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The Roots of Marijuana Law in the US:

The Marijuana Tax Act was introduced in 1937. It required sellers to obtain a license. Blanket prohibition was not the intention. Harry Anslinger (Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner) testified in hearings on the subject that the hemp plant needed to be banned because it had a violent “effect on the degenerate races.” This specifically referred to Mexican immigrants who had entered the country, seeking jobs during the Great Depression.

The law passed quickly and with little debate. The American Medical Association (AMA) protested the law soon after, both on the grounds of actual disagreement with the law and the supporter’s lies on the subject, claiming the AMA had vocalized support when, in fact, the opposite was true.

There was some legal wrangling over the issue after it was passed. The people who were allowed to issue the licenses did not do so, effectively banning the drugs. The judicial system did not accept, at first, that being arrested in possession of drugs was a tax violation because it must have come from an unlicensed source (because there were no licenses), thereby avoiding taxes. Thus, the federal government did have the right to regulate the ingestion of drugs.

State Marijuana Laws:

Marijuana Laws in California

Marijuana Laws in Colorado

Marijuana Laws in Alaska

States where medical marijuana is legal

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43 Responses to International Laws

  1. R, Michael Comstock says:

    I suffer with a great many spinal problems spodylolysis form a fall spondylolythesis a form of pre existing spina bifada as well as roto scoliosis. stenosis around my spinal cord in both lumbar and thoratic spine along with bone spures and arthritis and scar tissue that impacts the cord from 2 surgies to remove part of the vetabra and the disk at L5 to relive preassure on the spinal cord these are soso painful that i’m on full time morpine suplimented with oxy for years. now however my liver is showing higher than normal levels and my heart is acting up with angina symptoms. and my only option is to stay on morphine or be illegal here in Indiana. i’m now unable to do anything but lay down in a recliner or it causes me great pain and must use a power chair that reclines to keep the preassure off my spine. and if i choose to start smoking the VA will no longer treat me when my federal or state required blood test come back positive. so in other words I must continue with morphine till it kills me or not have care for my spinal condition. if I could move back to oregon I would but travel is a real difficult for my condition. Indiana just needs to get off thier high horse and let people who need alternative pain relif get it. Heck I go to church but I understand real pain too and I wish they all could just live with what I do for 1 week and they would be singing a different tune!!!

  2. gary pitts says:

    marijuana is totally different from alcohol in the since if something important comes up u can get straight in minutes if ur drunk all u can do is sleep it off. i’m a dieabetic and can not drink marijuana doesn’t blur my vision are cause me to lose digit such as fingers and toes;

  3. Hannah says:

    The legalization of marijuana is a long-standing issue that has recently come into public awareness. With Colorado and Washington state recently legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, more attention has been brought to the possibility of a nation-wide change of policy regarding marijuana’s legal status. The main benefits that legal cannabis would provide is the huge increase in state tax revenue, the creation of thousands of new jobs in the new industry, and a wide variety of health benefits to medicinal users. New research in the area of marijuana and its benefits has began to show new data positively supporting the economic growth and development of industry, as well as new medical research being conducted to explore the health benefits of the plant further than ever before. Professionals in the fields of medicine, economics, criminology, and many others are showing slow but steady support that marijuana legalization has huge potential for positive changes in our nation. There is still research to be conducted on the overall effect of legalization, however, studies so far have shown positive reinforcement.

  4. Randy D says:

    legalize it nationwide…..and take the \power\ out of the cartels….that have been making millions per year off our consumers & they can’t even speak our English language……:( do it now and put the wetbacks to bed!!!!

  5. darrel says:

    come on who is agianst pot go out and get you a bottle of liqur and kill someone or go smoke a joint and relax.Becuse it will come to pass and it will be leagal and you can’t stop it.

  6. Sally says:

    Honestly, people are going to do it legally or illegally. They find it from friends and it being illegal isnt stopping them. They only want it to be legal so they can do it without holding it as a secret and hiding whenever they do it. WHo cares if youre chillin at a party smokin a blunt. You dont even care that youre handing cancer sticks out like its nothing when all my friends parents buy their ciggarettes for them! I have straight As and am in 3 different school functions and I smoke every single day. But i dont smoke ciggs, or do any other hard drug. What exactly is the problem? They just want reasons to arrest people. Thats it.

  7. Sam says:

    This page needs to be updated! Washington State and Colorado State have both passed laws allowing for the recreational use of marijuana but niether is mentioned here. As of December 6th, 2012 any adult over the age of 21 (in Washington) will be able to posess up to one ounce of marijuana. You can’t legally buy it or sell it yet as the state will take at least one year to establish the rules that will regulate this industry before it will issue any license. The outgoing Governor has been in contact with the feds and from what I read in the news they are not going to block this law. Colorado’s law is very simular but without a DUI standard.

  8. austin says:

    the numbers are they’ir why not. Well i’ll tell you why not because in the goverment makes more money off marijuana while it say in illeagle. Plus look at Obama he said he would suport us and it got him elected. shortly after that he said it was a myth and he had no plan of making it leagle. But to all who read this I pray that some day soon we all can be free form oppersion. So I say how can we move forward with this topic and get to our goal?

  9. I dont particularly care for the high I get from Marijuana. But I do care that my frieds and family that might chose to use it could face legal ramifications due to what should be a personal choice, much like alcohol. If you care about Freedom in general, support Ron Paul now while he pursues the Presidential nomination. He also supported recent legalization laws like H R 2306. Lets forget about getting high for a bit and focus on getting free, so we can really fly.

    i am a registered voter !!

  11. tman says:

    lrts see, take sum zanex, or smoke a joint, zanex, joint. i like to be able to function so ill smoke. So my doctor says , : i need zanex for my nerves, ok ill try it. wow, sleep forever, pounding headach, ran into a open door, how you say, take a zanex, its possible. got a phone call, bad news had to leave rite then, guess what, got a DUI. nice. went home and smoked a joint. i would challange ant gov. offical to a drug test.. they wopuld have legal drugs, such as\ zaned, loritab, oxicotton, morphen, ect. all ull find in tis puppets body is pot. no other drugs. now who do you trust?

  12. tman says:

    lets see, smoke a joint or drink sum jack, smoke, jack. hummmm. think ill smoke. jack kills.

  13. tman says:

    yes, leave the laws the way they are. our congress and government knows whats best for ytou and me,who will be refured as puppets from now on, that u and me, PUPPETS. so i say cool keep the laysthe way the are. let our neighbors to the south kill each other and us to get tbhis product to the people. yes i say leave the laws alone, we need to keep our jails full so theres no room for other less seriouse offenders, sujch as child molesters, probation cause theres no room. yes i say, let the laws stand. waste the puppets money jailing pot smokers, that bad group of p-uppets that need guidence, so says the pupp-ets leader. HELL NO I SAY, BULL. BULL, BULL. THE PUPPETS HAVE SPOKEN. FREE OUR SOUTHERN BROTHERS FROM THE BONDS OUR LEADER EMPOSE ON ALL OF US. NO, NO, HELL NO. IM SMOKEN. IM FREE. AND MY LEADERS KAN KISS MY ASS, i say fire it up in protest. BULL<BULL<BULL

  14. Chubbs says:

    Just legalize it. Make it easier to get, that way some of us that do it so much its like practice’n a religion, Won’t have to sell anymore. It gets old.

  15. John says:

    You know what, people are saying that they should legalize marijuana, because it’s fun, because it would be less violence, because you could make money off of it easily by taxing it, so on and so forth. You know what my opinion is? Legalize it, you know why? Because you have NO RIGHT at all, to say what I can and cannot do with MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT of FREE WILL. Yeah I’m angry at a lot of things, I’ve used marijuana for several reasons, mainly for pain for things that the doctors won’t do nothing about other than “Here take this and it’ll go away” or “Here’s something for the pain and here’s something to make the infection go away”.

    Yeah I like the effects of marijuana as well and honestly it gives me a sense of peace within myself, I don’t go out and harm other people, I don’t impose on the free will of others, and I don’t go out of my way to do those things, I sit at home, mind my own business, and get punished for putting into my own body that I should have the right to do if I so choose to do so.

    I don’t need the government or anyone else telling me how to live my life, if I want to smoke 1000 pounds in one sitting and kill myself by doing so that should be my choice, yeah it’s impossible to do that and I wouldn’t, but I was making a point, Legalize marijuana and stop imposing on my Free Will. Thank you.

  16. Vickie Cardellini says:

    The official White House website has a petition that is going gangbusters: Legalization of Marijuana in the Manor of Alcohol. We have until Oct. 22 to gather as many signatures as possible.

    You need to sign in with your real name.!/petition/legalize-and-regulate-marijuana-manner-similar-alcohol/y8l45gb1

    Help spread the word!

  17. amber diamond says:

    all i have to say is… legalize it. 🙂

  18. Ashlyn Wekas says:


  19. Ashlyn Wekas says:

    Smoke weed for the rest of yo life !!! dont care about what ppl tell you! its good for your soul!ici

  20. robin payne says:

    i have been having seizures from trimengenial neuralgia for eighteen years and taking prescriptions zonegran and tegretol to make it through this life…i have seeped into depression because of all this pain…for some reason after 20 years of being so sick i tried marijuana to see if it would help me…i feel so much better…it relaxes the muscle spasms which causes the trimengenial nueralgia….and i can fall asleep better.

    It is hard to fall asleep and stay asleep when i lay down….it is then when the injured areas begin to palpatate faster….i joined here today and am going to do everything i can to get it legalized in my state….why should i suffer any more than i have to…..let me have what i need to get through this horrible pain i confront twenty-four seven…have mercy…i am a born again beliver and i believe marijuana is a natural medicine from God.

  21. Steven Meritt says:

    I have smoked weed for years, I have never seen anyone start a fight, become irate ,or become destructive. But everyone I know that consums alcohol on a daily basis has more problems than any one person should have (Drama) and usually become destructive to either one’s self,or to some one else.

    Marijuana is the (Herb of Love), and we need alot more of that in this entire world that is full of hate.

    The money that can be made by (TAXING) the sales of weed would be huge to say the least. everyone that I know thinks marijuana shold be legalized,even people that dont smoke it

  22. Tobias says:

    Funny Facts about the Netherlands:

    -86% of our cops smoke weed when they are done with their shift

    -72% of dutch people smoke weed at least twice a year

    -12% of children between 14 and 18 have smoked weed at least once

    -Growing marijuana is legal, as long as you don’t have more then 2 plants per household

    -You should have seen my school locker back when I was in high school (3 years ago, I’m 19 years old now)

  23. Tobias says:

    All I can say is that I’m glad I live in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), we are allowed to carry 5gram, also every city here has at least 3 \Coffeeshops\, with the best quality weed and hasj, sold to everyone over the age of 18. We are allowed to smoke in our own homes and in those shops. Here, we are allowed to do so from the age of 18.

    Let me tell you something: It Works Perfectly! Since you can just buy it from a licensed shop, you know the quality is alright, and also, we have almost no dealers on the streets, less crime etc.

    The only reason that marijuana is illegal in the US is because the government outlawed hennep as a cheap fabric for paper, clothes and such.

    The point is easy: Just legalize it, I want you guys to have the same we’ve got over here.

    And if they don’t legalize, just save some money and buy a plane ticket to Amsterdam, call 0634106122 when you arrive and I’ll show you where you can buy the best stuff.

  24. joey says:

    God this is stupid weed should be legale come on the law inforcment department would save so much and the grocerie stores would love it cuz of the munchies after tokin’ smoke bud

  25. Rachel says:

    I think marijuana should be legalized also, along with millions of others. It not only helps everyone feel good, and get along it actually helps the economy. How? Think of how many smokers are in the US.. Okay they need there munchies and something to drink of course. Think of how much money that is, just from potheads. We also need lighters, papers, and air fresheners.

    Also, most of us smoke a cigarette after tokin’ it up. I mean c’mon if the government legalized it so much good would come out of it. Maybe then our economy wouldn’t be so bad. A marijuana store opening in my town? Whoa. You have no idea how many customers there would be. Besides, its not like it has killed anyone. Its better than smoking a cigarette or drinking a damn beer.

    Yeah, of course you would still have to use it responsibly. But really its an over all great idea for marijuana to be legalized. I really think government officials or whoever it is that rules over this decision needs to think out of the box.

    God himself said that he gave us all the plants on earth to be used. “Humans have specific receptors for experiencing and enjoying the effects of marijuana, if a higher being created us with intelligent design and gave us that ability, wouldn’t it be an acceptable argument that it was meant to be?”

  26. Jourdin says:

    all i need to get by in life is some good weed and a good woman!

  27. R.B. says:

    As far as the laws on marajuana go. They are bullshit. Cops will do whatever they want to charge you with whatever they want. If that means adding some to the bag, or just seizing your car for having a joint, then they’ll do it. I’m staying away from it until I can legally use the stuff. Otherwise, the penalties just aren’t worth it.

  28. john says:

    my mom smokes i just want to help her save money by growing it ourselves SMOKE BUDS!!

  29. Mason says:

    I think it should be legalized.

    Besides the positive effects it has in a medical sense, if the Federal Government could tax it like alcohol or tobacco, this could “stimulate” the economy, instead of flushing millions of dollars a year down the drain in order to keep people from smoking, which is never gonna happen.

  30. Jacki says:

    I smoke weed every day, all day. it is completely harmless and ppl need to stop freaking out about smokers. We really aren’t hurting anyone with our pot smoking. I hold a decent job and I’m still in school. not only that but green makes people creative and it gives ppl a voice!

  31. Duane R. Olson says:

    There is no congressionally enacted federal criminal statute that make it a federal-crime to possess, manufacture, distribute, or dispense, ‘drugs and or other substances’. Moreover, there is no congressionally enacted federal criminal statute, or laws against the United States or common law, standing alone or stitched together, that would PROHIBIT, FORBID, or make it UNLAWFUL for any person to possess or distribute drugs and narcotics!

    This is not a joke nor is it some ‘crack-pot’s’ application of the doctrine of constuctive implcation, a \legal-eagle’s conclusion of law, or a twilight-zone interpretation of federal drug laws! Every one has a ‘right’ to be WRONG, but nobody has a ‘right’ to be WRONG about the facts, especially the nine members seated on the bench of the United States Supreme Court!! Want self-evident proof \beyond a reasonable doubt? For serious minded people, a 6-page synopsis of my ‘discovery’, (for want of a better word), is available. duane

  32. Mercedes says:

    I think weed should legalized!

    I had to go to treatment for smoking it every day.I was still having good grades i was getting what was needed to be done. I had some melt downs once in a while but it wasnt extreme at all. I think the US should stop being scared and just let us smoke.

    Children are already smoking and selling anyways so the worry of kids being able to get it isnt a very good arguement because it is already happening. Weed isnt that bad for you and we are choosing to smoke it and we should be able to.

    We live in a free country but we cant use what we want. That doesnt make very much sense. But with this i think we should be able to smoke weed of we want too and we shouldnt be getting in trouble for it. And this would come from a lot of smokers mouths so im happy i was able to help some people out.

  33. Zack Doobie says:

    I have been smoking weed for almost three years now and it hasnt effected anything about me. I can still exercise regularly and I havent gained any weakness from it. If it isnt legal in 2 years, we really need to reconsider our outlook on life. SMOKE BUDS!

  34. Osvaldo says:

    i think it should be legal cuz it wuld cause less wars and i mean you dont hav to smoke weed if u dont want too, its all about choice

  35. jim says:

    Just leave it illegal. The feds and states will just have more control, more money, more research and bureaucracy will grow as always. Dope tests will be harder to pass and a greater chance of being fired. There will be automobile drive by test scans and more roadblocks (the police will be pissed off). All the negatives of dope will be accentuated by the conservatives (we will be barraged). It works the way it is. Let people make some money even if illegal.

  36. taylor watters says:

    The legalization of marijuana could possibly be an economical friendly action.

    In my home town dispensaries have been popping up like crazy. the city taxes them very hard, which is leading to the renovation of our streets. our streets have needed fixing for years but the city didn’t have enough money to fix them nor even keep them maintained. i have a theory that if we legalize it federally and tax it, our government can get us out of this severe debt.

    its proven that it is less harmful than tobacco products, and it has no addictive qualities unlike tobacco and alcohol. if our government was to treat it as tobacco in the sense of the age limit for it to be legally bought, and alcohol in the sense that using and driving isn’t allowed and they put other necessary policies on it this could possibly work. think about it

  37. Riley says:

    Is it legal to grow in the united states? Because of hemp lotion and stuff? But like not selling it for the smoking purpose? Persay..

  38. Chris says:

    I don’t understand why the government won’t legalize weed. I know that th ey “say” that they can’t find a way to tax it but any retard could figure that out. I mean seriously weed is a piece drug. There are 3 side effects on most cases of weed use.

    Those side effects are 1. Happy 2. Hungry 3. Sleepy. That’s it, nothing more. No one feels like robbing a bank while there stoned. They would just rather eat some chips or something and just relax. And not once have I ever seen people fight while they are stoned. I have actually seen 2 people that hated each other get stoned together and become best friends. The world would be so much better if weed was legal.

  39. ty the sly guy says:

    dude, bud is like my life.

    If it were legalized it would make erryones life so much easier. no one has ever died form it. it doesnt llead to harder drugs, and errybody loves it.

    But needless to say, weed is all i need. legalize cause you know its the right thing to do.

  40. jordan says:

    i think it should just be banned all together!!!!!

  41. Mike says:

    dude weed is amazing i think it should be legalized. it would make the world much safer becuz people would be happy…heyy the grocery stores would love u!!!!

  42. paul-ballew says:

    for rell how can i grow medical marjnana by licenses law?

  43. tim says:

    Not hurtin anybody, Ive known people that have smoked it for 40 years and still hold great jobs and dont do hard drugs.

    Look at alcohol you cn just about buy it on every corner and you here bout people getting bashed and people being dick heads, cuz there drunk ya dnt see people out there doin anything like that if there stoned it would be alot more pieceful if weed was legalized. ….give it ago….comon gillard fairgo!….just make bongs illegal on streets there discusting…but i do smoke out of a bong i love it but there dirty! cathya

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