Marijuana Legalization in Indiana

Obama marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol

The climate regarding marijuana legalization in Indiana is shifting, to say the least. Back in 2012, when Carlin Yoder, a Republican Senator in Indiana, gave an interview, his position on legalizing marijuana was pretty clear. At the time, he said that he doesn’t believe in marijuana legalization, has very few reasons to support such an initiative but also thinks it will happen one way or another. You could say that it’s only a matter of time before Indiana legalizes cannabis. This especially evident from a Republican standpoint because when Yoder believes this is inevitable, we bet the Democrats are already developing a thorough marijuana legalization plan.

Colorado & Washington Progress

Our readers are probably well familiar with the progress Colorado and Washington are making in terms of marijuana legalization for recreational use. These two states are serving as great examples and naturally, other states want to follow suit. Specifically, Colorado is making tons of money from selling marijuana and when all else fails, you can always count on money to turn a few heads around. That’s why Indiana Senator Karen Tallian has been steadily pushing cannabis legalization bills in Indiana, especially during the last several sessions. Obviously, none have passed so far but we are hoping that would change in the near future. In fact, she is so infatuated with Colorado’s progress; she is definitely going to introduce another marijuana legalization bill next year as well.

Time To Develop A Strategy

As you can tell, Tallian is very adamant when it comes to marijuana legalization and it would probably be best take baby steps instead of going for a full blown legalization for recreational use. She also believes that legalizing medical marijuana would be best as a first step, something that would open doors to new bills in the upcoming months. Tallian doesn’t seem like she has a specific plan that she will put in motion but instead just screams with ambition and decisiveness. As much as that is a good thing, having no strategy whatsoever doesn’t sound promising. On the other hand, Yoder believes that legalizing marijuana simply for revenue sake is not the best way to go about it because Indiana has enough revenue from activities like gambling and similar sin taxes. That’s why Yoder doesn’t believe that Indiana needs another barely legal way to gain revenue. Simply put, it wouldn’t benefit society as much as Tallian believes it would. So, as much as Yoder says that marijuana legalization is inevitable, he certainly will not be the one contributing to it.

Curtis Hill is the prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County and he has a somewhat old fashioned opinion on legalizing marijuana as he is firmly against because he believes its gateway drug, one that might lead to an increase in crime rates and more problems with the teenage population. We believe education is key here and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the sake of Indiana.

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6 Responses to Marijuana Legalization in Indiana

  1. Kathy Custer says:

    I would love to have access to mmj. I have chronic pain and am so tired of taking opioids to keep pain under control. I could stop taking several of my meds and reduce side effects from pharmaceuticals. The monetary benefits for the state would be great! It is cheaper to grow weed per square foot than tobacco and put people to work. It’s a no nrainer. marijuana does not make you go out and rape, kill or eat babies! Weed users do not commit violent crimes! alcohol is more dangerous to other people than pot. come out of the dark ages Indiana!

  2. Weaver says:

    we wouldn’t need to make more toll roads and waste the hard good working peoples money in Indiana if you would just look at what other states have done or are doing. YES!!! It needs strict laws to keep our children safe. our first priority is the future we set forth for our children but the second thing us Hoosiers need to think about is our state no one else cares if we are in debt legalization of cabanas will save us… Indiana needs to get there crap together and get on the gravy boat. Toll roads are not the answer!!!!

  3. Diane Bravell says:

    Do the research-not via the drug companies. US has a patent on marijuana. Check it out. Why are we still selling cigarettes–we know what tobacco does. We sell alcohol and we know what it does. We sell GMO’s only, I guess we just don’t ‘know’ what it does. And ultimately–follow the money trail–it just wouldn’t be cool to grow your own health in your back yard, now, would it?

  4. Lloyd says:

    But they let alcohol be legal and medical fact it’s hard on your body and alcoholism but marijuana helps arthritis cancer epilepsy and other problems and people don’t go out wanting to fight like a drunk does. Take the conservatives alcohol away and see how they act.

  5. please help this person. He is at the end of his rope and could use some words of encouragement. Together we can make a change. They feed him oxycontin and fentanyl when a joint would work wonders. He served his country and now that country is hoping he dies soon to rid them of their obligation. He deserves some dignity for the rest of his life such as it is. I’m a Canadian and it seems that I care more than his representatives. Find it within yourselves to come to his aid. I beg you

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