The History of Marijuana

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years, both for smoking and for making rope and fuel. Then, between 1937 and 1947, $220 billion was spent by the American government to mount a propaganda war, painting the plant as a source of evil. This despite the fact that, back in 1797, hemp aka marijuana, was the major cash crop of President George Washington at his Mount Vernon estate. Thomas Jefferson also grew hemp.

The cost of outlawing marijuana rose even higher: between 1948 and 1963 the cost came in at $1.5 billion; from 1964 to 1969 – so just four years – the cost had risen to $9 billion. The cost continues to rise.

Marijuana History Milestones

7000 to 8000 Dried hemp woven into fabric
6000 Hemp seeds used as food by the Chinese
2727 Cannabis used as a medication in China
1200 Marijuana used as medication in India
800 Cannabis becomes the ‘sacred grass’ of the hindus
700 to 300 Marijuana becomes high status plant in Scythia An ancient region of Eurasia extending from the mouth of the Danube River on the Black Sea)
500 Marijuana plant was introduced into Europe
500-600 Cannabis is mentioned in the Jewish sacred text, the Talmud
900 to 1000 Cannabis becomes popular as a ‘recreational drug’ in the Arab world, where alcohol was prohibited
1492 Columbus did not just ‘sail the ocean blue’ he also introduced the cannabis Sativa plant to America
1619 In Jamestown, Virginia, marijuana becomes a compulsory crop and is used as a trading crop between US and Central and South Asia
1797 George Washington grows marijuana
1798 Napoleon bans the use of marijuana after noting the amount of marijuana smoked by the Egyptians
1840 Cannabis based medicines available in America and hashish medications sold in Persia (Iran)
1876 Marijuana gifted to the Americans by the Sultan of Turkey resulting in an sudden increase in Turkish smoking parlors across North East US
1906 The FDA was formed, giving the government an insight into drug use within the country
1908 Henry Ford uses hemp plastic to make the first Model T. He fuels it with ethanol made from hemp.
1913 Anti-marijuana law passed in California, banning the use of “preparations of hemp, or loco weed
1915 Anti-marijuana law passed in Utah
1919 Anti-marijuana law passed in Texas
1924 Anti-marijuana law passed in Louisiana
1927 Anti-marijuana law passed in New York
1928 Recreational use of marijuana outlawed in the UK
1930 Harry J Anslinger becomes first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, declaring war on drugs
1930 First use of the word ‘Muggles’ – not non-wizards as per J K Rowling but bales of marijuana
1936 Reefer Madness propaganda film released stating that marijuana causes madness.


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28 Responses to The History of Marijuana

  1. zaya says:

    im pretty sure if marijuana had no medical use value the hospitals would not use it.
    legalizing marijuana would be great because for one it would help the law focus more on violent criminals that would do more harm to anyone other than some trees. secondly weed is consumed individually by a consumer. its not hurting anybody else but the person inhaling it. if they legalize weed smugglers wouldnt need to smuggle and we would have to be in so much dept then we all ready are schools and etc could really use the money.

  2. zaya says:

    im pretty sure if marijuana had no medical use value the hospitals would not use it.
    legalizing marijuana would be great because for one it would help the law focus more on violent criminals that would do more harm to anyone other than some trees. secondly weed is consumed individually by a consumer. its not hurting anybody else but the person inhaling it. if they legalize weed smugglers wouldnt need to smuggle and we would have to be in so much dept then we all ready are schools and etc could really use the money.

  3. zaya says:

    im pretty sure if marijuana had no medical use value the hospitals would not use it.
    legalizing marijuana would be great because for one it would help the law focus more on violent criminals that would do more harm to anyone other than some trees. secondly weed is consumed individually by a consumer. its not hurting anybody else but the person inhaling it. if they legalize weed smugglers wouldnt need to smuggle and we would have to be in so much dept then we all ready are schools and etc could really use the money.

  4. brandon says:

    who cares if it is or not. if u dont like it, dont do it, if u like it do it

  5. Terry says:

    I can not believe that the government will allow a drug that if enough is consumed can cause you to lose all bodily functions, the ability to speak coherently, lose the ability to walk, stay awake, operate an piece of equipment (cars)
    and sometimes become extremely violent. I might also add that this drug causes bodily injury and has no medicinal value. This drug is called alcohol. They will on the other hand want to regulate a plant that grows wild in our country and has a medicinal value. When used recreationally is know to cause laughter. munchies and the urge to love the one you’re with. The real reason they want to regulate it is because they were not smart enough to figure out how to tax it and distribute it first before the underground did.

    • Cam says:

      Actually marijuana was illegalized in the beginning because it could make EVERYTHING lumber could make, at a fraction of:

      1.) The destruction to our Earth (not important right?)

      2.) The price and time to grow hemp (pfft F that let’s wait 40 years for trees instead of 6-8 months)

      3.) Hemp was an easy target because of the mindless masses that (SOMEHOW STILL TO THIS DAY) can’t think enough for themselves to realize how truly harmless marijuana is.

      A few smear campaigns later and the general public is lapping up every lie the government can spoon feed them. My poor grandparents still have it in their mind that marijuana kills brain cells, all because of a “scientific study” that if you looked up the REAL details to (because the truth wasn’t told by the government until some decade after it happened) you would be horrified.

      In fact:

      The experiment In 1974 reported from Dr. Heath had concluded that Rhesus monkeys, smoking the equivalent of only 30 joints a day, began to atrophy and die after 90 days they said Marijuana kills brain cells.

      5 years later The Truth comes out

      The Facts: Suffocation of Research Animals

      As reported in Playboy, the Heath “Voodoo” Research methodology involved strapping Rhesus monkeys into a chair and pumping them with equivalent of 63 Colombian strength joints in “five minutes, through gas masks,” losing no smoke. Playboy discovered that Heath had administered 63 joints in five minutes over just three months instead of administering 30 joints per day over a one-year period as he had first reported. Heath did this, it turned out, in order to avoid having to pay an assistant’s wages every day for a full year.

      The monkeys were suffocating! Three to five minutes of oxygen deprivation causes brain damage—“dead brain cells.”

      To sum it up, by inhumanly suffocating monkeys and blaming the marijuana for killing their brain cells. He could have done the same experiment with water, corn, mashed potatoes, milk, ANYTHING YOU SHOVE DOWN AN ANIMALS THROAT WILL CAUSE THEM TO STOP BREATHING AND THEIR BRAIN TO ATROPHY.

      To “prove” to the world how “evil” this harmless drug is, people TORTURED animals. If anyone can still stand behind illegalized marijuana after knowing that, I will truly never be able to comprehend your logic, because it hardly exists.

    • joe says:

      what about alcohol? I never seen anyone who smoke marijuana start a fight because of “big ball syndrome”. alcohol is worse than weed and death from alcohol proves it. how many deaths attribute to weed?……thought so.

  6. M Allen says:

    I agree with these people. All these people! I was in a car accident and couldn’t get the pain meds I needed. I smoked what I had left which was “resin” and didn’t realize till a few moments later that I had no pain! My shoulder was shattered and is still fractured two years later because I can’t afford to have it repaired. Smoking helps with pain, appetite ( because when I hurt I have no appetite), and sleep so I can relax the constant muscle spasms. Thank God he added the cannabis to his list of WEEDS he created. For it is a weed, not a pharmaceutical! I feel for all the cancer patients, and all others suffering with pain and other physical problems that marijuana would definitely help to make them comfortable at least. If it helps prevent cancer, Thank God again! God Bless all.

  7. faith says:

    Legalization makes more sense than ever right now…Besides the fact that marijuana is just a plant, and can help untold numbers of people with pain and other medical conditions…I really wonder how much profit would be stripped from the mexican drug cartels if Americans could grow their own marijuana…How much impact would legalization have on the violence that is taking place in Mexico as I write this post….If we don’t have to buy it on a black market wouldn’t that impact smuggling operations drastically? My guess is legalization would have a very positive impact on this situation…DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING TORTURED, MAIMED and KILLED BY THE WAR ON DRUGS—LEGALIZE NOW!!!! AND NOT JUST FOR MEDICAL USE!!! REMOVE ALL CRIMINALITY FOR GROWING and/or POSSESSING SOMETHING GOD MADE. We all know GOD knows best

  8. Will says:

    As much as I would like to argue that marijuana is a plant and NOT a drug, it actually is a drug. a drug is any substance that has a physical affect on the mind and body. that is why alcohol is classified as a drug too. but i do still like to consider marijuana a plant

    • Jerry says:

      In response to will
      I actually have a prescription for air. To be more precise, I have a scrpt for Oxygen. The VA Hosp in Indpls sent me home with a oxygen concentrator to hook to my nose so I can breathe without gasping for breath.

    • katarina says:

      in reasons to will and the whole blog,
      Anything could be a drug, but however that doesn’t mean its bad for you. just because it is in the category of drugs doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get legalized. also if you are talking about drugs being bad and stuff, then let me tell that their are many over thousands of drugs people use a day, ITS CALLED MEDICATION!!! there have been many debates on how marijuana should and shouldn’t be legalized. I believe that it should because the only people that doesn’t want it to be legalized is the ones that are goody two shoes and think that everything that they are told that is bad is bad. if they don’t want to do the “drug” then they don’t have too. however people that do enjoy it and find it to be helping them with whatever problem they have, should be able to do it and do whatever they want with it freely. I do not see why this is such a big deal to everyone.

  9. gina says:

    mercaydes- fibromyalgia is often caused by fluoride toxicity. get your mom to de-tox. see

    chris- gout does hurt. i had it when i was on a high protein diet, tho i am vegetarian. i was eating a lot of dried beans. cut way back on the protein and get plenty of liquids. i hope you can get rid of it. 😀

    btw- i have seen skin cancers cured by cannabis essence, but i have also seen them cured with raw eggplant. i do believe that cannabis is one of the ‘mother’ plants and should be completely legal and uncontrolled, but there are other growing things that act on disease.

  10. gina says:

    hi- i just read this- and pulled this interesting bit from it, pg 26:

    The federal government’s argument that marijuana has no medical value is straightforward. A
    drug, in order to meet the standard of the Controlled Substances Act as having a “currently
    accepted medical use in treatment in the United States,” must meet a five-part test:
    (1) The drug’s chemistry must be known and reproducible,
    (2) there must be adequate safety studies,
    (3) there must be adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy,
    (4) the drug must be accepted by qualified experts, and
    (5) the scientific evidence must be widely available.

    it seems to me, as emilie says, that condition 1 cannot ever be met by a whole plant. so wtf? has any legalization organization argued from this point? how is ‘drug’ defined by the controlled substance act? hmmm.

    and what does the controlled substance act have to do with fiber and oil products? and where is the public information campaign on hemp?

    also unusual in the report, and among people i know, is the assumption that medical marijuana is smoked. except in treating nausea, it has to be eaten.

  11. kyliee says:

    legalize marijuana. its not a drug. it doesnt kill you. so yeahhh. legalize it!! (:

  12. scott says:

    marijuana is not bad. this government is going to far AND abuseing thier power. its really pissing me off. lealize it please. it will only help

  13. jackiee says:

    legalize weed it keeps stress off people and helps some people live in this world

  14. Vaporizer Guy says:

    One day marijuana will be legalized! Hopefully sooner than later!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Mercy beacause i am 17 years old and have been helping take care of my mother for 8 years she has P.P.I.A.H which is a heart disease. my mom has to go throught the same stuff mercy’s mom goes through, she is getting worse every day and is the only person allive to make it to level 7 of it.

    She made this level when the doctor told her to try marijuana and it worked for her. then she was taken off of it and it kills me to see her go throught all that pain. i wish they would legalise the marijuana because it is a great pain killer. i♥u mom.

  16. Sue says:


    I am a 47 years old and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    I totally agree with you… Marijuana should be legalized! The only thing that helps me is medibles and hash for body pain. I hope you live in a State that is legal for Medical Marijuana. I have so many emotional problems dealing with not being able to work any longer.

    May God bless your Mother and you to stay strong and help the cause of making this plant legal. It is very good that you are supportive of your Mother… this decease makes you feel so crazy!

  17. Chris says:

    Exactly, I agree with mercy.

    Why doesn’t the government step in and help people like that? Because it’s illegal? That’s bull. I weed even helps people that have cancer with there pain. If not legalize it completely then legalize it for medical use in all 50 states. I know how much it can help with pain. I have a terrible injury on my right leg and gout in the other. They hurt constantly.

    Usually I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. But when I smoke I could care less if my legs hurt or not. I mean yeah sometimes I just want to sit and relax but other times it makes it were I can get out and do things. And I hate it when it is called a drug. It is not a drug. Weed comes out of the ground just like any other plant.

  18. mercy says:

    My name is mercaydes, i am 22 yrs old working and goings to school to become a probation officer. During my busy life i am taking care of my mother who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My mother has been dealing with this pain for five yrs going on six.

    My mother has tried just about every medication that is saposed to help with the Fibromyalgia but either she has a reaction or her insurance wont cover it. Because my mother can not work she is on wellfare, she has been turned down from ssi three times due to the government not having the equipment to diagnose this illness. It becomes very emotional for my mother to deal with not being able to work. I have to dress her and help her walk most of the time.

    This illness attacks her joints and muscles causing her body to cripple in the near future. I have no clue on why the government wont leagelize marijuana for a medical reason for people with these kinds of issues.

    I know by studies and reasrch that marijuana will help with my mothers pain and suffering. So YES they should leagelize marijuana and save the hassel of putting people away for smoking it just inforce some rules on it…i guess.

    Well i think i took up so much space. So im going to leave whomever reads this with a little emotional feeling from my heart. My mother means the world to me and if marijuana needs to be leagelized for her to get the proper painless care then thats all i wish in this world.

  19. Dav says:

    Hmmm, looking at these benefits of having marijuana. (I am thinking… I am thinking… looking at data, I am thinking…)

    YES! Marijuana should be legalized! (PERIOD)

  20. Anna says:

    i agree with emilie why prohibit a plant but not prohibit medications made in labs??

  21. emilie says:

    war on drugs?
    marijuana is’nt a drug…
    its a plant…
    drugs get cooked up in the kitchen

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