the fridge

    • taco says:

      and also I think that in order to vote on whether or not it should be legal you should have to try it. how can you condemn something you have never experienced for yourself,
      there are many cases of people living normal lives and smoking dope. only the extreme cases are highlighted where people neglect their kids. the cases where people smoke it at night to help with insomnia, in the place of sleeping pills that made them drive into the neighbors house while they were asleep.
      the fact that the marijuana plant is only mildly psychologically addictive and you can easily stop at any time. if we did legalize it health care costs would rise minimal for the non user and more for the smoker themselves. you don’t hear about people getting high and going out and going and burning down someone’s house.
      I think that marijuana education is key. don’t lie to the kids and tell them that they will get high and shoot their friend because ” they’re high and feel like I can do anything” tell them why she should wait until their brain is fully developed to ensure that their brains develop properly. and if you lie to the kids, it results in judgmental assholes.

      • steve says:

        Yes, i want to see congress hot box the place lol

      • Devi says:

        you don’t need to smoke it you can also drink it in teas. smoking is more a direct method to a high, tea is still going to give a high without lung damage.

      • Jason says:

        I couldnt have said that any better ……THANK YOU…..if u havent tryed it u shouldnt be able to vote about it period….just cause they are sallys doesnt mean everyone else that does it cant handle it and in most cases the parents that neglected there kids werent just doing marijuana but taking there prescribed DRUGSfrom there doctors but they dont wanna lose those so they blame it on marijuana its bs ive never neglected my kid as a matter of fact i dont even do it when i have my son…..but i could ….and be just fine…i just CHOOSE TOO NOT DO IT …i guess that means some people can use it and still make good decisions and judgements….PERIOD.

    • obama says:

      lol right

  23. Dustin says:

    And all the potheads converge………”oh it’s so safe, by making it legal, it will make people less lazy than we already are in our society, less dependent on public assistance, and it will somehow magically create jobs” ………. that was sarcastic by the way in case some of you are too high to comprehend.

    • Doshan says:

      @Dustin: Actually the legalization of marijuana would create jobs almost immediately. Also, the crime rate would take a nose dive in neighborhoods where marijuana is the main and most lucrative drug on the street. Studies show that even soda has worse side effects than marijuana and if you’re to naive to notice, nicotine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs, but as soon as you turn 18 you can buy a pack of cigarettes in almost any store. So before you start pointing fingers, sounding uneducated, and not doing the research on a topic you clearly know absolutely nothing about do every pothead a favor and smoke a dutch and tell me how great you feel. That is all dumbass.

      • Emanie says:

        I love you for this, lol.

        • Jason says:

          I dont love u but yess i defineitly agree if u have one or sum of the symtomes that marijuana is used for put down ur pills and try it without ur pills and within a few weeks u should feel better … helps me in alot of ways and alot of people i know and there is no violince and all is good….the violince comes with cartell and gangs which we will always have so stop blaming it on people who sit in there chair and smoke a pipe or joint than maybe ATTACK THE FRIDGE……

      • cody says:

        amen brother

      • hector says:

        Mic drop.

    • Ashlee says:

      Marijuana isn’t technically a drug it is only stated as a drug because it alters your brain ( and the goverment cant make money off of it) which alchochol does as well, ( and we all know drinking is far more damaging) BLAH BLAH BLAH – lol something stated in every arguement (and its true)I used marijuana recreationally a few years back and I can speak for myself and others when I say when you are under the influence of marijuana your not out doing stupid stuff like drinking and driving, and stuff of that nature. From the sounds of it you aren’t a smoker which is ok I understand I choose to stop smoking myself but I just thought Id let you know from my prespectuve that marijuana calms people down, helps cancer patients, helps people with eating disorders- and it is natural it is not something that has toxic chemicals in it , it wont damage your liver or give you cancer it came from the eart
      and yes it will open up jobs the goverment will need people to help distruibute and pack ect ect also you should you tube sometime the benifits that legalizing marijuana has had for colorado there school system has had millions contibuted to it as well as programs for drug prevention.
      I am sure from adult to adult u have had an adlt beverage before it is honestly no different form pot if you think about it in certain ways so I don’t think it is just to pick on stoners when you dont know all of the information
      hope i didnt piss you off or anything i am sincerly just stating my thoughts on the matter take it or leave it u can ebate with me of youd like just dont be a jerk ( seems like alot of internet debates have alot of angry people in them and i am not one of thoose people.)

    • Jason says:

      Honestly i smoke it and grow my own that way i know my pot isnt injected with nasty chemicals it saves me money from buying it ….do i think it should be legal?YES I DO…..for MEDICINABLE USE ONLY recreational use makes more laws on it and i think is stupud its almost like the gun laws u should have to go to ur doctor and make sure u can use it without harming you where it effects people differently ….just like guns if ur a felon or mental challenged u shouldnt have a gun but if ur not and ur educated on it like hunters safety course for instance than people wouldnt look down on it as aunt never smoked marijyana had a hard time sleeping always stressed and was drinking alcohol and tryed it and it helped her now shes off some of those DRUG perscriptions she was taking they had her on 12 meds she now takes 6 marijuana cut 6 perscriptions outta her life and she feels 100% better….and it would give the small time caregivers and doctors in maine money that they pay taxes for right now if it becomes legal for recreational use the big outta state top dogs are gonna put up these nice new dispenceries that bring the money outta maine so im voting for it to not be legal for recreation use and keep it the way it is and keep maines money in MAINE …..

  24. nigguh please says:

    some of you people are way opinion based and need to do a little reserch

    • Destiny says:

      That’s true. Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies done on the effects of marijuana. There really aren’t enough studies to prove anything. Not to mention most of the studies are only over a period of a few years and many of the studies conflict with each other… plus almost all the sources that give you any information on the topic are extremely biased.

    • Maddie101 says:

      well some of its a fact

  25. u dont have to know says:

    you have a point with it beenina gateway drug but that doesnt mean it cause people start doing all this hardcore drugs may people smoke with and just weed soo whats the problem with legalization of it have you ever heard of some one dieing from smokin weed ? didnt think sooo

  26. The_Kraut says:

    “The use of soft drugs, such as marijuana, leads to the use of hard drugs (the Gateway Theory).”


  27. Jeremy says:

    You all are quite hilarious. Both sides are making points only to be interrupted by idiotic comments such as how pot “cures” cancer, and it’s just like caffeine(which is addictive), which causes a lot of your arguments to implode on themselves. On the same note, the people against legalization are basically reiterating each other, claiming scientific studies to the contrary of pro-legalization also claiming scientific backing.

  28. anonomous says:

    While i agree that it could be very bad for teens, i have to argue that not everyone has the same guidelines for morals, a moral is merely an individuals opinion upon a topic, therefore everyone’s morals could be different, it could be immoral to you, but maybe not to them.

  29. that's not my name says:

    Marijuana IS a gateway drug. In saying that, it does not mean that whoever smokes marijuana will do hardcore drugs, but those who got in over their heads started with marijuana; because they started with marijuana, it can be classified as a gateway drug.

    • Casey Harkleroad says:

      You are right, it is a gateway drug. However, if it were to be made legal there would be less people getting exposed to other drugs by drug dealers.

    • dick johnson says:

      they call me Stacey

    • Jason says:

      I know people that have never smoked pot or cigs but do pills and cocaine acid so its not a gateway drug but poor decisions on people who want to try or get peer pressured to try…

  30. John says:

    Wow I love this so legalizing weed shows kids that it is acceptable? So a drug that slows the growth rate of tumors, and hs many other great health effects, and has NEVER killed ANYONE shouldn’t be acceptable in a world where half a million people in the US die from alcohol and tobacco usage a year? So kids are aloud to think that tobacco and alcohol are appropriate but oh no a natural non PHYSICALLY addictive herb cannot be legal! (You can have an addiction but it is a physiological addiction not caused by addictive compounds (like nicotine in tobacco)) it should be legal this is bullshit.

    • Dustin says:

      That doesn’t justify anything. Just because it won’t kill rapidly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t adversely effect you brain and decision making. Marijuana alters your mind, how do you explain this to your kids? Or do you even have kids? Yes, alcohol and tobacco products are damaging, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to legalize weed, a gateway drug. I don’t want to have to worry about stoned teens or inexperienced people behind the wheel when I’m out handling business.

  31. GJ says:

    GJ None-Smoker That Who Has No Problem With Marijuana But Strongly Disagrees With Person Above Me (and why did you capitalize every word?)

  32. Anoymous says:

    You people are stupid marijuana IS A DRUG! why do you keep insisting on it? oh medicinal purposes? No there are other alternatives. Once this becomes legal OUR FUTURE WILL BE RUINED KIDS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FOCUS ON SCHOOL SINCE THIS WILL BE SO EASILY ACCESSIBLE. People who want marijuana have no moral ethics. hmph and im a teenager i know what legalzing this drug would do for teens

    • Dustin says:

      Amen, I agree with you. And not to mention, what it will do to our already declined job-market. There are enough unemployed Americans in this country, and by legalizing it, it will only add to the deficit. More and more people won’t be able to get hired due to dirty systems. Looking at the bigger picture, more people will become lazy, unmotivated and become more dependent on the government since they will not be able to get hired on anywhere. It will create more leeches in our society who want a free handout from tax paying citizens.

      • Jason says:

        All i got to say is i smoke it all the time and i guarantee u couldnt keep up with me for a week so LAZY….probaly not aparantely ur not a smoker and dont have a clue u just go by what u hear and kids dont always do what there parents do …..EVERYONE MAKES THERE OWN DECESIONS ……and sum people choose to do other drugs even those who have never smoked before so explain that for me will ya?

        • Jason says:

          And i smoked in school i was high honor roll student and smoked behind my moms back everyday but still had a 3.9 grade average and ive never been to jail for using marijuana but i have been to jail from drinking alcohol and have also drove drunk and dont remember how i got home….never done that with weed ….i might of stoppex at the store and got a few munchies but i never didnt know what i was doing and or was u able to do it safely and if i get too stoned i dont drive but if i was drunk i most likely would and ever since i got my medical marijuana card i have not touched alcohol and dont need it espicialy where im a violant drunk but a layed back but also motivated marijuana user so get those facts in a row before u judge… does help ALOT of people period and has never killed anyone

    • hector says:

      Its already easy to get.

    • Anthony says:

      not true i managed to keep a 3.5 gpa in school while smoking weed, yes i was in the same boat as you were thinking that my life would be ruined but surprisingly it helped me with handling stress with school and giving me the best sleep i can have. If anything dont judge on somebody’s way of life on how they handle things.

    • Nunya Bidness says:

      I have a teenager that had trouble focusing in school until he took a form of marijuana in a candy form. His grades went from D’s and F’s to a high B average. He took summer school every year since the fifth grade so he could pass, but not this past summer. It helps him focus. I’ve seen the proof with my own eyes.

  33. None-Smoker That Who Has No Problem With Marijuana says:

    Please STOP referring to Marijuana as a drug.. IT IS NOT A DRUG… it is Natural… It is a herb that can be used for recreational purposes or medical reasons…NOT A DRUG!!!!

    • None-Smoker That Who Has No Problem With Marijuana But Strongly Disagrees With Person Above Me (and why did you capitalize every word?) says:

      A quick google search defines a drug as “a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body”.
      Marijuana is definitely a drug.

      • Dustin says:

        Hahaha right? Some people think they have a valid argument by saying it’s from mother nature. Well, if it’s from nature, then just leave it alone and let it grow where it’s naturally accustomed to growing. Leave it be and quit using cancer patients and medical purposes as an excuse. It’s disrespectful. It is a drug.

  34. cai webb says:

    this is such bullshit. sure marijuana COULD be a gateway drug but that is just a theory. and the legalization wont create new customers because everyone is already doing it illegally. the availability is already ridiculous, i can ask anyone and they will give me a dealer. kids already think drug use is acceptable due to the amount shown on tv, etc so why would it make a difference if it is legal or not? no matter if it does become legalized everywhere or not, its still going to be produced and sold at a regular rate. the only major difference of legalized marijuana is that taxpayers would actually pay less, because not so many people will be put in jail and arrested for the use and possession. marijuana legalization would actually generate revenue and is predicted to cash in millions of dollars annually in states like Colorado

    • Derpy says:

      actually in multiple studies it is proven to be the number one gateway drug. many people would start with weed then move on to bigger drugs, most drug addicts start with weed, not the others.

  35. Smoking Jack says:

    Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it becomes safer, Its just that the income from selling you weed now goes to the government rather than a drug lord. dealer. Read between lines, when you are sober.

  36. dude says:

    smoke weed every day

  37. I think that we are thinking about everyone else. I am thinking about the cost of housing those arrested for possession. I am thinking anout the billions spent trying to stop trafficking and sell of drugs and the billions spent on a war that we are not winning. The money saved could fund many other things, such as education which needs all the funding it can get. Legalizing drugs such as marajuana will bring more resources the same as many state lotteries. Crime going up anyway cause jobs are becoming less!

    • Dustin says:

      How would it create jobs? I hate to break it to you, but in America most employers require a drug screening. It would only add to the decline of our job market. Also, people would get lazier and more dependent on the government and my hard working tax dollars I pay at my job that I have to be drug tested for.

      • Nunya Bidness says:

        If marijuana is legal, then it won’t be an issue for a drug test. Colonel Mustard called. He said “Get a clue.”

      • Jason says:

        If it was legal the jobs wouldnt be able to discrimate….u can get hammered the nite before work ….guess what?…ur still drunk in the a.m. and either call in and lose ur job or go to work and cant safely do ur job and smell like stale alcohol …..GROSS….i can smoke before i go to bed and be perfectly sober in the morning and actualky get a good nites sleep instead of staying up all nite drinking and than being sick for a half or whole day….and do my job 10 times better than a drunk guaranteed so which one should be legal? Not alcohol in my book ive watched alcohol ruin atleast 6 of my friends lifes and half of my family….again BAD DECISIONS…i choose to stop drinking like 10 years ago and i havent been to jail in lets see…..10 years well imagine that………….. THANK U MARIJUANA….

  38. People Couldn't Be Blinder!! says:

    Some of you guys are fools! Smoking is smoking no matter what! the effects are the same: Harm to your body

  39. Benjermin Franklin says:

    I came back alive to tell you all that marijuana isn’t a bad substance I prefer this to everyone that is living I used this to make hemp paper and I smoked pounds of it.

  40. The real Barack Obama says:

    I’m trying my hardest to legalize marijuana in the US. Everybody has to cooperate with me though. Two states are already legalized. Marijuana is used as medicine. Smoking marijuana isn’t worst than tobacco and alcohol. I’m tgrying to make alcohol and tobacco illegal because millions are dying from both and getting cancer from tobacco. This is my true opinion on this.

    – This message is approved by President Barack Obama and Lady Michelle Obama

  41. wyatt long says:

    True i agree with you Deven martin its such bull shit that they say all those things but im pretty sure legalization is in our future

  42. deven martin says:

    i call bullshit on the first 3 right off the top of my head. is this article trying to say that (1) cannabis cannot be regulated by the state because it is harmful??but yet alcohol and tobacco can be regulated and profitable even though it causes more deaths and injuries and illnesses and diseases than one can imagine. (2) rescuing current users? this article makes cannabis sound like crack.hell no. (3) drugs are addictive huh?what about all the alcoholics out there?? is the state government not legalizing alcohol?i didnt think so….people need to research the facts seriously.

  43. God says:

    I made Earth and when the Earth was a void i said let there be no pot

  44. Barack Obama says:

    Im a serious pot head so I could care less mannnnnnnn all i gotta say is Michelle told me to say EAT MORE VEGGIES when you get hunger

    • FactChecker says:

      Yeah… we all believe that the PRESIDENT is a pothead and never was caught IN THE WHITE HOUSE, smoking. #sarcasm

  45. Michelle Obama says:


  46. James R. Ferrell lll says:

    I am a “Child-of-the-Sixties” (which probably has not much to do with this) and having been a musician (Rock’ n Roll and Jazz) I’ve been around much of this. For many years people have been using ‘recreational’ chemicals to alter their consciousness (for whatever reason) be it methanol alcohol, marijuana …whatever it-may-be; we are each responsible for our own well-being. Prohibition arose in the early twentieth century and now the government is profiting from the sale of the same. I’m not encouraging such a legislation, but it seems as though they (the government and politicians) are missing out on a ‘profitable-situation’…My God, they’ve got us everywhere else! Pot does induce damage but for that matter, what doesn’t to some degree or another.

  47. markpeter says:

    What’s the “gateway” to alcohol , milk?

  48. And I though I was stupid! says:

    Wow, I was for the legalization of cannabis, but I have read the comments above and this has changed my mind! I do not want to upset any of you, but you are quite ignorant and or, unintelligent! Its sad how pathetic the USA education system is! The comments above prove this to be true! The best thing you all could do is to not comment or speak to anyone about your ideas! Please I want it to be legal, but your not helping! Sincerely, And I thought I was stupid!!!!!

  49. Scott says:

    I think making legal is the right thing to do. Tax it, regulate it, grow it. smoke it and then treat it.
    I smoked for 32 years. Started at 15 years old. I haven’t smoked for 9 years. The reason I stopped has a lot to do with man made laws. I’ve never been in trouble legally for it, but the stigma that followed me because I did smoke was the negative affect. I have been working for 30 years and earned my AA in 2008 and will earn my BA in 2015. I expect to be smoking again when I retire at 55. When I’m free from stigma. Peace…

  50. bob says:

    the cons are extremely opinion based and have little to no proof behind them.

  51. Stephanie says:

    What are the statics showing the affect of marijuana vs alcohol. It seems to me that there is more abuse with alcohol. From what I have seen, someone using marijuana is more mellow and get the munchies. Someone using alcohol can become abusive and it definitely affects their judgment. There have been more accidents, fata accidents, domestic abuse, criminal actions with the use of alcohol than there is with marijuana. All I’ve ever heard of with marijuana is someone getting arrested for using the stuff. From what I have witnessed, people high on marijuana just want to lay around and eat. Most don’t even want to get in a care and drive. Also, from what I have seen on TV, if the plant is bred to have more CBD than THC it is beneficial for many medical uses. Can anyone tell me the beneficial affect of alcohol? I have met many people who have used marijuana and even more that have used alcohol, and two of those people who used alcohol are now in jail for driving drunk and killing families on the road. I haven’t heard, even on the news, anyone using marijuana driving and killing someone.

  52. Homey says:

    and another thing while i’m at it(taking a few totes). marijuana is not addicting. well i didnt do a study but i can have a joint for a week and feel sweet. a six pack and a quart of southern comfort lasted 1 night and i had a hard time functioning. next day i started all over again. with weed i smoke it when i need to relax and chill, its better than taking some of the damn drugs the doctors pass out that get ya hooked i suppose. well maybe that is a survey… who cares lol hagd e1

    • Shannan says:

      Aloha Homey, Im not against you. But in way of correction. Yes marijuana is addictive. That is scientifically proven. The reason most of us believe its not addictive is because there is no signs of detox when you stop smoking. That’s because thc metabolizes so slowly. Its in your system for up to 3-4 weeks; therefore it weans you off naturally. That said I agree with you 100% it beats the hell out of the harmful effects of prescription drugs and alcohol. So burn it when ever you need to chill and feel good about.
      Peace and Aloha my bruddah

  53. Homey says:

    yeah like Danaman812 said above^^^^^^ why dont we put it to vote? oh yeah i forgot we the people dont get to vote except on who is going to mess up the country more??? or less…guess it doesnt matter if ya cant vote outright on anything that has to do with the people. im still going to puff one in awhile wheter it is legal or not…..who cares. what they gonna do arrest the pot smokers, overfill the jails and let the molestors out, or the murderers. oh wait, maybe waste more of our money and just build more jails. have 10 jails in each state just for pot smokers. WOW…thats a good idea….lmao NOT

  54. Homey says:

    i can smoke 6 blunts and drive the right way, many will probably agree. if i drink a 6 pack or have 6 shots of southern comfort i promise someone is screwed besides me. i have never got addicted to weed but i was a drunk for quite a few years. i do’t drink anymore but i still puff once in awhile. why don’t congress, the senate, and mr. obama sit back and take a tote and chill. this is a free country???? could have fooled me, tell the drunks that drive in the bar that. geeezzzzzzzz when will weed be legal???????????

  55. Kandace says:

    I say VOTE for legalization. It helps with so many people out there who have health problems and also helps prevent others. & its a clean high. you ARE able to make rational descions when under the influence. I go to work stoned & I was employee of the month 🙂 <3 Mary Jane

  56. Danaman812 says:

    I believe that we should all have a vote in the matter. I have smoked it on and off for years now and it is not as addictive as the non users say it is. My memory is still in tact and it is safer than alcohol. If it were legal, I would probably quit drinking and be able to lose some weight. Thus, being more healthy. It should be my choice though as an adult. I could debate this topic all day but, I will keep this brief. I believe that more good than bad would come from legalizing and if the government could have figured out a way to tax it, it would have been legal years ago.

  57. Indianlady says:

    Sorry, that is to be Legalizing pot would make no difference if it stays illegal and we all know it. NO I DO NOT SMOKE ANYTHING.

  58. Indianlady says:

    Come on guys. The majority of you, who left a message, want pot legal. Some say you smoke everyday, that is good for the lungs. Some say it does not effect your brain, check the spelling on most of you. Some say alcohol almost killed you, but pot did not. Like everything else in this world, too much of anything can and will kill you. The most disturbing is: legalize pot and the country’s debt will be paid off, OH PLEASE EXPLAIN???? If it is legalized, people will be growing it in their backyards, basements and fields. It can grow just about anywhere, no one is going to go to the store to buy it, DUH!!! Then if you are caught with it, no big deal, it is legal. So how is this to help with the economy???? Medically, there is NO PROOF it has cured anything, the only thing it has done is ease the pain for those who are dying. Which brings another good point, someone dying of lung cancer, here smoke this, put some more smoke in those lungs. Legalizing pot would make no difference if it stays legal and we all know it.

  59. Chris says:

    Weed is NOT a gateway drug.Weed cures cancer,If weed were legal crime rate around the US would drop 20-30 percent over the next year.

    1.Nobody has ever overdosed on weed.It is impossible.
    2.High figures of society smoke it,A want to make it legal.
    3.Crime rate would drop.
    4.Productivity at the work place would increase.
    5.It is not a gateway drug.
    6.Cures cancer,Cures glaucoma,arthritis,vision,endometriosis.
    7.Puts you in a great mood.
    8.More and More hospitals use it for patients,ding ding ding.
    9.There are more pros then cons on weed.
    11.Booze and tobacco are legal and they are PROVEN they do way more harm to your body then weed.How many people die from getting drunk and smoking,If they are gonna have weed illegal have booze and tobacco illegal to.

  60. Rachael says:

    To all the uninformed idiots that think they know what they are talking about but obviously dont need to get off this website and go hate on someone else. Your not going to change anyones mind sorry, your wasting your time. Its already legal in so many states you didnt winand arent going to sorry we are going to and you need to just accept it. Call us what you want we DONT care, you know absolutely nothing obviously go talk about something you do know somewhere else.

  61. Sapphire says:

    For the millionth time I have told everyone this: Legalize pot, sell it like cigarettes. If cigarettes are lost (no one wants them anymore) then the tobacco companies can learn to grow MJ. Criminalize alcohol – period! Kills your liver and kidneys, makes you feel like crap afterwards etc. Alcohol KILLS, Cigarettes KILL, MJ doesn’t do anything but make you relax. Never heard of an MJ OD. If there was one, I would need proof. I have smoked MJ from 17 – 28 yo. Stopped when I got preg. When I turned 60 yo , I picked it up again. I did without it for 32 years. Yes, I smoked once in a blue moon at a party or two but those were few and far between – remember, I had a kid to go home to and take care of with NO ONE to help me. So, no, it is not physically addicting – mentally maybe. MJ has given me relief from my allergies and when I was younger, I was never sick with colds or flu. I am now 61 and feeling better than ever cuz I have been smoking for a year again. My daughter hates it (thinks it’s cigs – doesn’t know any better) so I go out in the street in the Spring – fall and go into my stairwell in the Winter (for some strange reason, the smoke gets pulled OUT the window and there is no telltale odor). Well, I will leave you all and wish you all good luck, good smoking and good times. LMJ! LegalizeMaryJane! MaryJane is easier for most ppl to spell and most ppl know who she is.

  62. Shanemahmaine says:

    directed to Cher & EVERYONE,

    Maybe your boyfriend neglected you because you weren’t right for each other. And to EVERYONE, before posting your opinion on this debate do as much research as possible. I don’t understand how people can possibly debate things without looking at the subject from hundreds of different of point of views. Don’t just see your own singular point of view as the truth. You must look at both sides of the argument in order to disprove the ridiculous misconceptions towards weed. We have to understand why these people have this irrational fear, understand what they must have been preached to get these ridiculous attitudes towards a natural SAFE substance. If you can understand why it is still illegal then I feel you can go on to post a valid argument. These posts were 15 year old kids are saying, “weed makes me feel good. legalize it” or the posts where nearly half of the words are spelled wrong only give productive, intelligent stoners a bad image. That is why i support a world-wide MEDICAL! legalization of weed so that it doesn’t get in the hands of wrong people. Weed isn’t for everyone. If you can’t have self control over your own choices, move on to harder drugs or disregard the people around you then you shouldn’t be smoking. I’ll reword the “weed isn’t for everyone” phrase as weed isn’t for ignorant, ZERO self control kind of people.

  63. Mikel says:

    Re CON #1 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the single largest purchaser of wine and liquor in the U.S., if not the world. It is also the only legal source of these items within the Commonwealth through its network of thousands of “State

  64. Citizenwithabrain says:

    I am 53 years old… been smoking pot since I was 14. I can STILL carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone interested. Regarding my work ethics; I’ve been a real estate agent, stockbroker, technical writer of government proposals, US Census worker, USDA employee and have enjoyed a few other interesting careers – that have all been rather successful. I’ve been to college(s). I am the owner of a successful corporation at present. i.e. I’m engaged in society and a productive citizen. I’ve never once taken any type of governmental handout, even when raising a child as a single parent on a very strict budget. My point is that if you have a strong opinion about something and can back it up with actual facts then let’s hear it, otherwise, until you have actually LIVED and experienced something, your comments are speculation and, at best, moot. If ever there was a case study of the long-term effects of THC – I am that subject. Even with my longevity, the interest in a modest relaxation effort of smoking weed has not lead to a stronger drug use or addiction. I’ve stopped smoking for long periods of time without physical or psychological recourse. It is MY body and what I do is between God and myself. I see that some of the more judgmental personalities are the quickest to spew their ignorance about something they know nothing of. I say let the person who is without ‘sin’ throw the first stone.

  65. Harrisinfinity says:

    Marijuana helps me… I have Endometriosis, and I get better relief from a natural substance… then I would from a chemically processed DRUG like Demerol… which is what they try to prescribe to me. I sleep for DAYS from taking (1) pill, and I am groggy and not able to function once I do wake up. I will continue to use marijauna for my comfort… legal or not.

  66. horse whisperer says:

    Ok lets look at it this way. It has been studied and consensus says that pot is not addictive but we hear about it all the time. “look at all the people addicted to pot.” Those people are addicted to it because they want to be not because of the pot at all. You could say that we need to illegalize (sp) some tv shows because I personally have heard people say ‘I am addicted to that show”. As far as responsible people, I know business owners that smoke everyday and they are the owners of a very well respected business in a major metro area. There is always going to be disagreement on this subject but we should be reasonable about it. Lets look at the two states that has made it legal and see if there is a rise of crime are anything along those lines. I believe that it would relieve the pressure on jail and prison overcrowding as well bring in revenue for the government. And at this point of time anything that could help our debt crisis in the country would be a welcome relief to ALL the taxpayers, even if you don’t smoke it.

  67. Katie says:

    People that smoke pot aren’t just putting themselves in danger. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about these people because they choose to put themselves at risk but everyone knows you don’t make good decisions when you are high. They should try thinking of someone else for once in their lives.

  68. Samantha says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m an every day smoker, I don’t HAVE to smoke it all the time but I have a very stressful job and it’s such a good relaxation method. I’m currently in school full time and work 40 hours a week, I wouldn’t say that smoking it hinders my abilities to act like a normal functioning person. I also live with my boyfriend and he is also a smoker, we don’t fight, and enjoy smoking. It would probably be one of this countries wisest decisions made, since we can’t do much else right.
    Being that weed is a calming drug that is naturally grown, I don’t see what the government sees as being so bad about it. If it was taxed it could stimulate the economy and help us get out of debt, the jails would be less crowded, and our tax dollars can be used for what they really should be used for, the war, oil, debt, cleaning up rough cities and towns. If pot was legal, I feel like the whole country would be much more relaxed, we can focus on real issues and save room in jail for the real scum bags who deserve to be there. Should an 18 year old kid be put in prison because he got caught with some green along with the big 45 year old pedophile who was caught after everything he’s done, if the government doesn’t legalize it completely, they should at least decriminalize it.
    Someone also brought up that weed could be compared to cigarettes, now, I smoke both, and the poison in cigarettes are dangerous and sometimes lethal where as no one has ever heard of someone overdosing on weed or getting lung cancer from smoking a little ganga, let’s live in a greener and much more peaceful world. 🙂

  69. Cher says:

    Weed seems to have a good effect to the people that are doing it. What about the people around them that can’t smoke it or use it at all?

    When my boyfriend, chose to smoke weed over me I knew that there was a problem.
    Not only I felt left out and forgotten, I also felt used and foolish.

    Sometimes I feel like if he only had $30 left to feed himself….would he choose the food or the weed. I’m convinced that 90% chance he’ll buy the weed instead.

    Weed also cause short term memory loss. I already have to repeat myself to my bf, if he continues to do weed, will his remember anything?

    One day I saw him smoke a bunt, and he told me that I didn’t talk to him the whole day. The truth was every time I said something he would just turn away.

    Although, he don’t smoke it everyday, he smokes weed almost every weekend.

    I, who was once so important to him, now only seems as if he would rather live with the weed.

    We are not together anymore because, I get a really bad shake tantrum and cant deal with the stress. I still get shaky every time I think about weed.

    • cai webb says:

      youre just biased cause your boyfriend is an asshole in general the weed doesnt cause memory loss hes just ignoring you hon

    • Jason says:

      Sounds like ur a control freak and he needed the weed ti deal with u i have no problem in my relationship and my gf doesnt smoke and if it came down to it id feed her and go get stoned with mt friends ….lol…. but i grow it so there isnt any problem with buying it….. just making sure it dosent mold or get spider mites other than that life is good…..

  70. Shutup pot heads says:

    According to the law smoking marijuana is illegal so the people who argue and say marijuana should be legal are in fact felons. Last time I checked your mom told you to stay away from the wrong crowd (felons would be included too dumbass). And for those who say it’s just the Government trying to get only profit, have no logic; if the government wanted to make marijuana legal, they could and make a majority of profit from it as well (setting up government distribution clients and receive profit). The reason they choose not to is they feel it is best for the citizens to avoid using a product that may harm themselves and others…. They tried to this for alcohol but it failed and they are currently succeeding with making marijuana illegal.

    • Shannan says:

      Aloha Shutup pot heads. Illegal doesn’t make a felony. Stealing a five cent candy is illegal but not a felony. Also Marijuana is considered a non criminal offense in my state Hawaii. That didn’t make me want to smoke it and I do not. As we learned from the prohibition of alcohol, it doesn’t work. Prohibition is only good for the criminals. At least legalization would provide regulation. But most important is that your ignorant rants just show you’re lack of ability to form rationale thoughts. Maybe you should smoke a little bit of weed. And think about what you say before you say it. No body has the right to legislate morality. God gave all of us free will. To deny someone the right to decide for themselves, is to deny Gods will. Think about that before you go out on a crusade.

  71. Jenny says:

    Marijuana is as harmless as caffeine. It should be legal and it helps to relieve pain made by severe diseases. LLEEGGAALLIIZZEE MMAARRIIJJUUAANNAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. DDRC says:

    If you want a better answer to what’s wrong with marijuana, ask the people in rehab centers across the country trying to kick the habit. Roughly 17% of all people in rehab centers are trying to quit smoking it. It’s definitely one of the most benign in comparison to other substances, but when it’s used to excess, is still quite damaging.

  73. Roxanne Castonguay says:

    Wow, I guess my last comments rang a little too true since they were not published. Aunty roof is allowed to be rude and call me ignorant and uninformed, yet I am not allowed to point out that this hostile and defensive attitude is exactly what you come up against when you try to have a civil debate with a drug abuser.

  74. Aunty Roof says:

    Psychodude and Roxanne. What a pair of completely ignorant commentators you are. Obviously uninformed.
    I am a college lecturer educated to degree level. I smoke a lot of weed. So does my partner (also educated to degree level), and one of my kids (also educated to degree level), but not the other (still at school, but a straight A student nonetheless). They have both made cogent and informed decisions.
    The arguments that you make above are incredibly boring and have long been disproved, particularly in the eyes of our young people (I teach them, I should know). By arguing from a base of ingnorance you lose credibility and so, unfortunately, your view is instantly dismissed by those who know better.
    Psychodude – A gateway drug, really? I think if you did the research you would find that most drug users had booze before weed. Is that a gateway drug. In fact, I bet most drug users had milk before weed. Is that a gateway drug? Where’s the science?
    Roxanne – Living hell, really? We’re a very happy family with an open and inquisitive outlook. It might also be worth mentioning that about 80% of our wide and eclectic social circle are regular pot smokers. Most of them are highly educated (a lot more than me) and they are all fully functioning, happy, effusive people. You two obviously mix with the wrong crowd.
    There are issues surrounding the question of addiction and psychological problems. But these are in the minority and need to be addressed by good education and accessible information. The ‘Just Say No’ approach has been proven to be a non-starter since God was a boy. Young people are much brighter than you two give them credit for.

    • ben says:

      They’re referring to cannabis as a drug. It’s a plant. You can over dose on drugs last I checked, not marijuana. The pros definitely out way the cons here.
      And amazing. I agree with you 100%

  75. Roxanne Castonguay says:

    Anything can be justified if you’re willing to disregard the question of right or wrong, and harmful or not. Legalizing marijuana will only reinforce the message to young people that weed is harmless, and that we as a society do not care about them.
    People who are against legalization care about the devastating effects of marijuana use both in the individual, and on society as a whole. People who are for legalization either want the freedom to do what they want, even if it destroys lives, or they somehow will profit from it. I have seen first hand that marijuana IS addictivie; it causes users to become apathetic, lazy and selfish; it shuts down the emotional development of teens; it leads to academic difficulties; it destroys family bonds; it impairs judgement and leads to devastating emotional, physical, and financial consequences for individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. I have witnessed this numerous times in my own family, and in other families who have suffered the hell of loving someone who only cares about getting high.
    Do we really want to live in a world where this behavior, and the substance that causes it, is accepted? We need to wise up about what this drug is doing to us, and begin educating parents and kids with the truth about how it harms people. Proponents of legalization DO NOT care about other people, they simply want to indulge in their own selfish desires, or make a profit from people who are vulnerable.

    • laura says:

      Yes- I knew there was a very reasonable comment on here. You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with you 100%. This is all about money and greed.

    • Seth says:

      “it causes users to become apathetic, lazy and selfish; it shuts down the emotional development of teens; it leads to academic difficulties; it destroys family bonds; it impairs judgement and leads to devastating emotional, physical, and financial consequences for individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole.” Sure some of those things can happen but tobacco, alcohol, and even video games for that matter can do the same exact thing and they aren’t illegal. There are plenty reasons why cannabis is just as helpful. Legalizing it could reduce crime rate, stimulate the economy, and it can be used as medical benefits as well. It can act as a pain reliever as well as stimulate hunger for chemotherapy patients.

  76. psychodude says:

    As a psychologist, i am aganist pot, it is a gateway drug, many of my 14 and 15 year old clients have dropped out of school, have had many years of exposure to pot and like many of the young people on here think it does not affect your cognitive ability.
    Wrong, I would challenge any of you who sit around and smoke pot for hours to post your grades. It is doughtful that any of you are “A” students, many of you will not get into College and most of you will be working at minimum wage jobs. And even though people have not died from pot use, it still has major effects on the brain and on your ability to create postive cognitive decisions., Do any of you know what cognition is? or is it dude chill out and smoke a bowl, it cures all your problems…dude…

    • Jason says:

      Roxanne,seth,laura,and psychodude u guys need to be better eduated most of the kids that dropped outta school wasnt because of marijuana but because there parents were either drunks or pill heads or both and didnt make there kids do what they were supposed too….my mom made me finish school if i wanted to live in her house if not quit school but also move out…..and i ended up staying in school started smoking pot only after school and homework was done and brought my grades from straight f’s to straight a’s and when my mom finaly caught me she gave me the choice to smoke after school and homework were done or be grounded i just the first one and brought my grades up and changed my life so i guess its on how ur parents raise u and my mom gave me my freedom if i did what she wanted and that was too finish school which i did with high honors my last 3 years of high school and smoked almost every nite so everything u guys are saying is hearsay and bs ive seen alot first hand. And it all comes diwn to firm strict parenting and now i smoke everyday and can fix just about anything and build a house fix a car operate machinary and do it better than any drunk so its all in how ur raised and the decesions that u decide ti make period…..peace….

  77. @Maria
    The gateway theory is long disproved. My guess is that you sampled alcohol before meth, does that mean alcohol is a gateway drug….? Most drug takers have eaten bagels, is that the gateway drug?
    There is no evidence to support the idea that marijuana is a gateway drug. Ther are plenty of pot smokers who never touch any other drugs. I am one of them….

  78. Maria says:

    Annnnd there are ZERO deaths because of pot.

  79. Maria says:

    Pros – Crime. What kind of pothead would want too qo rob a bank? They would rather qo to Wal*Mart and jack some chips and soda. Second, most pothead wanna sit on the couch and watch tv and sleep. I find nothing wrong with pot, there isn’t anything bad about it.
    A con would be as somebody said above- GATEWAY, I can say that is true, because I smoked pot for the longest time and after I started too try other things and I did end up in Meth, but you can change and if you’re strong enough ask for help. There are about 80 -90 % of people in jail, and they are in there because of MARIJUANA charges, it is a complete watse of time too keep them in there, I think people should see past what the goverment puts in there head and start too speak for themselfes.

  80. Joey says:

    I am currently in period 1, not listening to my teacher, and doing a report on Legalizing Marijuana… All I gotta say is… GO POT:)

  81. jazzy says:

    Alaska legalized marijuana for 7 years, the only reason why they banned it again was because people more and more people were starting to smoke it, im not saying that marijuana is a bad thing to legalize but im saying that there are still many cons and pros for it. If we do legalize it our countries debt could be paid off in about a decade or so, but still there are many things to take into consideration.

  82. Dan Don says:

    Nice Article, is it nice to take pain killers, is there any sde effects

  83. BigDaddy says:


  84. Good Points Cindy. We have to watch the corporate power grabbers. Our country seems to have too much of this type of thing going on. I hope everyone is looking at Ron Paul for president. He has supported the legalization of marijuana and freedom in general. I look forward to reversing the trends of over legislation with this type of man in office.

  85. Cindy W says:

    RE: SPOONER’s comment that marijuana helps asthma: DANGER! DANGER! Smoking pot can kill people w asthma if they aren’t careful. A pulmonologist (and asthma expert) told me that people w asthma who smoke weed should ALWAYS use their rescue inhaler FIRST! Better still: bake brownies! Please spread the word!

    • Jason says:

      I smoke weed and i have asthma….i also smoke cigarettes which i cant quit but i could quit marijauna and have and my temper and short fuse came back…..started back up and now have a longer fuse and smaller temper….. weed makes me pick my battles but without it i dont pick my battles ill fight all of them…..and i drank alcohol quite a few times before i smoked pot so id say alcohol and tobacco is the gateway drugs 9 out of 10 people tryed alcohol or cigarettes before trying weed thats a proven fact….get ur facts right please ….and until u try it for atleast a month everyday u shouldnt judge the people that it helps everyday and will keep helping everyday…..thanks for reading … go get ur ducks in a row and learn the real facts not the ones who got in trouble and blamed weed so they didnt lose there stupid useless pills that is going to give them all kidney and liver disease but thats ok rite?….PROBALY NOT….ALL I CAN SAY IS SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY …..people who are against it has never tryed it or if they did they couldnt handle it…so dont do it….it didnt help u but it does help billions just like mcdonalds (over a billion served)lol man i could use a double cheeseburger with bacon and a shake….yummmm…..

  86. Cindy W says:

    I’m deeply concerned and conflicted about the idea of legalization. Once the crop falls subject to government regulation, it will be subject to corporate control. I have visions of Monsanto destroying wild stands and smaller farms w their own GM hybrids and making it illegal to grow your own. This is not paranoia. They have control of the wheat crop in Iraq (cradle of civilization, home of wheat cultivation).

    As we move toward legalization, it is extremely important the we pay attention to the agribusiness and big pharma interests that will, inevitably, try to seize control of the crop, its quality, its price, and who is allowed to grow it (i.e., nobody but them.)

  87. Nick says:

    I’m a college sophomore with a 4.0 GPA. Never have been in trouble with the law and never have tried any drugs except marijuana and alcohol.
    I swear, if it wasn’t for a toke every now and again, I’m sure my GPA would be much lower.
    With such a demanding workload, it’s really easy to get burnt out and let stress get in the way of school work. I mean VERY easy.
    This is where weed comes in. If I get too stressed, I just roll up a nice joint, take a few puffs until I’m relaxed, and get back to work. Not that I smoke that often, but I’m so glad it’s there to calm me down when I need it. Weed is certainly the way to go.

  88. charith says:

    is this government web site or private web site?

  89. charith says:

    is this government websites or private web site ?

  90. jesse says:

    No. There are no recorded deaths for cannabis use alone. Not one. Not a single case. You simply cannot find a single case of a cannabis overdose. For the LD-50 margin of a male weighing in at 160 pounds, he would have to smoke approximately 8000 joints in roughly 10 minutes or less to reach dangerous THC toxicity levels. Considering the circumstances, it isn’t even possible to smoke that much cannabis unless that person had some sort of mechanically technological machine that could compress the smoke in a smaller space to allow for maximized inhalation, and expansion but even at this rate the person attempting this feat will find them self unconscious long before they reach any moderate level of concern. So, we can now see that not only is it physically impossible, but realistically, time just doesn’t allow for someone to smoke that much, that fast.

    Read more:

  91. jesse says:

    thats deep

  92. kealoha says:

    Weed is actually suppose to relax you, who’s to say it works for everyone? Who’s to say weed is good? Everyone has their own beliefs and everyone needs to RESPECT that. This generation is lacking the respect. What happened to kill the person with kindess? Now it’s kill the pserson with a gun and run. Stop arguing and respect other peoples OPINION. This means that nobody is right nor wrong. Stop arguing and get on with your life.

  93. alex says:

    Weed is the most relaxed drug . you can smoke and it is illegal but you can drink and die from it.

  94. stephanie s says:

    Our facts are more supported than yours. Give it up. Marijuana should be legal. You know somethings wrong when people in your country are trying to make a plant illegal. It’s a users choice to use the substance, and a lot of people would agree to that. Thanks.

    • Jason says:

      Rite if i picked sum grass from my backyard and dryed it and smoked it they would it that illegal too…..freedom my ass….

  95. Jon says:

    It really bugs me when people say “Give back to Society” and “Grow up and do something with your life” when arguing about people who are FOR legalization. I smoke every single day after a long day of work, lifting, and being productive..I work 6 days a week sometimes 10 hours a day do to 2 jobs, and also lift 6 days a week. Right out of High School I’m trying to get more experience to progress in my career, and am building up my credit while doing so. Now every night I hit my vaporizer and get a little high. Nobody around me knows that I smoke, because I do it responsibly and to help me relax and sleep GREAT at night.
    What Im trying to prove is if people can Drink “Responsibly” than people can without a doubt Smoke “Responsibly”.

    TOBACCO …………………… 400,000
    ALCOHOL …………………… 100,000
    ALL LEGAL DRUGS ………….20,000
    ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS ……….15,000
    CAFFEINE …………………….2,000
    ASPIRIN ………………………500
    MARIJUANA …………………. 0
    Source: United States government, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Bureau of Mortality Statistics

    Oh and even if your not responsible, It is still a million times safer than any other substance that any teenager can get there hands on.

  96. ryan layman says:

    marijuana supposed public enemy number one , as coined by a cess pool of politicians who thought they knew what they were talking about but really didnt.

    back in the 40s they made marijuana seem like crack and people would rob you for pot money. Now how many pot junkies run around robbing places for marijuana? NONE. How many pot related fatalities not related to driving ? NONE, Sure todays youth may smoke marijuana with their friends but would you rather have them smoking sopmething that comes from the earth naturally or snacking down oxycodone , hydros and ecstasy ? i think you choose weed. I know there are alot of concerned parents out there saying marijuana is bad and in the very long term it can make you lazy and stupid, THATS TRUE ILL ADMIT THAT, but after a long day of work or for a celebratory treat, some people drink a few brewskies, and some smoke a bowl.

    its really pointless that its illegal conisdering the billions of dollars the economy would make not to mention hemp related products and energy. with marijuana legalized the economy would boom while the tobacco companies would still sell cigarettes, this wouldnt change. PLUS, the drug cartels would have one less drug to kill people over. SURE people shouldnt drive while smoking but then again you shouldnt drink either. HOW many teens lives are ruined because of a pot charge they get with thier friends.

    I smoke marijuana and i write stories because it eases my mind off the stress of the day. plus i have anxiety and depression. Marijuana helps sooth these horrible feelings plus giving me a creative state of mind to write stories. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA !!!!!

  97. annie says:

    the legalisation of marijuana is probably the best idea in the world. The beautiful but subtle euphoria of a marijuana high helps you relax prompting you to approach anything with a very different attitude.. Imagen a world with a low crime rate.. all because every body was too stoned to move.!!!

  98. BrIan says:

    I grew the marijuana for over a decade, I had my High points as well as a few random unexpected follies, as can occur in a not so sterile indoor space. A friend of mine grew over an acre worth of weed outside scattered around his fifty acres of land and his saying was “Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?” I totaled a car, ended up in a coma for almost two months from “Legal” substances such as prescription medication and alcohol, though used impulsively made my car run into a wall at a pretty high speed I think. If I were just stoned from the reefer, I probably would not have wrecked into a wall at top speed. I smoked the marijuana from the age of fifteen until my drunken accident at almost thirty and other that possession arrests, never had a downfall from it. I have been promoting legalization for my lifetime! I must criticize the 15 year old for his insulting misspelling in his post. Free the plant that grows natural and do away with the manmade chemicals!

  99. jim says:

    just read the cons list and replace what there saying with alcohol and then wonder what they are talking about. everthing that they say weed does, is just exactly what alcohol does.

  100. dust says:

    Please PLease PLEase!!!! legalize pot and stop spending tax payers money fighting a drug that does not fight back!!!
    Peace Love and String Cheese!

  101. lexiE says:

    The experience of traumatic stress is very common, and an estimated 10 percent of women and 5 percent of men experience PTSD at some point in their life.

    The risk for developing PTSD varies greatly with different kinds of trauma. Women are especially likely to develop PTSD following rape or other forms of sexual assault. Combat exposure has been found to be the most common cause of PTSD in men.A new study conducted by psychology experts at Haifa University in Israel shows that marijuana used promptly to rats that suffer emotional stress can effectively block the creation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    As long as the rodents were addressed with weed within 24 hours of the traumatic encounter, PTSD symptoms were avoided. The study was released in the publication Neuropsychopharmacology. Marijuana cures PTSD in rats, Israeli study shows If this is tested in human are they going to legalize usage of weeds for medical purposes?

  102. Quieira says:

    Well i beleave that the USA can make changes about weed but they dont want to stop crime so they want the drug dealers to fight over it to make them look good period.

  103. Crysta says:

    I’m a strong believer that marijuana should be legalized but not only for recreational use… also for industrial use.

    There is a lot of good that can be done with the Hemp plant and I think that the government knows it but since they have built up so much bad propaganda about it they are not willing to admit their own mistake

  104. Howie says:

    I would like to add to the discussion from an outside point of view.

    How is that millions of people are prescribed pain killers which cost 3x more to produce, and has numerous side effects (including addiction) is still legal? For the pest year i’ve watched my mother slowly deteriorating from the effects of prescribed drugs, which she became addicted to. I have literally been watching my mother slowly die, to drugs that are legal and more toxic then marijuana.

    Thankfully, she is in in-patient care at a rehabilitation center, but because of her state my father and her will be divorcing. The drugs that are currently legal have completely ruined my mother and her marriage, yet if she would have been given the option for a drug that is truly temporary, and non-addictive, things could possibly be different right now.

    I support marijuana legalization completely, because I am unable to ignore the terminal effects of our current system. And to those who oppose legalization because, “the individuals who use marijuana are non-productive disgraces to society.” Should pull their head out of their ass, and try to see things from a more compassionate perception.

  105. higherthanever says:


  106. Cyberkick says:


  107. never tried it says:

    Cold Hearted,

    It is a terrible tragedy that your sister died from smoking some pot laced with heroin. However, as people on this site have suggested, if marijuana was legalized and regulated slightly, then there would never be drug dealers selling marijuana with heroin mixed in. Your sister died while smoking weed, but it was not the weed that killed her. It was the heroin. Again, I’m very sorry for such a tragic loss to your family, but weed is not to blame – crooked drug dealers are to blame.


  108. Lakisha says:

    I think that marijuana should be legalized.

  109. Lakisha says:

    I believe that marijuana should be leagalized

  110. Johnathan says:

    Weed is NOT a DRUG that is just what the GOV. Has labeled it the GOV. Lies to us everyday and the reason why they call weed a drug is because people become aware of who they are and not a puppet for the GOV. Weed does not kill

  111. cold hearted says:

    For everyone.

    My sister just died last month cause of weed that was laced with heroin. Regardless of the heroin. She HAD lots of friends, HAD a great job. WAS going to college.

    So if it wasn’t for the want to smoke weed, what was it then. The want to smoke weed, getting the only weed around, smoking it, and then dead.
    Now, all of you are going to say it wasn’t the weed that killed her, it was the heroin. But my rebuttal is: The weed! Is what killed her, no matter how it’s broke down. You can say well if the weed wasn’t laced with heroin then she would still be here. But i say, if she didn’t smoke weed in the first place, she would still be here.

    So for everyone that says they can’t find any documented proof, that weed has killed anyone. Well here it is. Don’t get me wrong, A lot of you make very valid points about how the legalized distribution could help the economy. As long as it is a pure grown, no additves, no mixtures. I’ve been reading a few of the comments on this page, and i have to say, WOW!

    I was reading this one comment from someone that lives in Texas, how he suffers from PTSD and has to smoke weed to cope with an “Accident” that he witnessed. I’m in the military as well. I’ve been deployed to iraq and still in, I have seen “Accidents”! In fact i was a .50 Cal. Gunner for Convoy Security. So i’ve been shot at with AKs, RPGs, trucks been hit with IEDs (roadside bombs) Friends been shot, seen kids with limbs blown off. The all american Hell. but i do not smoke weed. Don’t need it, don’t want it. So for him, Soldier UP. Just tell yourself you was doing your job and forget about it.
    For everyone else, Weed as a medicinal drug only,Sounds great. any other purpose you don’t need it. Go outside, run around the block, go play some sports, learn how to play the keyboard. There are so many alternatives to life other than weed or any other drug for that matter.

    i’m not trying to bash anyone, i’m just stating what i know and have done. My sister is dead cause she smoked weed. I’ve been deployed and came back without having to resort to weed. To deal with the memories of my deployment.

    Everyone has hardships and low points in their lives. But you as a person should make a mature decision on how you go about that decision. Here’s a link for some cons bout weed

    Also on this link it has all sorts of info bout the benefits, how it started, cAme to anerica the timeline of the history of weed. I’m not trying to say u can’t smoke weed just saying there are other alternatives.

  112. Manoj Jalota says:

    pretty intresting stuff you got there thanks.

  113. Samson (Half Baked) says:

    Hey sarah sorry but your just to wrong with your answers, you have no idea what smoking marijuana is all about, ive been smoking marijuana for 8 years now and im only 18.

    It helps a lot with stress and releives your mind. Who cares about what the internet says about it, they must be smoking some shity ass buds but from my experiences i dont forget anything and i certainly am still not addicted, ive quit many times but just wanted to start again because i loved getting stoned. It makes you laugh and have a good time and on top of that it makes food taste twice as good!!! I agree with you Maui Waui…

  114. pat says:

    i try to smoke marajana on a regular basis because it helps not have to deal with shit, and I’m to poor for health insurance.

    If i didnt smoke an illegal substance I would have to drink a legal substance, and someone would have died by now, maybe our country’s philosophies on drugs and laws are the reason people need to smoke pot, and maybe the government needs our marajuana fines to pay for stuff, another way to tax the poor

  115. Angela says:

    I think that this is right in saying that smoking marijuana is a person’s own choice, and it’s about THEIR morals, not the rest of society’s. Also, people who smoke are going to smoke either way, and people who don’t aren’t going to start just because it’s legal.

    My state is in the process of decriminalizing it, making it so that under a half ounce will just land you with a fine. I think that’s a good way for it to be because people won’t get out of control with it, but it won’t hurt people too badly if they’re caught with it either.

  116. Maui Waui says:

    I am a sixteen year old boy on the island of Maui in HI. Ive smoked weed almost everyday since freshmen summer and im now going into sophmore summer.

    Weed hasnt shown any negative signs yet but i do no that it does impair your ability of short term memory. even wen ur not stoned. pretty much our whole school has tried weed and its been like that since i got into high school. For someone to be on the FOR legalizing side, i have to say that weed can be very dangerous to the developing brain.

    All you stoners know that if u burn all day almost everyday, the day that your okay without being without craving for it, you feel a lot different. Not stupid but jus different. But as an american we have the right to do whatever we want to our body.

    People throw up to get skinny, junk food is very bad but people eat the shit load of it, all these thing are bad for you but u dont see Cops breaking down ur door for this shit. People smoke weed for all sorts of reasons. BUt think about it, besides the fact that they want to get high, arent the reasons for smoking weed the same for a ciggarette, and drinking alcohol. To calm down, to jus relax and forget about the day.

    They cant even put a number on the amount of people that died from this drug but yet they tell you it gives you cancer and all these other bad diseases. ITs bullshit. As long as people use this drug responsibly and dont hurt anybody or anything while under the influence of mary jane then they should be aloud to smoke this shit whenever they want and for whatever they want.

    Your going to keep something illegal that isnt hurting anybody, doesnt kill anybody, that would lower tax rates and medically help people. you dont see people writin about why marijuana is bad. becuz it isnt. if you people thatthink this shit is so bad then prove it. i wanna see how much people die from it, how they die from it and people that do have a sickness because of smoking weed.

  117. Stoner says:

    I am 15 years old an i smoke every day, hell even my parents are cool with it.

    I see no problem with it. Who doesnt love the feeling of being high and it really does work if you are stressed out. For me bein 15 and smoking it has no effect on me because i play tailback and fullback in football and my grades are a high B average, I even stay out of trouble.

    Not all people act stupid when theyre high you yourself makes those choices, IT SHOULD BE LEGAL!!!!!!!!

  118. Kayla says:

    I say the ONLY reason marijuana is not legalized is because the government is corrupt and only out for themselves and money rather then the people because the drug scene and crime and violence against marijuana is making the government more money then if it were legalized and taxed.

    There are way more Pros then Cons on this subject, plain and simple the country would be a better place if marijuana was legal, people would be nicer to each other which again leads to more violence and crime, no one has ever died from the use of marijuana in fact marijuana makes sick people better!, Marijuana has never killed any by some one driving under the influence of it, people engage in bar fights all the time but no one gets into violent fights while under the influence of marijuana like they do with alcohol.

    If fact Alcohol is more dangerous and does more damage on your body then marijuana does and it is legal!!! The truth is the government is not for the people and does not want to make the country better by making better people in modern society, preventing more crime, and boosting the economy or they would legalize marijuana.

  119. Pot Advocate says:

    The first con can not even be put under consideration being that alcohol and tobacco are sold by the government, and they are more harmful then marijuana, although my opinion is that all drugs should be put under intensive studies to learn all possible effects of the drug and if passing a test by the FDA, then the drug should be put on a decriminalized drug list and should be distributed and taxed by the government

  120. Kush says:

    Please check out this link about the Drug Adviser for the UK Government who got sacked after saying Marijuana is less harmful than Alcohol and Cigs..

    Why are the government so strict on Marijuana?

    Why won’t they let us just smoke it in peace. To be fair i couldn’t give a fxxx if Weed is illegal, i still smoke on road and wherever the fxxx I go coz if its less harmful than alcohol and cigs why can’t I?

    Anyways i just wanted to say… to all the Stoner’s, keep smoking! We’re living a good life, just make sure you lot get your money up and have a good career in temrs of job wise etc… One day we will see Marijuana Legalised!

    If not, We shalll all move to Amsterdam and live the Good Life! Peace to all the Marijuana Heads! We’re living a better life than alcoholics.. and thats a FACT! Peace!

  121. Michaelson says:

    Cannabis is a gateway drug.. Thats not true.. That is just another scare tactic.. If you want to call anything a gateway drug it is Cigarettes and Alcohol.. Teens are more likely to try Tobacco or alcohol before the use of any other drug.. To be clear the word drug means – is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.

    In pharmacology, a drug is “a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being… Where was all the fuss about pain medication.. what.. do you not think that is a drug.. It is .. but the difference is .. it is legal… cannabis is a natural way of medicine.. Now i am not saying hand it out to the kids at school but as an adult i should have the right to choose how to manage my illness..

    To all parents.. Marijuana is not the issue.. If you are worried about your kids doing any kind of drugs thats where your job comes in to talk to them.. Stop being so afraid of talking to your kids.. Honestly if your kids are turning to drugs then they already having issues. So be a parent and get to the bottom of the real issues..I will say this again.. Cannabis is not for kids or teens.. They are not mature enough to respect the effect of cannabis.. Its amazing how so many people get there panties in a bunch when the talk of legalization of cannabis comes up, while most of you have alcohol sitting in your kitchens, or your pain meds in your medicine cabinet not locked up, right there where your kids can get access to..

    Oh wait, i forgot its legal so it has to be ok.. Well lets look at facts for the Death Rates in the U.S.

    Tobacco – 435,000 per yr.
    Alcohol – 85,000
    Perscription Drugs – 490,000
    Aspirin – 7,600
    Illegal Drugs ( exclude Cannabis ) 17,000
    Marijuana – 0
    Suicide – 30,000
    18 Billion dollars spent on Alcohol & drug treatment.. ( your tax dollars at work)

    I have been a daily cannabis user of over a few years now. I was on psychiatric meds for about 15 years. I have been on countless prescripition meds and therapy.. What i got out of there home made drug was endless side effect, most of them was just as bad or even worse than what i am taking the meds for. I am a 31 yr. old mother of 2 wonderful kids, suffering with bi-polar disorder & P.T.S.D. ( Post traumatic stress disorder).. I was so afraid of what society thought for years i followed what the doctors thought was the best plan of action for me..

    Not knowing that some of the meds i was on will increase your suicidal tendencies.. wait i thought i was on the meds to prevent that not make them worse.. Not even mentioning countless other side effects that come along with taking there meds.. After many years on as i call roller coaster of hell, I researched the effects of cannabis.. No i did not just pick up a joint and say this is for me. If you know a bi-polar mind its not that simple anyways we are always thinking even when we dont want to.. I am not saying this is for everyone, but why prevent the people who benefit from it.. Are we not worth that.. I know from my own experience how it has its benefits.

    Cannabis is not a cure, neither is pys. meds. it it to help you function on a daily basis.. I am able to function with my family again, during my manic attacks it works the best.. the rage, mood swings, self destructive things i would do during my manic stage completely subsides when i take cannabis. My concentration, communication is completely better, the thoughts that race in my mind are quiet when i am stoned. I know the critics who dont agree but thats ok.. I have some in my family that dont totally agree, but the see the positive effects it has had on me and my family.. I have heard that cannabis make depressed people worse.. False..

    It lifts me out my depression where i can function as a person, a mother, and a wife.. I become more creative, kinder, patient.. Where as i am usually like a bomb ready to explode at any minute.. Everyone on egg shells cause they dont know what kind of reaction i would have.. Thats not the kind of life i wanted for me or my family.. I am not sitting in a mental hospital or dead from suicide, i am here with my family trying to live everyday the best i can..

    On perscription meds i was hospitalized over 6 times away from my family.. Tried to commit suicide over many years.. Since the start of my cannabis use i am very proud to say in the last few years 0 times in the hospital, 0 suicide attempts.. Yes i still get depressed, crazy as some would say, and thoughts of suicide still crosses my mind.. Its not a cure.. But it does help me mentally cope on a daily basis.. Thats what counts i am still here fighting it.. I get to wake up everyday and be with my family, enjoy my time with my children.. They are the reason i fight this illness everyday.

    So to be blunt i will take being stoned and feel more normal, than being locked away in some mental hospital, or having my kids visting my grave site.. Have respect for cannabis and the benefits it does have.. I will not let society choose what is medically best for me.. Favorite saying.. Dont Judge someone unless you have walked in there shoes..

    I am for the Legalization of cannabis for medical purposes..

  122. Izaak says:

    I truly apologize about my language earlier I just feel very strongly about how ignorant (not stupid, there’s a difference) people are on the subject of marijuana. Keep on fighting the good fight everyone, wish we could do more.

  123. Izaak says:

    It is sad that the people that actually do support legalization have so many typing errors and talk without true conviction, in the end it only hurts their cause.

    In the recent years of research, almost every con stated above has be proven wrong. There is nothing in marijuana that has ever been proven addictive ever.

    Almost everyone of my friends that uses tobacco has tried to stop and NOT ONE has ever succeeded. On the contrary I know of at least ten people, including myself, that stopped smoking weed and did it almost immediately. There is also nothing ever proven that undoubtedly leads the user to other/harder drugs. Probably the biggest argument that everyone seems to keep forgetting is there are over 500,000 alcohol and tobacco related deaths a year.

    THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ONE DEATH FROM MARIJUANA EVER! Every argument about marijuana as a gateway drug can be associated with alcohol. The reason marijuana continues to be illegal is not from facts or research but merely from words being thrown around and ignorant fear. In the end it doesn’t matter about what marijuana truly does to the user but instead about what words and effects have already been associated with it and that makes me sick.

    Free country my ass. Any country that gives its citizens jail time for smoking, sitting on a couch watching tv is obviously fucked up and needs to change its priorities.

  124. 420 says:

    Sarah you dont need to go to rehab for weed addiction and the government would be making billions every year from marijuana so you crunch your numbers right unless the government has to spend billions there going to make money. ur a closed minded bitch

  125. Tiffany Darline says:

    I am all for legalizing weed. I have smoked for 4 years on and off. I was always able to stop when I wanted or needed to, and it was my decision to start smoking again because it helps to relieve the stress of a full time job and full time college, not because I am addicted. I have always been responsible about it, I never let it affect my work or school time. People say weed is bad for you and that it’s worse than alcohol and tobacco, but seriously, how many cases have you heard of where people are dying of lung cancer or as a result of smoking weed and driving?

    There are a multitude of deaths every day of people involved in drinking and driving, and some people get violent when they drink. There are also plenty of deaths related to tobacco use such as lung cancer. I’ve never heard of ONE case of someone dying in a car accident or of lung cancer related to weed. I’m sure there are a few cases out there somewhere in the world, but I garauntee it is nowhere near the number of cases related to alcohol and tobacco. I think if all the politicians sat and smoked a fat joint they could stop fighting each other and we could get some decent changes in our goverment. And legalizing it would definitely help us out of our nearly bankrupt slump.

    And the statement about it being a gateway drug is completely untrue. Never, will I ever, be interested in doing anything like cocaine or meth or whatever other hard drugs there is out there. And of all the people I know that smoke weed, there are only maybe one or two of that I know do other drugs, and they did those before they ever smoked weed. As for a bad influence on our children, I would rather my child smoke weed than drink alcohol or use tobacco. The only side effects of weed are feeling relaxed and happy, and getting the munchies. Alot better than lung or liver cancer, or getting violent, or being involved in a car crash. Just sayin’. To all my fellow smokers, keep on doing your thing, we know alot more than the non-smokers!

  126. Michael says:

    I have smoked weed for 34 years, sence the early 70’s. I am 57 years old. I never seen the inside of a jail. I have only 3 driving tickets in my life. I’ve never killed anybody or caused any hardships to anyone. I consider myself as a good and decent person, with alot of great friends that mean the world to me. I still love my wife of 29 years. Love my family. Don’t have any kids to worry about.I don’t have alot of money. I’ve never robbed a bank or a store or any person in my life.

    I don’t steal. I treat people with respect. I have never been a drinker, don’t do drugs. I just like to smoke weed. Always have. And that means if I get popped, I’m going to jail. That ain’t right. They let criminals out of jail everyday because of over populated prisons systems and jails. Man give me a break. This has gone far enough. Pot needs to be legal. Theres too many of us of us out there that wants this. The worse thing about smokin weed is, when we run out.

    Then we have run down some little scuz to pay too much for some more. If it’s legalized, that would put Pedro out of buiness. And we could go to nearest liquor store for it. And it would be some really good stuff that was grown right and sold for a fair price. We need to get rid of all that Mescan Slagg anyway. Someone let me know what I can do to help I want it legalized in my lifetime. God blessYou all

  127. norman says:

    the reason that its not legal becuase it will demolish the tobacco companys and tobacco is still one of the highest farmed plant for u.s.

  128. carlos says:

    Sarah-slowed motor skills and loss of memory aren’t effects of marijuana.

    It has been scientifically proven that it doesn’t affect your motor skills, and it does not even effect your short-term memory. I personally have driven countless times in a car where the driver was high, and if anything they were a better driver for it. Even if these effects were true, i’m pretty sure alcohol has the exact same effects, yet it isn’t illegal.

    It was for a short time in the 20’s, and look how that worked. And bob, you have such a typical prohibitionist attitude. You make massive ASSUMPTIONS that people who smoke are unproductive, detrimental members of society. I have smoked since age 15.

    I am 21 and i have a job and go to college. Marijuana is less toxic than alcohol or cigarettes, as well as not physiologically addicting at all. So explain to me how it is so bad for you- it is used to help glaucoma and cancer patients for crying out loud. How can you argue that it is bad for you? There is literally not a single argument against legalizing weed.

    Tax revenue would go up ( which would help chip away at our mountain of debt), crime would go down, and jails would have more room for ACTUAL CRIMINALS, like murderers, thieves, and rapists. Don’t buy into all the fear tactic bullshit and learn the actual facts.

  129. Tom says:

    A State cannot be involved with the distribution of substances considered immoral by relevant lots of the population. A substance considered unhealthy cannot be produced and distributed with the help of the state, because the goal of the state is to protect citizens’ health and not to expose them to risk.

    Cigarettes? Alcohol? Don’t these fit the list. Both kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, and Marijuana? Never killed a person. Ever. 0 Casualties

    The easy availability of drugs would create new consumers rather than rescuing current ones.

    Once again this also applies to Tobacco products and Alcohol. People are going to continue to buy drugs because its been a part of human society since the beginning of man.

    Drugs are addictive. They rob the user of free will. A drug user cannot make an informed and rational decision to continue using drugs because the use of the drug eliminates that user’s ability to think logically. Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking.

    Marijuana isn’t addictive (physically). The withdrawl from Marijuana doesn’t even come close to comparing to the withdrawl of Tobacco and Alcohol. Also, the drug isn’t robbing the user of its free will, the user made his or her own choice to buy that drug in the first place. Thats exercising their free will.

    Drug use is dangerous to persons besides the user, in the rise of health care costs, violence associated with the use of drugs, neglect of children by drug-addicted parents, and other third party effects.

    Marijuana is a non violent drug. No one smokes and becomes enraged. Also, violence over Marijuana is caused because it’s illegal. Prohibition is putting money into the hands of drug dealers. I know parents who smoke marijuana, and it doesnt make them a bad parent. Infact, these parents in which I speak of are very successful and have high income jobs.

    The use of soft drugs, such as marijuana, leads to the use of hard drugs (the Gateway Theory).

    This is because of Prohibition. No one smokes and says “I’d love to try crack now!”. No, its because Marijuana is put into a drug dealers hand, and the chances of that drug dealer saying “Do you want to try something new?” is very high, because that person is getting more money.

    Drug dealers will sell to anyone, including children. Merchants who legally sell alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to sell to children. Many high school students report that it is easier to obtain illegal drugs than alcohol and tobacco.

    Thats because this drug isn’t being controlled by merchants, who’s jobs depend of keeping whatever substance they hold out of children’s hands. Drug dealers sell to whoever has money. If marijuana was put behind counters then it would be just as hard to get as it were to obtain tobacco or alcohol.

    Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable.

    If anti-drug organizations want to bash away at alcohol and tobacco they will (which they do) then that puts a negative message into childrens minds. Marijuana is safer then both of those substances, so if it is legalized then let it be bashed by these organizations! Good! Leave marijuana to the adults who choose to smoke it, and out of the hands of children until they are of age.

  130. roseville res says:

    i don’t like how illegal growers in my state are making enormous profits and the prices are staying high.

    it needs to be legalized so if an informed adult wants a joint he can have one without one ounce of guilt or stigma attached to it.

    i dont agree with everyone drinking…but if they decide thats what they want who am i to tell them otherwise(unless of course someone is being harmed or is in harms way)

    the same should go for pot.

    the idea on a war the government cant win is absurd.a million arrests here and counting and it hasnt changed the fact that the more u keep it down…the more it will thrive on the black market.

    u cant make everyone happy at once.

    but you can give them the right to toke by a regulated stock of product if they wish for it.

    and one more thing.

    for the people that smoke….we all like the idea of making a buck to help ourselves out….but wtf happened to the prices…am i the only one who believes the smokers of this country are being ripped off?high grade or not the prices need to come down.its as if pot is gold now.

    i dont want to give the power to the cartels or our government….but do u honestly believe tat people should make 1000 percent or more on a crop that is considered medicine to the people that need it for real?

    im also sick of this stereotypes.granted the newer generations have alot to do with that….but these kids were idiots from the start.the weed has effects that bring that to light more or less.

    stop being a pussy and realize that people come in all shades of class….and no matter what u say good or bad about pot….

    the dirtbags outnumber the good guys.thats the world we live in unfortunately.

    if u legalize it you will take the power away from the underground(which is mostly bs 18-28 yr olds growing illegally in a room or closet,because they wont be able to put their stuff out to market with the flood of legally made weed to hit the market.

    which is how it should of been in the first place.

    keeping it illegal has monopolized the industry.

    you know it and i know it.

    every grower that grows more than whats legal( which is most of them)knows that their way of life as they know it will end with the legalization because the risk will drop and some of the business will be corporatized.

    i dont agree with the consequences of making it legal.

    but it sure as hell is better than the way we have it now.

    anyone getting the same old herb from a dealer or townie could admit to that.(that is if they mind being fucked with the same ole shit again and again)

    please legalize…take the power away from these deusch bags.

  131. Spooner says:

    Marijuana is soooooooooo good.. it tastes so good.. my high makes me feel amazing. im high right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! believe me.. MARY JANE as me and my homies call it…. Taste it its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also helps asthma……

  132. ale cooper says:

    My name i ale’ (aley ), I am responding to Sam Dinitno on your research on Marijuana.

    I have always wanted to speak my mind on this wonderful subject. I love God and i am a Christian and i believe that marijuana is truely medicinal. i use it everyday and i am a very hyper person and it helps me stay focused and i am very productive. i work at home and , my house is clean, i have a child and it helps my nerves and any anxiety.

    I am a patient person anyhow, but some how marijuana just mellows me out so that i can fully enjoy my child. i don’t have to be high i just like the effects because it is medicinal. i’ve been diagnosed with Bi-Polar ( Manic-Depression), w/ schizo- affective disorder, PTSD, multiple personalitie, they call it a personality dis-order now. But i like to call it like it is.

    I cannot go on enough about MARIJUANA. I have done other drugs, those that could kill, eat you brain cells,etc i fortunately did not stay on those drugs very long. PRAISE GOD!!!. i know there are people who would call me a hypocrite. But you know what i don’t give a s___.

    If you need more info about my experience, feel free to ask. i plan to get on this site everyday now. i think i will stop for now and see what responses i will get.

  133. phillip says:

    now how is that a gate way drug?

  134. phillip says:

    In 1972, the US Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act because they considered it to have no accepted medical use. Since then, 16 of 50 US states and DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana?

  135. Dylan says:

    I am 14 and I smoke extremely often.

    I notice weed has made me incredibly smarter than I was before I became a stoner. I get all A’s since I’m smoking! LEGALIZE IT! I have never heard of a weed related death, and probably never will. The only thing that could cause death with weed is if a drug dealer shoots you for it!

    I love this drug and hope it becomes legal ASAP!

  136. Josh says:

    There is so much mis-informed comments on this’s rediculous. I will attempt to clarify a few notions that you all have which are completely and utterly WRONG. Let’s start with this stepping stone hypothesis. Because I try marijuana, I will absolutely want to try something else and harder like cocaine.

    Let’s say alcohol is my drug of choice…you could say I started on milk. This is a non-sensical argument. There has NEVER been any scientific proof OR data that shows any INHERENT properties in marijuana that make you want to try cocaine. 1/100 marijuana users try cocaine.

    It is the criminilization of marijuana that make trying other drugs more common. When you try to score some pot and your drug dealer tells you he doesn’t have any, asks you if you want to try something else, THAT’S THE STEPPING STONE. CRIMINILIZATION is a policy that works completely against it’s original goal.

  137. Valerie says:

    Okay, first of all, the reason the gateway theory has been maintained is because the anti-marijuana people are idiots.

    Okay, the reason marijuana can be considered a ‘gateway’ drug is BECAUSE it’s illegal. You have drug dealers selling ILLEGAL substances, mixing the soft and hard drugs, therefore making hard drugs readily available to those who are only interested in buying soft drugs. In addition, 1 out of 100 marijuana smokers admit to using cocaine and less than that use heroin and other forms of hard drugs.

    Also, the marijuana causes cancer and other diseases theories are also fallacies. The federal government has released ONE study (in the 1960 or 1970s) on how marijuana supposedly kills brain cells and can lead to death and that has been disproved. Scientists pumped marijuana smoke through gas masks into monkeys and they ended up dying. What they didn’t tell you was that they pumped this smoke through a mask at the rate of 30 joints in 5 minutes (or something close to that) without letting the monkeys breathe in oxygen. If you are deprived of oxygen, your brain cells die and therefore, you die.

    Also, marijuana has been proven to help people cope with depression, multiple sclerosis, cancer, hepatitis, anxiety. This is off the top of my head so there are many, many other diseases that marijuana helps.

    Another thing is that hemp, derived from cannabis is one of the softest, most durable, natural fibers on the face of the Earth. It is more durable than cotton. Paper from hemp doesn’t yellow.

    “Hemp seed is nutritious and contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is a good source of dietary fiber. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug (learn more at”

    Hemp can be used for paper and for fuel, ending both the greenhouse effect and deforestation.

    Another thing is that the prohibition of marijuana directly effects the rise of organized crime. We have seen this during the prohibition of alcohol, where gang leaders such as Al Capone grew richer as disrespect for the law grew.

    What the government, doctors, drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know is that they are all anti-marijuana because if marijuana was to be legal, pharmaceutical companies would lose a lot of money due to the fact that marijuana is a natural medicine, if legalized could be very cheap and readily available and because those companies would lose money and customers, they wouldn’t be able to lobby and pay off the doctors and politicians to promote their products.

    Also, drug-dealers are anti marijauna legalization because it makes them richer. It makes the price of a simple weed go up so much that marijuana is worth more than gold by the ounce. That money is lost because it’s going into the black market rather than to legal, private owned businesses and to the government via taxes. Prohibition of Marijuana only causes drug dealers to get rich and users to waste their money.

    If THC was bad for you, why do drugs like Marinol exist? Marinol is an exact replica of the THC in Marijuana, except that it is synthetic. Apparently the difference between the THC in Marinol and in Marijuana is that Marinol doesn’t give you a high. However, side effects might include ‘decreased coordination; dizziness; drowsiness; elevated or relaxed mood.” In case you haven’t noticed, those are also side-effects of getting high.

    Also, as this website said, it is easier for kids to obtain illegal drugs than for kids to obtain legal substances like cigarettes and alcohol because of the restrictions. Well, if marijuana were to be legalized then those restrictions would also apply to that drug, making it more difficult for kids to get a hold of.

    Also, saying that pot-smokers don’t contribute to society is just ludicrous. Everybody smokes pot. Think of all the great musicians and filmmakers. They all do it. Celebrated film makers such as Quentin Tarantino have admitted to using pot. I read a statistic that every single presidential candidate in the US has admitted to trying pot.

    There is no chemical dependency in Marijuana or THC.

    I highly suggest people watch a great documentary addressing all of these points and more called “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High.”

    Also, the moral argument is ridiculous. People have different opinions. You might say that smoking pot is immoral while I might say that it is immoral to have it remain illegal. I have seen a man who has multiple sclerosis smoke a joint or two and the difference in the way he holds himself is day and night. This man is in the aforementioned documentary and he will tell you himself. Without smoke pot, this man shake uncontrollably and cannot speak at all. After a joint, he still stutters but he is able to sit comfortably and speak his mind. Marijuana changes people’s lives for the better!

    Also, for any conservatives out there who want to tell me that I am wrong and am merely pot smoker who is blinded by my addiction, well, here’s a shocker, I have only smoked pot a few times, though I will probably do it again in the near future and here’s the biggest shocker, I am also a conservative!

    For conservatives, Marijuana legalization and regulation will help the economy. It can be used in almost every single way. It can be recreational, medicinal, used to make paper, cooking oils (from seeds), gluten free flour, body care such as soaps and cosmetics (that are natural), for consumer textiles (such as apparel, bags, shoes, denim, sock), for industrial textiles (such as canvas, rope, etc), for industrial/technical products, for building materials and 25,000 other known uses that I can’t possibly list.

    Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. Do watch the documentary and do proper research and you’ll learn a lot more.

  138. Rudy Aguilar says:

    Attention: save america from misconception. I am 73 years old in perfect health, no medical record, 50’s looks very strong, lift one hundred lb weights, very handsome, women young and old go crazy for me.

    I smoked marijuana for over 30 years..and stopped 13years ago smoking it. It saved my life. People regarded me as crazy and others as 50 years ahead of the times. We need to bring it to being and tax it to save america.

  139. Ruben says:

    I am a daily bud smoker, since i was 7 years old.

    My mother was a meth dealer and marijuana ,but i only turned to one so called drug of choice, MARIJUANA. That helped me get throug to where i am right now, ALIVE. So thank you MaryJane…I realy want to become a defender for marijuana, I want to go to school for it so the cops could stop harrasing me and my family over petty laws.

    Their going to flip when i bust some legal shit on them, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME,RUBEN.

  140. Corinne says:

    I am 16. My parents are seriously straight-edge and strongly disagree with the use of alcohol and blatantly hate drug-users. I have smoked a few times but was unfortunately caught by my mom.

    I would like to point out that I was able to stop the moment I wanted to. I was never confused after the high wore off, I remembered everything that happened while I was high, and I am not chasing kids around asking for it becuase I feel addicted to it.

    I go to a performing arts school and literally see two to three drugs passes in the hall everyday. Weed is NEVER going away! why waste my parents tax dollars to jail people who are responsible US citizens for a natural stress and pain reliever? It also seriously pisses me off that rapists and murderers walk on a daily basis and casual pot-smokers are JAILED for years at a time for smoking a natural herb.

    This is a truly messed up government. I think we should look towards Europe as an example and lower the drinking age, raise the driving age, and legalize cannabis.

    It makes the most sense, if you teach kids from an early age to be responsible with alcohol then they are much less likely to go party and get wasted as teenagers as a way to rebel against the establishment. And weed is pretty much great so it should be legal everywhere 🙂

  141. jordan says:

    by making marijuana legal, we are influencing our future people, our kids, to do drugs. Weed is a step-stone drug to much worse things like heroin and others. if we legalize marijuana we’ll have stoned out people everywhere! our coworkers, our teachers, people who watch our kids.

    Our childeren will notice and think its “cool”. we are setting america up for somthing bad and will only get worse in time. i think it should only be used for medical and supply usses only and should not be open to the public…. p.s. lol weed is fun tho! XD

  142. Miranda Brooks says:

    I think the whole deal is they know marijuana is easy to obtain and grow so if they legalize it they cant have a company like tobacco companies to make profit because everyone can grow their own

  143. Sarah says:

    Also, when looking at sites with reliable information you have to make sure that the site is from a good source. This site really does not explain who the source is?? Always, look at the drug control site to verify your myths.

    There has to be an issue when so many people are fighting for a drug that alters your moods and mind. Why aren’t you happy with who you are?? and the way you feel everyday?? Maybe its not the drug you are wanting but it could be phycological issues that make you feel that you need to be altering your moods. You are perfect just the way you are:)

  144. Sarah says:

    I do not think that marijuana should be legalized for many reasons. First, alcohol is legal and our goverment spends millions of dollars every year on rehabilitation and 100,000 lives were taken last year. Why would we want to make a drug legal that will cost us more legalized than it does illegal.

    If you crunch the numbers what we would make in taxes would be doubled in cost for the pot smokers. Most people who defend the legalization of marijuana are smokers of pot them selves. This brings me to this point, reseach why it should not be legal and not use your own experiences, you will see a new picture.

    Until, you can be objective you shouldn’t have a say. A pro on personal rights is not an agument for legalization. What about the slowed motor skills, or the loss in memory??? I haven’t heard about any of these side effects or the others? I study addiction and its not worth even tring it once, it is an addictive drug.

  145. Jeremy says:

    Alcohol addictions result in kidney failure. Smoking tobacco can result in lung cancer and/or heart disease. Marijuana doesn’t do any of that shit.

    You smoke it, it helps you forget that life sucks, and you’re happy. Marijuana should already be legal, but tobacco and distilleries would go bankrupt if it was legalized. I mean, after all, the tobacco companies want to keep making money, and that’s why America’s so screwed up. Americans are always about MONEY, never about being happy….well, the “Capitol Hill pricks” anyway.

    So, these corporations keep on making money, and more Americans die from the complications induced by tobacco products, when all these poor people needed just one little joint every once in a while. This is a day and age when I am truly ashamed to be an American.

    To those Conservative fxxx-heads who frown upon legalization, shut the fuck up and enjoy some ganja.

  146. mophead says:

    hi im using my allias mopheadim 18 been smoking since i was 16 drinking since i was 12 and smoking cigarettes since i was 8 gateway my ass but i dont do any other drugs i have a lot of medical problems such as joint stifness and pain insomnia and depression now at the age of about 15.

    I was very aginst marijuana my mother smokes it and i was always affraid she would die or get in trouble due to the bullshit i was fed in school about all of its harmfull affects like it being addictive they even showed us a film were a 13 year old boy took one hit and died and saying that a lot of people were allergic and the only way to find out was to smoke but if u did u could die i was terrafied but i met a friend who is currently a singer in my band and i finally came around and decided to experiment with it.

    Now i consider myself a very intellegent person but i cant believe how ignorant i was but my first time smoking although i was nowhere nere violent or willing to break any laws i did get stupid but thats a thing that happens to a lot of first time smokers they dont know what to expect but after 2 more times of smoking spaced between about 2 months i realized i wanted to be a pothead and i started smoking regularly i considerd this an experement and documented everything i found from my perscription pills and other legal drugs compared to marijuana
    i found the following things


    my depression pills were making me contimplate suicide and when i stopped them i istill wanted to


    my insomnia i was perscribed sleeping pills wich made me very groggy and gave me anothe list of side affects also i became addicted and was very hard for me to stop taking them also they stopped working and i was given higher doses


    im not condoning constant smoking because i think that smoking all day every day could lead to a mental dependance on weed but casual once or twice or even 3 times a day i want to yell to every one in the world wich i know i cannot reach that kind of audience here but weed is completely and undoubtedly harmless and there are so many arguments about our rights that i dont even want to go into but i just wanted to share what i found and my background as yet another example of another person functioning more actually on weed

  147. Desanne says:



  148. Kato ortega says:

    wow really bob, you kinda sound like a proud parent, in fact maybe to proud. bobby you need too do a little research and watch a few documentarys on the history of cronic? but, i do in fact agree that marijuana is justified as our way of life, if you take what the 21 century offers, and throw a little bud in the process i think our country could over come certain losses, jobs, housing, and healthcare. these are the things most moderate familys come from. im not saying im a rich guy dont get me wrong i have flow.

    But thats what we all want for our familys, but you cant use marijuana as an addiction either, so you wing yourself on certain occasions, or maybe only in the evenings i dont know, peoples choice. i have done alot of studying into marijuana, from events too certain cultures, movies/ documentarys. and the history of cronic. its very interesting to know things in this world are worth living for, and if you want something you have to fight for it.

    Life is our journey, and maybe to some marijuana is the love that fills there life long journey, or maybe your just upset that person makes more money than you and can afford too do so on there own solid terms. or maybe im baked, i dont know, but what i do know is oneday in my lifetime weed will be legalized in one state and ill be sure to note for example that colorado and california are my next bet, especially with law enforcement backing it up in both states plus you have publicity, so stars and actresses, comedians, the president for god sakes is somewhat into it.

    And bob you must be with the ronald reagan whitewash committee, i think if we had the advocates we have now for legalization of medicinal or recreational we could have over thrown his outcalled bill on smoking or the usage of marijuana.

    just legalize it bob and then you tell me how much your life has dramatically changed in the past 15 yrs, i know for a fact there’d be less crime, more starting jobs, better healthcare options, i bet there could be major usage with what people should really be worried about, then scaring our young communitys into thinking that marjiuana is:, where i smoke this, im going to do roxys the next day, cocain that day.

    look those drugs our what the dea should be looking for, i know alot of really smart and good hearted people that threw there lives away because thats what was so cool then.

    Marijuana is not the gateway drug, once you take a chemically inhanced drug your automatically addicted, and with marijuana there’s always that choice. so i can say im also a proud smoker for 6 years, and that im 22, im not sure why i wrote that but everyone else is 15 it seems like and bob might be 50 so run children! – KATO

  149. Aly says:

    Dear Bob,
    I am a 19 year old female, who graduated high school, is a sophomore in college, and is also registered to vote.

    I smoke weed. I also contribute to society. So, please stop being an idiot, and realize you cannot put your closed minded image of pots heads on the shoulders of all those who smoke pot.

  150. Fred says:

    this has been a very informative read. i learned so much, like:

    the majority of people in jail are there for marijuana use
    selling marijuana would help our country get more money
    mexico would become a world power through exporting pot
    pot is easier to get than cigarettes and alcohol

    last I checked you can get beer and cigarettes at any grocery store, corner store, gas station, bowling alley, restaraunt…
    you still can’t get pot at any of those places..
    keep lying to yourselves…
    you’ve got a bright future 15 and 16 year old stoners

  151. me says:

    I smoke marijuana everyday and im only 15.

    I know that its my choise to smoke but who cares? I mean, who really has died for marijuana smoke and this conservative government is to ingnorant to realize that smoking marijuana is a great recreational PLANT to smoke instead of ciggerettes! now those are bad for you.

    It’s crazy to think about that a natural plant like this thats grown, besides the fact that no chemicals are needed but the strait THC coming out that spliff, that its illegal and who’s the one trying to pass around the new bill called the S-10? Steven harper. This bill will be terrible for Canada but lock up innocent people for 12-18 months in prison… for only one baked brownie.

    now think about that. one brownie=18months. its too much bullshit to handle. This bill will even increase our taxes for all the prisons being filled up and harder law enforcement and will even increase the violence in society in Canada. research the S-10 crap and look at it in disgrace to how Steven Harper can try to pass a bill like this. by the way this website kicks ass.

  152. Hash Bags says:

    The truth about marijuana is that it can be used as a medicine to some of the illness of the people. There is what we call medical marijuana. And people who prefer using this marijuana should be allowed. The Hash bags can give them satisfaction.

  153. noe says:

    who would u better drive with a person who is stoned or 1 that is drunk? drunks got no fucking idea wat they are doin thats why they crash and kill inoccent ppl with weed ur all calm happy and collected. u can totally act normal with weed i say that cuz i get away with it from my mom a few eyedrops some colonge BOOM!

    Problem solved weed makes u happy and make u think outside the box ppl are so stubborn on that it shoulnt be legal i say fuck that if the goverment tells u that milk is bad for u and it shoulnt be legal u would think is bad…the goverment is sick up their ass weed is the shit im 16 ive been smokin weed for a year i never been more happier in my short life fuck it get high everyday u never know if there is a tomorrow be real ppl nobody knows when ur goin to die

  154. becky says:

    If you’re still paying attention to this thread, please explain to me the difference between some one who smokes pot to relax once in a while and some one who has a couple of drinks. I mean besides the obvious part about alcohol being proven again and again to be a deadly substance…. and marijuana NOT.

  155. kevin says:

    i have smoked Marijuana going on 20 years everyday an i’m not going to quit no time soon because it helps the pain in my jonits an i don’t have to worry about the sideafects of it.

    Because there is none exceped getting high an feeling relaxed an not in pain an for some reason i allways get hungery after i smoke why is that lol i love you all don’t quit smokeing MARY JANE because god put it here 4 a reason an god said that he give us every seed & plant of this earth to feed us an to care pain an sicknessan i say fuck the goverment i’m not quiting god put it here for me to use it so i’m going to use it till i die but oneday i hope to see it to where you can go to the store an buy it.

  156. Karrinne says:

    Legalization would solve many problems.

    It would keep petty crimes like posession of marijuana, and growers of it out of jail. And off the taxpayers payroll. They have always classified marijuana as a dangerous narcotic. All the fear and hatred for this plant is just plain wrong. It has so many helpful benefits for so many different people.

    I myself suffer from severe migraines. And when I can, I will purchase some for myself. Over all the years of trying legal meds to help, the only true pain killer is marijuana. This drug also used to be prescibed once upon a time by doctors for comon ailments like cramps, anxiety, and other things.

    But somewhere in the early 1900s the government decided since they can’t really regulate it, they will outlaw it. Other than the true boy and girl scouts who actually think it’s evil. It needs to be legalised! It should be left for local government, not federal!

  157. jason says:

    Our current mj law is immoral.

    The forgotten victims are the good people of Mexico, who coexist alongside evil cartels and a corrupt government fueled by OUR need for pot. The euphoria found from crystal meth resembles really good weed, but the meth is extremely more dangerous, phsychologically and physically addictive, unlike cannabis.

    Since most americans are mis-educated to classify mj with the hard stuff they sometimes get hooked on whatever is most readily available. Unfortunately that happens to be crack, meth, prescription drugs, etc. Our laws support organized crime and make baptists feel like responsible voters.

    Christian raised citizens who turned to meth can blame their grand-parents for not legalizing pot. Our laws set folks up to make stupid, irresponsible, ignorant mistakes! If only they had been able to attain pure, FDA approved weed for a fair price, they probably wouldn’t have made such an ominous decision in the first place.

    MJ sometimes gets laced with pcp which gives pot a black eye. It should be as easy to get as a cigar. If hard drugs were more difficult to aquire than MJ our world would be a better place.

    There’s no way to tell how many succesful US entrepreneurs are fronts for illegal activity. For every seemingly over-priced item they sell some weed is included. Kid working at Burger King gets busted for selling from the drive-thru. You never hear about busts over coffee, cigarettes, and whiskey. Neither should we hear about a bust over cannabis.

  158. paulin says:

    listen to this if it was legal it would proved a income for the mexico government funding for their police and would reduce crime and give them the funds to pay their law enforcement. which would make our border’s and their’s safer, and give tax income to both of us that is just the start. it is how we use the funds

  159. Anna says:

    The legalization of marijuana would be better for the USA.

    Our economy would get better because the selling of marijuana would help our country get more money. Also, our population in prison get lower becauser most people in prison are in prison for marijuana. Another reason is that drug rates would drop because most of our population does marijuana.

  160. Adam says:

    Okay. I have been quite interested in this subject for a long time, and though nothing I say here will do much to change the way the government wants to handle things, or the way some people choose to feel about marijuana, I still felt the need to throw out my input on the matter… Marijuana is in fact a drug, there’s no getting around that.

    I think that the way people who are against it see it, is as an immoral activity, and because of its illegality also see it as a crime. I would assume that they would even see those who use it for medicinal purposes are criminals as well. Many other assumptions and misconceptions about marijuana are also drifting around out there as well.

    I’ve read a few things that state that those who participate in the use of marijuana, will ultimately end up comitting more intense crimes, such as robbery, rape, and murder. (This is a ridiculous assumption.) Also, that it will lead to the loss of ones motivation, short term memory loss, and many other things. (I’m sure that anyone on this site are already aware of the aformentioned assumptions and misconceptions).

    All of which in, my experience, seem to be a bit radical. The majority of people who use it most likley don’t have legitimate medical reason to do so, and use it as a recreational drug, much like alcohol. Though the differences on the way it effects your health and emotional status is staggering. Some people on this site are regular marijuana users, some only on occasion, and others may not use it at all.

    I myself have used marijuana in the past quite regulary. For a little over a year I would have honestly considerd myself to be all of the little nick names that are given for regular pot smokers. (Pot head, stoner, etc.) But never in my experience did I feel the need to commit any violent, or even non violent crime. I did not have a loss of motivation, I didn’t feel that I needed to chase that first high, nor did I ever get bored with it and resort to harder drugs.

    Marijuana is everywhere. Whether you live in a big city, small town, or even live in a strict religeous household. Whether marijuana becomes legal or not, its never going to go away. The way that I see it, if you can drink alcohol, get yourself good and hammered drunk in the comfort of your home on a daily basis, then why is it so immoral to load yourself up a bowl of sweet stinky weed and use it in the same fashion?

    Well like I said earlier, there is not much I can do or say to change the way the government wants to handle things, or the way that people choose to feel about marijuana. And though my voice may only be heard by few, I am still glad that there are websites like this that give the people, not the government, a chance to give there opinion. That is all. Much love, Adam.

  161. Doug says:

    every single con is total bull or very flawed.

    first con, this one i know least about and is probably the least flawed as far as i know, but cannabis is definitely not, and should not be considerd “unhealthy” because its health benifits definently outweigh its cons, infact the only health problems that come with it are the actual properties of plant smoke, and im not talking tobacco either, you can get broncidus, and thats it, marijuana is probably the least harmful drug in the world.

    second con, first of all no one needs recuing from this harmless drug, second it may create new users due to decrease in ignorance upon legalization, and the fact that it wont be legal, but as far as kid use goes, im 16 and its way easier to get weed then alchohol.

    third con, marijuana is not physically addictive at all, it may be mentaly addictive to weaker minded people, but you can think logically as ever when your not actually stoned, there are no withdraws from it, very easy to quit.

    fourth con, cannabis makes you way more passive than violent, like i said it is not harmful to you, not to mention the people around you. i think the author is talking about alchohol for some reason here.

    fifth con, the gateway theory is total bull, there is nothing in weed that makes you want to do harder drugs, and it can be argued that milk is a gateway to alchohol, like i said, total bull.

    sixth con, if it was legalized people would !*obviously*! buy from places it was sold, not dealers, they would go out of business, DEALERS ARE ANTI-LEGALIZATION! and last,

    seventh con, is drug use not accaptable? think about it, alchohol, and cigs are acceptal, not to mention persription and over-the-counter drugs!

  162. Doug says:

    more than half of the cons are total bull!

    first of cannabis should not be considerd “unhealthy” because the only unhealthy aspect of it pretty much is the smoke itself, infact, its a medicine! The “easy availibilty”? i am 16 and i can tell you that it is damn sure easier to get weed than alchohol and cigs, and no one needs rescue, wtf?

    weed is not addictive at all and you can definently think logically when your not high even if your a long time heavy user.

  163. Tom says:

    Alright bob.

    I’d love to hear you tell me that everyone that has smoked weed has no life and has never been productive. Obama has smoked weed, and he is currently president. Mike Phelps has smoked weed, and he has won how many gold medals?

    You clearly have never smoked weed. So dont talk about something you do not know much about. If you dont want marijuana legalized, shut up and quit crying to people online about it. Why dont YOU get a life and quit browsing online simply to hate on other people.

  164. Rick Flanagan says:

    The government tells us we can’t smoke pot in our own home, can’t smoke cigarettes in certain areas, have to wear a seatbelt, can’t do this, have to do that! What’s next? Can’t eat fast food? Can’t look at people in the wrong way. Can’t say bad things to some one? Land of the free? Yeah right!

  165. Shane says:

    I know there’s been alot of butting heads on the legalization of marijuana.

    However my grandfather is a alcoholic he now looks about ten to twenty years older, as well as the doctor’s told him if he quit’s it’ll kill him due to the fact that he’s drank so long it will shut his liver down.

    As well as they say it is a gateway drug however it is not I know there is a lot of people out here in this world that are crack user’s, and every one I have talked to said they have never used weed. I used to smoke as I would now but I had to quit because I can’t find a job that doesn’t look down on pot smokers in the area that I live in.

    My mom has breast cancer and the medicine that they put her on to ease the pain only makes it worse, or gives her problems such as I wouldn’t want to take a doctor prescribed drug that eases the pain from having you’r body burnt from radiation if the side afects are: anal leakage, nose bleeds, chest pains,lose of eye sight, numness, nervousness and can cause death.

    But would much rather my mom smoke a joint which eases her pain even more than the man made shit and has sideafects such as : hunger, makes cartoons more funny, kill’s weak or damaged braincells allowing new ones to form in there place rather than weak ones sitting in you’r brain taking up space.

    Also if you look through the history of man god made some plant’s as medication, however man had to be a dumbass and make the “man made drugs” so if you choose which would you rather have something made by “GOD” or something made by “MAN”, I say god is much more smarter than man could ever think of becoming.

    So to all those who refuse god and go with man shame on them. Thank you to all those that agree god is smarter than man could ever think of becoming,


  166. Bailey says:

    Oh bob, I am a student at a four-year university with a 3.0 gpa.

    I have a great job working at a health food store and I have been smoking the herb since I was 15 years old, and for the past year or so I have been smoking marijuana every day. I get my work done, keep my house clean, and go to the gym four days a week. Just like some people may enjoy a glass of wine, or a beer at the end of the day, I like to enjoy a fat bowl of a natural substance.

    I believe it is here for a reason not only for people to enjoy the high and to be at ease, but also as a medicine. My aunt has crohn’s disease and out of all the many medicines she takes daily for pain, none compare to the wonderful natural plant. She says that she can finally get good sleep at night and be happy, and not always worry about the effects that come along with her disease. She has a great job and supports her family, as do many other people who also smoke weed. So here is for all the productive smokers out there! keep tokin’

  167. WindyCity says:

    Great news from Canada. Their Supreme Court overturned a 2-1 Alberta Court of Appeal decision and reinstated marijuana producing and trafficking convictions against Daniel James Gomboc of Calgary. Guy was apprehended after police raided his home and found a grow operation and 165 keys of raw pot.

    Cops became suspicious based on tips from neighbors that included condensation, steam and covered windows at his house. They claim to have an odor of marijuana in the air even beyond his property line. (Yeah right.)

    They also caught him by sneaking aroud with a digital recording ammeter, which utilities can attach to power lines to provide an intricate measure of how much power is being used in various parts of a house. Sucks to be him.

  168. Bob says:

    Oh people, wake up and get a life. A real life, not one hazed in apathy, getting high, and sitting around complaining you cant’ have everything you want. It’s society that makes a place for people like you to “chill out” and be all of “that”. If you haven’t noticed, it’s people like you that fail to contribute to society other than leaching off of it, and then complaining you don’t get your way. Grow up, and be productive. Give back and start living.

  169. chris says:

    People should be allowed to smoke weed.not everyone likes to drink.weed is natural it needs to be legal

  170. Preston says:

    I think that Susan brought up a good point about the fact that our country needs to focus on “real” problems rather than on a drug that is LESS of a problem than most peoples attitude on a bad day.

    I smoked Marijuana for a long time before I was forced to quit by the law, and I never had any problems with it while I was smoking it, and quiting was not too hard to do. On the other hand, I have been wanting and trying to quit smoking tobacco for almost six months now, and still have not even broke the surface addiction to nicotine.

    Also with the rising need for alternatives to the use of fossil fuels, some of the rather harsh legal man made drugs, and the fact that alcohol is a “poison” that causes major mental, physical, and emotional problems and needs to be done away with as a beverage.

    With all those facts, I think that Marijuana will most definitely be the cure to our society’s dependence on tobacco, alcohol, the dependence for many man made legal drugs, and most fossil fuels. Last but not least, if you decide you are in favor of Marijuana legalization and you don’t or never have smoked marijuana doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a bad person, not only will you be helping the environment, you also will be helping billions of people.

  171. liam says:

    I smoke marijuana everyday and im only 15.

    I know that its my choise to smoke but who cares? I mean, who really has died for marijuana smoke and this conservative government is to ingnorant to realize that smoking marijuana is a great recreational PLANT to smoke instead of ciggerettes! now those are bad for you.

    It’s crazy to think about that a natural plant like this thats grown, besides the fact that no chemicals are needed but the strait THC coming out that spliff, that its illegal and who’s the one trying to pass around the new bill called the S-10? Steven harper. This bill will be terrable for Canada but lock up innocent people for 12-18 months in prison… for only one baked brownie.

    now think about that. one brownie=18months. its too much bullshit to handle. This bill will even increase our taxes for all the prisons being filled up and harder law enforcement and will even increase the violence in society in Canada. research the S-10 crap and look at it in disgrace to how Steven Harper can try to pass a bill like this. by the way this website kicks ass 😛

  172. Susan says:

    Where do you go to support legalization of marijuana?

    I read an article that the DEA is now focusing on banning even fake pot. When will they stop and focus on real problems in our country? It’s frustrating to not have a voice or even to have one and not be heard.

    I bet if we took a vote from Americans should pot be decriminalized, it would be yes! However, the government won’t give us what the people want and what some may even need medicinally! By the way, love your website!

  173. justin says:

    im tring to find out were i can voice my thoughts on weed i think it should be leagal the crime rates will drop and are country will be outta debt weed also kept my mother alive for six extra months when she found out she had stomach cancer the drs gave her two months i told her to smoke to help counter getting sick from chemo it worked.

  174. Samuel Dinitno says:


    My name is Sam and I am a college freshmen in New Hampshire. I am writing a research paper on the many benefits that cannabis have to offer patients (or even people in general). I was wondering if it was possible for you to please give me your input on the whole debate. I know you must be a busy person so if you do not have much time then I can understand.


    Samuel Dintino

  175. Michael Blankenship says:

    On your cons, the gateway theory, this is only an assumption by some man sitting in a fancy desk in an office.

    Also have you ever conducted tests on how marijuana affects the brain?

    Even if the government was to control the crop they would just put some kind of poison in it just like they done with tobacco. This country is supposed to be free. I almost died of alcohol consumption, I have never smoked enough pot to die. The drug should be accepted.

    The very people that inhabited the so called United States of America ran the indians out of their land and Christopher Columbus the supposed founder of the U.S, lead the assault. All I am saying is that if they were such peaceful, and not only that but they lived off of the land, and not the government. But you already know that they smoked from the peace pipe.

    Why don’t we all just hit the pipe a few times and chill out??????

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