Marijuana Facts

Some fascinating marijuana facts:
There is no medical evidence that shows high-potency marijuana is more harmful than low-potency marijuana. Marijuana is literally one of the least toxic substances known. High-potency marijuana is actually preferable because less is of it consumed to obtain the desired effect; thereby reducing the amount of smoke that enters the lungs and lowering the risk of any respiratory health hazards. Claiming that high-potency marijuana is more harmful than low-potency marijuana is like claiming wine is more harmful than beer.
There chance of contracting cancer from smoking marijuana is minuscule. Tobacco smokers typically smoke 20+ cigarettes every day for decades, but virtually nobody smokes marijuana in the quantity and frequency required to cause cancer. A 1997 UCLA study (see page 9) concluded that even prolonged and heavy marijuana smoking causes no serious lung damage. Cancer risks from common foods (meat, salt, dairy products) far exceed any cancer risk posed by smoking marijuana. Respiratory health hazards and cancer risks can be totally eliminated by ingesting marijuana in baked foods.
Coffee contains 1,500 chemicals. Rat poison contains only 30 chemicals. Many vegetables contain cancer-causing chemicals. There is no correlation between the number of chemicals a substance contains and its toxicity. Prohibitionists often cite this misleading statistic to make marijuana appear dangerous.
The U.S. government’s own statistics show that over 75 percent of all Americans who use marijuana never use harder drugs. The gateway-drug theory is derived by using blatantly-flawed logic. Using such blatantly-flawed logic, alcohol should be considered the gateway drug because most cocaine and heroin addicts began their drug use with beer or wine–not marijuana.
Marijuana is not physically addicting. Medical studies rank marijuana as less habit forming than caffeine. The legal drugs of tobacco (nicotine) and alcohol can be as addicting as heroin or cocaine, but marijuana is one of the least habit forming substances known.
A 1996 U.S. government study claims that heavy marijuana use may impair learning ability. The key words are heavy use and may. This claim is based on studying people who use marijuana daily–a sample that represents less than 1 percent of all marijuana users. This study concluded: 1) Learning impairments cited were subtle, minimal, and may be temporary. In other words, there is little evidence that such learning impairments even exist. 2) Long-term memory was not affected by heavy marijuana use. 3) Casual marijuana users showed no signs of impaired learning. 4) Heavy alcohol use was cited as being more detrimental to the thought and learning process than heavy marijuana use.
The U.S. government reports that marijuana-related emergency room episodes are increasing. The government counts an emergency room admission as a marijuana-related episode if the word marijuana appears anywhere in the medical record. If a patient tests positive for marijuana because he/she used marijuana several days before the incident occurred, if a drunk driver admits he/she also smoked some marijuana, or if anyone involved in the incident merely possessed marijuana, the government counts the emergency room admission as a “marijuana-related episode.” Less than 0.2% of all emergency room admissions are “marijuana related.” This so-called marijuana-causes-emergencies statistic was carefully crafted by the government to make marijuana appear dangerous.
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75 Responses to Marijuana Facts

  1. Greg says:

    Yeah. That means you have not gotten high. The first time you get “high”, the experience is OVERWHELMING

  2. tokinokie says:

    I have cancer and weed is the only thing that helps my appetite

  3. TerryLove1 says:

    I’ve been Educated.

  4. Spot says:

    I simply state it should be legal. The whole new industry for the tabbacco industry to roll over to. Think about it. Leagalize use, regulate the growers, distributers, wholesalers, retailers, with laws. Keep it homegrown. Illegalize out of counrty imports of tax these heavier that homegrown. Make penalties for non-compliance to regulations and laws governing the sales, growth, and distribution, smuggling, or importation violation stiff. Then tax the hell out of the product so our governement will be strong. And in the end you’ll still have cheaper marijuana.

  5. Cuauh says:

    I support the legalization but this is the most over rated substance on the planet. Honestly does nothing to me.

    • Bub2145 says:

      that means you have never actually gotten high sometimes it takes numerous times to do it to get your actual high. it also depends on the grade of the marijuana you have smoked

  6. Robert says:

    Bye the way,
    If you are busted with a larger amount of weed & they add distribution to your charges, They will estimate how much income you made off selling & TAX you for it!

  7. Robert says:

    You contradicted yourself on what a gateway drug is?? Too much Liquor with your weed?

  8. Robert says:

    custom cabinetry>>>>>>
    It isn’t addictive. It is habit forming to those who like its effects

  9. Robert says:

    Sounds like you watched AND BELIEVED the movie “REEFER MADNESS”. Don’t make comments which are uneducated nor provided by someone who has no idea of the REAL effects of Marijuana. Those in professions that affect human life will not be under the influence of pot. If they are, then they would also not care if they were under the influence of alcohol when working. You have an ignorant point of view

  10. Robert says:

    I stopped smoking Marijuana over 20 years ago. I was what I would consider a moderate to heavy user. The ONLY thing that made me stop was the fear of going to prison after being busted for growing my own plants at home. I went through NO physical withdrawals at all! Started smoking around age 16 & quit about age 37. I’ve always maintained employment (even though I wonder how now), & have a great paying job. No one should be made a criminal because they smoke weed. I never stole from anyone to get weed in my life! It is a victimless activity that with todays laws, can ruin a persons future for less legitimate reasons than alcoholism. Legalize it’s use with the same restrictions as Alcohol when driving. The only problem I see with that is that you can test positive the day after, without being under the influence.

  11. reynaldo says:

    I’ve been using cannabis daily for the last 56 years.
    I’m a successful entrepreneur, now retired, in super good health at 72 years and with a mind and memory sharp as a gillete blade and a libido of a thirty something man (ask my wife)
    Have none of diseases that plague old age, cholesterol, diabetes, etc etc
    What more can I say!!!
    Legalize NOW!!! Lets get the money from the cartels and give it to our education system!
    Wake up America! Legalize now!

  12. reynaldo says:

    The last Sanja Gupta documentary on CNN proves without any doubt that marijuana its a healing plant to the point of saving lives!
    The illegalization of the plant is a travesty of society!
    How can a sacred and beneficial plant be illegal? How long more society is going to be manipulated by the pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol industry??
    How many more lives will be lost? How much suffering will the people have to endure?
    Legalize NOW! There is no more excuses to keep this plant illegal!!!

  13. D Alley says:

    Big tobacco co.s are the reson it’s illegal because they would lose to much money and wouldn’t be able sell their crap.

  14. Mosfet says:

    alcohol kills people using it,Including the others the user hits with there cars,Shoot with there guns,Because there so drunk they dont give a shi!@$$,About the person there going to shoot! Or rape the female of there pick,Without remorse! Knowing that the first thing in court they use is!!!! Sorry your honnor,I was so wasted I cant remember anything!!Boom!!! Gavel hitting the judges desk top!!Case dismessed! This person did not know what they were doing!Ok!! What about that girl,Child,Or other person that was raped????Or killed!!?? Imprison Drinkers,End of story!!! Or!!!! Leave Marijuana alone!!! And im sure you know this is true!!!!!!

  15. Have potheads only deal with potheads for their needs.This way innocent people would not be harmed.

  16. How many people are killed by people using POT drivers passenger planes,bus. train etc

  17. RC says:

    Some salient points made above.

    But consider: Do you want your surgeon performing a critical surgery on your mother stoned? Do you want the crane operator setting a 2 ton beam on a building stoned. Do you want the school bus driver driving stoned?

    If you want to do drugs, you need to take on responsibilities accordingly. Do work that can’t hurt anyone if you are stoned. Don’t raise kids stoned. Don’t drive stoned. etc.

    This is obviously the case for alcohol and other mind altering drugs.

    I personally don’t smoke pot because I don’t want man boobs and my testicles to shrink in addition to having a clear mind.

    • Nurse Mary Jane says:

      Seriously?? Do you know how many doctors I come across who are coked up before performing surgery? I work with a doctor now at Cleveland Clinic Florida who comes to work every Wednesday, drunk of his ass and performs colonoscopies. He has perforated his fair share of colons sir but some how, he made it as Chief of Staff. Dr. Weiss is his name, so make a google run. Then there are my fellow “old school” nurses who are stoned beyond the stone age and yet they may spend a little more time with patient care but who they take care of has NEVER left the hospital with an infection. I said that to say this: your speculations are clearly something you may have seen on TV but out in the real world, there are hard working parents and people who do their best because they smoke some bud. In your rant, tell me how many children of stoned parents compared to harder drug users and alcoholics, have been neglected, or how many bus drivers have gotten into accidents TEXTING vs. smoking bud. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  18. have been doing bud for 42 years now .since i fought the war in vietnam to fight for my freedom . since than when i was sent to vietnam ot fight for my freedom it is where i was introduced to mary -j and was for about 12 month in vietcong stoned stoned stoned .. bought some home back to the states with me and been growing, selling , smoking , and dealing to my brothers and sisters of this supposedly free america since than . In that 42 years in the state side of this free america it must have been free and legal to do it all along i thought for in that 42 last years and i am a healthy muscular 60 year old now and healthy as an ox . in that 42 years my wife has refused to except me to be smoking it and we still are and been married for 40 years now. the law in my area i mean all cops around here and believe me plenty of them know me never ever has suspected me as a mary smoker and would be flabagated to read this and find out i have been in many terms with herb for this last 42 years . they all never knew me to smoke deal or harvest . never ever been to court or jail or caught doing anything with it except by my wife . she hates me smoking weed , and i love it , ,it calms me from my hostile ,arrogant , totally a bastard mode and person , only to be quite, calm, and very reasonable as when i am stoned . the wife says it makes me forget stuff but how can it i still after 40 years of the day i married her i remember her telling me it is going to be either her or my pot. I chosse my pot . i still chosse my pot .. and i am still with her as she continues to smoke her poisoned tobacco products daily , , . and alot of it . . i stay stoned ,she stays mad . i stay calm , she stays angry at me . i calm and spend 30 amonth on pot 40 years later still and she continues ot spend 30 a every other day on her poisonist cigs. shame on her for not being smart enough after all this time that apperantly the only thinjg pot has confussed me of is after 40 years now smoking mary i can still breath, think ,and spell properly, , , i say LEGALIZE IT SO I CAN LIKE THE HOMOS AND LESIANS i can than get out of my closet and SMOKE FREE AS I FLY HIGH FREE, AND BE LEGAL TO NOW 42 years later do what i fought for, , ,my freedom to smoke what ever i want to put into my mouth . thank you ,,, see ya at the nxt pow wow . .

  19. Trent says:

    I’ve been going to a few different websites to get my facts. First, a negative one: Above the Influence. Then, a seemingly mutual one: boring, you don’t wanna know. Then, this one. I think this has me locked in on my answer, Jeff. Wait till I’m out of high school, because I don’t wanna risk it on their basis that on growing minds, it can be harmful. But if they legalize it in GA, I can wait till I’m 21 instead of in college. Peace, potheads! Be catchin up with ya soon!

  20. michael says:


  21. michael says:

    i need some advice.I have a plant thats nearly ready but i need to know when to harvest.the hairs are 50/50 browning and the smell has changed.It has become thicker and sweeter.Do i pull it and hang it now or leave it a bit longer.please help,i grew this from seed and daylight and dont want to bugger it up.Floyd fan

  22. Are the facts here really true? Now I’m questing the legitimacy of such claims because marijuana has been known to be addictive and provokes wild behavior.

  23. Howie says:

    I am pro legalization for many reasons, as a tax payer for the taxes it could generate: to grow and or sell you need a federal and or state license to do so = REVENUE. To possess and or use you need a license to do so = REVENUE. Personally I would like to use once in awhile, haven’t done so since high school due to the fact that it is illegal and my career choice forced me to be law abiding. Now that my wife and I are retired we would like to use once in awhile. We do not drink alcohol very much but would very much like to enjoy some good weed.

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