Legalize Medical Marijuana

Legalize marijuana and reduce health care costs by reducing the probability of overdoses and accidental ingestion of an unintended drug through standardization of drug purity by state-sponsored production and sale.
There is no clear and obvious third party harm. Such examples are caused by related activities that can be illegal without blanket prohibition. For example, driving while intoxicated is illegal, while drinking alcohol without driving is not.
Harm caused to children by their parents’ excessive drug use is criminal insofar as it constitutes child neglect; drug-specific laws are unneeded.
If drugs were legalized, the companies that manufacture and market them would be sued, such as cigarette companies have been exposed to lawsuits. Legalization of drugs would work to increase liability on producers forcing health standards.
Legalization would allow greater regulation. Cigarettes come with warnings. Alcoholic beverages are clearly marked with the amount of alcohol. Currently legal drugs contain a listing of all active and inactive ingredients. Illegal drugs could be sold legally with ingredients lists, warnings and purity levels clearly marked.
Recreational drug has no clear and obvious harmful effect on anyone besides the user (who chooses to accept those risks). The War on Drugs, on the other hand, places non-users’ friends and loved ones in jail. The War on Drugs does have clear and obvious harmful effects on third parties.
Countries who have experimented with legalization have had positive results.

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19 Responses to Legalize Medical Marijuana

  1. himalayagrow says:

    Of course for the cultivation of marihuna therapeutic or not, but if that is why even much more, is better and have more benefits in combating certain symptoms of enfermades that medication, but leaves them more profitable incharnos a pill instead of leaving us smoking alone.

  2. Joe C says:

    please sign this petition to change the classification of Marijuana. Pass this link on to everyone you know!

  3. JR says:

    I think marijuana needs to be legalized.
    Reasons I say this:
    1. It will create a shit load of jobs (pot farmers, medical stores, recreational stores, and there are more you can list them if you’d like)
    2. It helps with stress, which will lower crime rates, it is not as harmful as tobacco and alcohol,
    I think if marijuana was legalized the united states would be out of debt in 4 years at the max.

  4. gerald mize says:

    I have smoked marijuana sense I was 14 I have also quit on and off just because of work related drug tests I am now 45 , I have several pain issues as well as other problems we wont get into here and now but the bottom line is I have never been addicted nor have I ever had the side effects I get with presciption drugs. I hope anyone who seriously wants to be heard on the legalization issues will check out our facebook group called F.T.C. (Freedom To Cure)…PEACE all and keep up the fight

  5. Zoe says:

    I say yeah, lealize marijuana…but put an age on it if you need to. Cigarettes have killed many people, Marijuana hasn’t killed anyone! Cigarettes can be sold with just a stupid little “Surgeon general” warning. you can treat marijuana like cigarettes. just make the age to buy it 18, and put a warning on it (not that you’d need one).

  6. Linda says:

    I want to reply to Jota,

    I was raised in a Pentecostal church also and I agree with you completely on this matter, even tho we are taught in our religion that drugs are a NO NO. I agree for what ever reason medical or not why isn’t marijuana legal. If someone can function in our world, normally or damn close to it then for God sake give them marijuana. If we need to calm ourselves from the daily stress in this world…smoke some damn pot.

    And God did put it on our earth for a reason, everything he put on this earth was for a reason….man made alcohol….it was put on this earth like marijuana. So lets do the right thing and legalize marijuana and put much stiffer laws out there for those who drink and drive and kill our friend’s, families, and loved ones.

    What the heck law makers, make it against the law to have alcohol period…get rid of the damn stuff, marijuana would make more money then alcohol…..seriously

  7. nancy says:

    as an ICU-RN I can tell you without question I have cared for hundreds of people that have overdosed on everything…. Tylenol to alcohol to cocaine to anti-freeze, but NEVER marijuana.

    NEVER. I have migraines, firbro, anxiety, depression, the whole nine yards, so I would LOVE to see it legal in any form in my state.

    I tell you marijuana is NOT THE GATEWAY DRUG….. ALCOHOL IS…….

    think about it…..

  8. Jota says:

    We need to LEGALIZE marijuana now .. this is insanity – the proven evident facts lie before us .. wake up congress ..wake up senators we the American people have spoken it is time to put aside your stupid rhetoric and wake up and smell the buds.

    My good friend is an child of alcoholics born an alcoholic, he is full of bipolar, schizophrenic, anxiety, mpd but he is a great guy with all that going on .. HE must have his alcohol to function – sadly once that alcohol gets into him he is not himself – Ive forbid him to drink alcohol in my presence BUT what I do allow him to be under the influence of is weed.

    I have observed and watched him on weed and I must say it is a GODSEND – he is like a normal sound person when he smokes I feel a sense of “ah” because all his anxed up schizoid, bipolar personality disorders and character defects subside for several hours his brain literally slows down and he is able to regroup and think – I tell him if he wants to come over and chill with me he MUST smoke a blunt somewhere before coming over otherwise I can not tolerate or deal with him.

    Please help me – help him and lets get legalization of marijuana ASAP – i don’t care if its for medical use or personal consumption whatever the case may be – GOD made marijuana and to be honest I am a true devout Pentecostal and I believe GOD placed that plant in His earth for a purpose .. YES He delivers and heals us from our afflictions / sickness and diseases and I believe the healing can come by consuming HIS creations – and allow that to work its medicinal work in us. You know what I’m saying?

  9. Shannon says:

    I personally can’t see why people view marijuana as such a horrible drug, or see it as a gateway drug. Everything bad that people say about marijuana is how I feel about alcohol.

    I don’t know how this country that we live in that’s suppose to be so great can let a simple beautiful plant cause so much violence in our country. This country will be great when it’s accepted the fact that marijuana is the greatest thing to have ever happened to this country.

  10. josh says:

    Ok not only do I agree with the two above listed replys..but I would like for somone to give me one good reason why it should not be legal.

    How could our country be so stupid? Not only can we save fifteen billion dollars every year as a country by not arresting and prosocuting innocent people .but. ontop of that we would put another fifteen billion dollars per year back into the econmy. Thats thirty billion dollars per year!!!!!!!!!! Ok so that’s not reason enough for all of you stupid ones?

    How about the fact that on average sixty percent of our population smokes are we? Crime would substantially be decresed. Also pot is prooven to have no harmful effects. Alchohol has many harmfull effects. Pot relaxes and makes you peacefully. Alcohol makes you crazy. I will pay 100 us dollars to the person who can give me one logical reason why pot should not be legal. I will stand by that.

    Don’t be stupid puppets of the past. Open your eyes and see that marjuana is not a drug. And it needs to be legalized for the better of our country. And to uphold the rights our forfathers faught and died for.

  11. shortie says:

    For yrs friends told me to try smoking. I hated side effects of pills. If dr says take 2 pills/i take 1/take 1 i take half & in 2010 quit all the anxiety,depression, fibro, insomnia meds COLD.

    I was sick & did it at home w/o any help of any kind. I have vestublar migraines that meds dont touch & i dont like the fogginess of *Er-room* meds.Fibro that causeshorric pain in calves & feet. Anxiety,panic attacks & my mind was like superball”s of thoughts were on over bounce 24/7= insomnia.

    Smoke helps clear me to think w/o the jumble , i calm down,nausea from migraines is better,i havent noticed help with migraine,though it helps me realx from tension of either types of pain. Im not a criminal,, i dont want to depend on meds & the effects on body, mind.

    I can chose when/how much to smoke. Pills dont work that way. All staes need to get rid of the mentality that drinking & scripts are fine & safe.. mj is monsterous thing to use? Really? See me on valium.. no change in stress,, see me on a few tokes.. quiet & calmer.

  12. Ariana says:

    I am doing a school research paper on Legalization of marijuana.

    I feel that there is no need to have the prohibitoin on marijuana still in affect in the US, there is way too many violent crimes and alcoholics in the US.

    I believe as a 16 year old, i have a better out look than the ignorant higher up adults that think they know whats best when they haven’t even experienced the effect of marijuana.

    I have been educating myself of these laws and the history of marijuana. This shit is the stupidest. I haven’t heard of anything more unintelligent than the laws and ignornce of people.

  13. Sam says:

    I lost my license ,paid five hundred dollars in tickets and court costs for smoking plant.

    I’m not really religious but if i were i’d think anyone who makes a plant,fruit,or vegetable illegal is sinning!

  14. Erin says:

    One last thing, I know a guy that smoked weed since he was 10 years old. He’s not sick or anything he just smokes it. He is now 72 and has no problems. His doctors tell him how healthy he is. His memory is good, his mental abilities have increased over the years. This man is my grandfather.

  15. Erin says:

    To emilie.
    The government knows that since there are many many people locked up for posession of marijuana, a lot of the correctional officers won’t be needed.

  16. Erin says:

    I want to know why is it that they can not legalize medical marijuana for people who need it, yet they have pills that kids take that really affect them. I can name five off the top of my head that many people(children, teens, adults) take and overdose, get in bad shape, or end up hurting themselves from taking them: xanax, percoset, oxycontin, suboxone, claddagh pin pills. I myself am a teen and do not smoke. I witnessed many teens that were addicted to pills and overdosed from them or really hurt themselves. I am against smoking anything, but if marijuana helps people, legalize it. How would you feel if a loved one was diagnosed with something and you watched them suffer and the only thing that helped them was marijuana? YOU’D LEGALIZE IT. There are many legal drugs that really affect people. My sister is a really bad “wet” smoker. She is getting skinnier everyday, talks to her self when she isn’t high, its driving her crazy. Wet is a cigarette or marijuana dipped in embalming fluid, which I’m pretty sure they can use something else to preserve a dead body. It drives me crazy knowing all this stuff is out there and legal, yet marijuana isn’t.

    You can’t drive drunk, but you can drive high off of marijuana. How many people do you know died from being high off of marijuana? Or overdosed on it? Exactly. How many people died from alcohol? How many people died from overdosing on pills?

  17. tater says:

    We need to just legalize it make the world alot easier gonna cost the government allot of money fighting to keep it off the streets.

    where is that if u legalize it the government will make money instead of losing it how stupid can they be. Make alcohol illegal it sucks i can tell u by experience do to the fact that my dad died from alcohol im a daily marijuana user and i wont lie it keeps me outta trouble or even thinking about doing anything stupid like crime and um yeah my marijuana wont blow up by the way like all the meth labs.

    Its natural im gonna smoke it when i want.

  18. jason wroten says:

    i cant see how we, as an intelligent people, have the nerve to sell a product such as alcohol that kills numerous people every year and not sell marijuana.

    When are we gonna wake up?

    People, everyone either has or does smoke marijuanna!! welcome to reality. I know Dr.’s, Lawyers, and other high position people that use (and sell) marijuana. Well i find it hard to believe that our “Leaders” are so stupid when it comes to certin issues such as this one. If i could I would legalize it in a heart beat.

    Think about it crime would go down expecially violent crime you are peacful when using marijuanna. You would think that is what our great Leaders would want but then who would they put in jail! Better wake up people and see that we are not free people our country is free but we are not.

  19. emilie says:

    as a recreational marijuana user, i believe that legalization is a positive choice for the united states.
    why do i think its a good choice?

    -more jobs,not only will the marijuana business be booming,but those people who do use marijuana wont get fired for a failed drug test.

    -medical use can be very helpful to those who have cancer,(for nausea caused by chemo)
    Alzheimer’s, anorexia,bulimia, the list goes on…

    -maybe reduce the number of alcoholics?

    -and all together….reduce the stress in everyday lives i wont have to hide to smoke a joint to unwind… 😀

    ……and also may reduce the number of bastards 🙂

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