Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros for Legalizing Marijuana:

  1. Prohibition must be weighed against the loss of personal freedom. Countries have a responsibility to respect individual free will and the right of self-determination.
  2. The immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one set of moral beliefs. By taking a “moral” stand against recreational drugs, or fighting the evils caused by the illegal drug trade they increase their popularity amongst constituents.
  3. The War on Drugs serves the immediate interests of politicians. By taking a “moral” stand against recreational drugs, or fighting the evils caused by the illegal drug trade they increase their popularity amongst constituents.
  4. Legal prohibition does not stop consumers from consuming drugs, it does not stop trafficers from producing and selling it. The price of the final product increases to abnormally high values because of the black market status, which together with the powerful effects of drug addiction causes users to commit crimes in order to fund their addiction.
  5. Critics of the War on Drugs advocate the partial or complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, combined with a system of regulation, as happens with alcohol and prescription drugs. By providing legal supplies of currently illegal drugs the price will fall, leading to a collapse in the illegal drug industry, and a reduction in crimes committed by both drug suppliers and users. They also argue that the reduction in the price will lead to little, if any, growth in drug addiction, due to the inelasticity of demand. Some even state that in a strictly regulated market, drug use may fall overall, by removing the marketing activities of the illegal drug industry.
  6. It is not worthwhile for a law to forbid people from willingly exposing their own bodies to harm by using drugs, any more than by overeating or bungee-jumping. Obesity is a national epidemic, killing millions every year, but the government has no right to regulate how much citizens eat.
  7. Drug users exercise free will when they chose to use drugs; a person has the right to give up his or her own freedom. A Government does not have the right to dictate them. No drug eliminates free will. It is possible to quit using any drug. Many banned drugs are significantly less deleterious to free will than legal alcohol or tobacco. Severe physiological addiction has been demonstrated for tobacco (stronger than cocaine), but no strong physiological addiction has been shown for marijuana.
  8. Illegal Drug dealers will sell to anyone, including children. Merchants who legally sell alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to sell to children. Many high school students report that it is easier to obtain illegal drugs than alcohol and tobacco.


Cons for Legalizing Marijuana:

  1. A State cannot be involved with the distribution of substances considered immoral by relevant lots of the population. A substance considered unhealthy cannot be produced and distributed with the help of the state, because the goal of the state is to protect citizens’ health and not to expose them to risk.
  2. The easy availability of drugs would create new consumers rather than rescuing current ones.
  3. Drugs are addictive. They rob the user of free will. A drug user cannot make an informed and rational decision to continue using drugs because the use of the drug eliminates that user’s ability to think logically. Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking.
  4. Drug use is dangerous to persons besides the user. In the rise of health care costs, violence associated with the use of drugs, neglect of children by drug-addicted parents, and other third party effects.
  5. The use of soft drugs, such as marijuana, leads to the use of hard drugs (the Gateway Theory).
  6. Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable.

More Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization.

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206 Responses to Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

  1. weedlover420 says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. barri rodgerz says:

    I stratde usign pot whin i wuz 13 yars old. it neuer afficted me at al. I hav smokt it for ovr 30 yars und al i cen sey is i hsd haved a purty guut life. i for tha mos part wuz not exceptd by mos peepel and wus luked doun upun und i dont no why but it havs not mater mush or evan maked mush of a deferans in my life anywaze. me stil thimks pot is wunderfel and youse alls shud try it. thanx for listuneng to my storee.

    • Josue says:

      I *started *using pot *when *I *was 13 *years old. *It *never *affected me at *all. I *have *smoked it for *over 30 *years *and *all *I *can *say is *I’ve *had a *pretty *good life. *For *the *most part *I *was not *ACCEPTED by *most *people and *was *looked *down *upon *and *I *don’t *know why but it *has not *mattered *much or *even *made *much of a *difference in my life *anyways. *I *still *think pot is *wonderful and *all *you *should try it. *Thanx for *listening to my *story.

      Next time you want to say something don’t be an idiot, you are just making people look bad
      -Sincerely someone who goes to school and doesn’t do drugs.

  3. Nick says:

    Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable? Using that logic, and considering alcohol and tobacco are legal, doesn’t that also send a message to children that they should consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes?

  4. willb1281 says:

    I would just like to add,, maybe Congress & the House of Representatives should BOTH watch the video
    THE UNION – the business behind getting high. In my opinion, alcohol makes you stupid,, pot makes you happy.

  5. willb1281 says:

    I would just like to add,, maybe Congress & House of Representatives should BOTH watch the video
    THE UNION – the business behind getting high. In my opinion, alcohol make you stupid,, pot make you happy.

  6. Medical Marijuana is a proven treatment for a wide range of painful medical conditions, and with the right treatment program, troubling side effects can be minimized.

  7. AS says:

    Weed is all we need.
    Mary Jane gets the fame.
    Marijuana makes me wanna holler.

  8. alidalol says:

    Most of the people commenting, hating on marijuana and ‘potheads’ have NEVER picked up a blunt. so before you look down on people that are involved with marijuana, smoke a bowl and if you still want to hate on it after that, then go ahead. no one’s stopping you. c;

  9. Yung Tom says:

    Lets all be HAPPPYY

  10. Aubrean Young says:

    We shouldn’t allow

  11. DMan says:

    i love weed

  12. bibi says:

    Like Colorado if it was taxed at 25% or more there is huge amounts of money that can then be put into the economy to help the people out, plus to miss Amanda its not like making them illegal will do any good marijuana is currently illegal and still used, alcohol had its prohibition and that didnt stop people from using it either. Yes some violence has been done involving marijuana but that is the same with sober sane people. We as human beings will do things if its legal or not the only difference is if it is legal we can start to help people get better instead of punishing them, we can increase the economic value and start more jobs along with making more activities for the youth to try and prevent drug use by building places for kids to hangout and giving them things to do that will entertain them. I can understand your views as it does have some drawbacks but in a society where there is no good choice you would do well to choose the lesser of two evils.

  13. Amanda says:

    Marijuana Vs Alcohol is the worst argument you could make. Let me make my point here. If there were two poisonous fruits.. One legal and one not. Your argument stands as “Well, this poisonous fruit is legal why not make this less poisonous one legal as well? ” .. When from a rational point of view both should be illegal.
    My second point is to the “Weed is good for your health” argument. Marijuana has it’s medical benefits, mainly in those with cancer. Health benefits is an argument also made by alcohol. In example: A daily glass of wine is good for the heart. However, the issue is we do not consume responsibly. Over use of marijuana, which has addicting components, will only add to this nations obesity crisis.
    My last point is to the “Alcohol kills people, Marijuana doesn’t” argument. The fact is, yes alcohol can kill people. It’s claimed many lives. However, that’s do to irresponsible consumption. If people are not going to be responsible with alcohol what makes you think they’ll be responsible smoking? There has been car accidents due to marijuana use.. There has been violence over marijuana. Sure it calms some people, but some people get irrationally paranoid. These things claim lives.
    Stop comparing two poisons.

    • brant e cargile says:

      legalize it in all 50 states turn the ungodliness of the things that acompany the black market 18 to smoke a cigerette 21 to burn a joint let the oficeship of influience take a stance from whithin as a long ongoing war has been at stance against our youth heritages and soil solely on the black market of marajuana

    • Hayden says:

      Man you are truly ignorant, saying marijuana causes car accidents because it was in a person’s system is like saying water impairs a person’s driving because they had water in their system millions of people smoke marijuana of course when there is a crash there is a chance they will test positive. Marijuana already is used in excess and still no one has died from it

    • clay says:

      Fact is that banning marijuana or alcohol doesn’t stop anyone from using it. By legalizing marijuana we are taking it out of the hands of gangs and drug dealers and giving it to the gov., where it won’t be sold to minors and will have a large income/job creation for our nation.

      If you can’t beat em, join em and make sure they do it right!

  14. Gavin says:

    Interesting opinion. However we all see things differently. So if you would be so kind as to keep your negative thoughts to yourself??? Thank you. -.-

  15. Dr.BeanDip says:

    America would make a lot of money if they taxed it like alcohol.

  16. taco says:

    the only thing that marijuana is a gateway to is the fridge

    • taco says:

      and also I think that in order to vote on whether or not it should be legal you should have to try it. how can you condemn something you have never experienced for yourself,
      there are many cases of people living normal lives and smoking dope. only the extreme cases are highlighted where people neglect their kids. the cases where people smoke it at night to help with insomnia, in the place of sleeping pills that made them drive into the neighbors house while they were asleep.
      the fact that the marijuana plant is only mildly psychologically addictive and you can easily stop at any time. if we did legalize it health care costs would rise minimal for the non user and more for the smoker themselves. you don’t hear about people getting high and going out and going and burning down someone’s house.
      I think that marijuana education is key. don’t lie to the kids and tell them that they will get high and shoot their friend because ” they’re high and feel like I can do anything” tell them why she should wait until their brain is fully developed to ensure that their brains develop properly. and if you lie to the kids, it results in judgmental assholes.

    • obama says:

      lol right

  17. Dustin says:

    And all the potheads converge………”oh it’s so safe, by making it legal, it will make people less lazy than we already are in our society, less dependent on public assistance, and it will somehow magically create jobs” ………. that was sarcastic by the way in case some of you are too high to comprehend.

    • Doshan says:

      @Dustin: Actually the legalization of marijuana would create jobs almost immediately. Also, the crime rate would take a nose dive in neighborhoods where marijuana is the main and most lucrative drug on the street. Studies show that even soda has worse side effects than marijuana and if you’re to naive to notice, nicotine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs, but as soon as you turn 18 you can buy a pack of cigarettes in almost any store. So before you start pointing fingers, sounding uneducated, and not doing the research on a topic you clearly know absolutely nothing about do every pothead a favor and smoke a dutch and tell me how great you feel. That is all dumbass.

    • Ashlee says:

      Marijuana isn’t technically a drug it is only stated as a drug because it alters your brain ( and the goverment cant make money off of it) which alchochol does as well, ( and we all know drinking is far more damaging) BLAH BLAH BLAH – lol something stated in every arguement (and its true)I used marijuana recreationally a few years back and I can speak for myself and others when I say when you are under the influence of marijuana your not out doing stupid stuff like drinking and driving, and stuff of that nature. From the sounds of it you aren’t a smoker which is ok I understand I choose to stop smoking myself but I just thought Id let you know from my prespectuve that marijuana calms people down, helps cancer patients, helps people with eating disorders- and it is natural it is not something that has toxic chemicals in it , it wont damage your liver or give you cancer it came from the eart
      and yes it will open up jobs the goverment will need people to help distruibute and pack ect ect also you should you tube sometime the benifits that legalizing marijuana has had for colorado there school system has had millions contibuted to it as well as programs for drug prevention.
      I am sure from adult to adult u have had an adlt beverage before it is honestly no different form pot if you think about it in certain ways so I don’t think it is just to pick on stoners when you dont know all of the information
      hope i didnt piss you off or anything i am sincerly just stating my thoughts on the matter take it or leave it u can ebate with me of youd like just dont be a jerk ( seems like alot of internet debates have alot of angry people in them and i am not one of thoose people.)

  18. nigguh please says:

    some of you people are way opinion based and need to do a little reserch

    • Destiny says:

      That’s true. Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies done on the effects of marijuana. There really aren’t enough studies to prove anything. Not to mention most of the studies are only over a period of a few years and many of the studies conflict with each other… plus almost all the sources that give you any information on the topic are extremely biased.

    • Maddie101 says:

      well some of its a fact

  19. u dont have to know says:

    you have a point with it beenina gateway drug but that doesnt mean it cause people start doing all this hardcore drugs may people smoke with and just weed soo whats the problem with legalization of it have you ever heard of some one dieing from smokin weed ? didnt think sooo

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