Heard of the “War on Drugs”?

It refers to governmental programs intended to suppress the consumption of certain recreational drugs. First used by US President, Richard Nixon, in 1972 to describe US’s programs, equivalent terms are now used in many countries.

The War on Drugs utilizes several techniques to achieve its goal of eliminating recreational drug use:

specialized law enforcement agencies, officers and techniques
information campaigns to educate the public on the dangers of recreational drug use
critics often cite these campaigns as a primary reason to end the War on Drugs; they claim the campaigns are frequently misleading or outright lying
streamlined enforcement and evidence-gathering procedures

Marijuana is a drug included in the “war”. Drugs deemed socially, religiously, medically or politically unfit for recreational use are frequently banned. The legal position of marijuana alters throughout the world, reflecting how Governments wage their “war”. From a blanket prohibition suppressing all use, to permitting certain amounts for personal use, the legalization of marijuana fights different fights in different countries. However arguments FOR and AGAINST the legalization of marijuana remain the same.

The Roots of Marijuana Law in the US
The Marijuana Tax Act was introduced in 1937. It required sellers to obtain a license. Blanket prohibition was not the intention. Harry Anslinger (Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner) testified in hearings on the subject that the hemp plant needed to be banned because it had a violent “effect on the degenerate races.” This specifically referred to Mexican immigrants who had entered the country, seeking jobs during the Great Depression.

The law passed quickly and with little debate. The American Medical Association (AMA) protested the law soon after, both on the grounds of actual disagreement with the law and the supporter’s lies on the subject, claiming the AMA had vocalized support when, in fact, the opposite was true.

There was some legal wrangling over the issue after it was passed. The people who were allowed to issue the licenses did not do so, effectively banning the drugs. The judicial system did not accept, at first, that being arrested in possession of drugs was a tax violation because it must have come from an unlicensed source (because there were no licenses), thereby avoiding taxes. Thus, the federal government did have the right to regulate the ingestion of drugs.



Prohibition must be weighed against the loss of personal freedom.   Countries have a responsibility to respect individual free will and the right of self-determination.

The immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one set of moral beliefs. For example, it is discriminatory to claim that Judeo-Christian abstinence from intoxication is the correct set of moral beliefs.

The War on Drugs serves the immediate interests of politicians. By taking a “moral” stand against recreational drugs, or fighting the evils caused by the illegal drug trade they increase their popularity amongst constituents.

Legal prohibition does not stop consumers from consuming drugs, it does not stop trafficants from producing and selling it. The price of the final product increases to abnormally high values because of the black market status, which together with the powerful effects of drug addiction causes users to commit crimes in order to fund their addiction.

Critics of the War on Drugs advocate the partial or complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, combined with a system of regulation, as happens with alcohol and prescription drugs. By providing legal supplies of currently illegal drugs the price will fall, leading to a collapse in the illegal drug industry, and a reduction in crimes committed by both drug suppliers and users. They also argue that the reduction in the price will lead to little, if any, growth in drug addiction, due to the inelasticity of demand. Some even state that in a strictly regulated market, drug use may fall overall, by removing the marketing activities of the illegal drug industry.

It is not worthwhile for a law to forbid people from willingly exposing their own bodies to harm by using drugs, any more than by overeating or bungee-jumping. Obesity is a national epidemic, killing millions every year, but the government has no right to regulate how much citizens eat.

Drug users exercise free will when they chose to use drugs; a person has the right to give up his or her own freedom. A Government does not have the right to dictate them. No drug eliminates free will. It is possible to quit using any drug. Many banned drugs are significantly less deleterious to free will than legal alcohol or tobacco. Severe physiological addiction has been demonstrated for tobacco (stronger than cocaine), but no strong physiological addiction has been shown for marijuana.

Legalize marijuana and reduce health care costs by reducing the probability of overdoses and accidental ingestion of an unintended drug through standardization of drug purity by state-sponsored production and sale.

There is no clear and obvious third party harm. Such examples are caused by related activities that can be illegal without blanket prohibition. For example, driving while intoxicated is illegal, while drinking alcohol without driving is not.

Harm caused to children by their parents’ excessive drug use is criminal insofar as it constitutes child neglect; drug-specific laws are unneeded.

If drugs were legalized, the companies that manufacture and market them would be sued, such as cigarette companies have been exposed to lawsuits. Legalization of drugs would work to increase liability on producers forcing health standards.

Legalization would allow greater regulation. Cigarettes come with warnings. Alcoholic beverages are clearly marked with the amount of alcohol. Currently legal drugs contain a listing of all active and inactive ingredients. Illegal drugs could be sold legally with ingredients lists, warnings and purity levels clearly marked.

Recreational drug has no clear and obvious harmful effect on anyone besides the user (who chooses to accept those risks). The War on Drugs, on the other hand, places non-users’ friends and loved ones in jail. The War on Drugs does have clear and obvious harmful effects on third parties.

Countries who have experimented with legalization have had positive results.


A State cannot be involved with the distribution of substances considered immoral by relevant lots of the population. A substance considered unhealthy cannot be produced and distributed with the help of the state, because the goal of the state is to protect citizens’ health and not to expose them to risk.

The easy availability of drugs would create new consumers rather than rescuing current ones.

Drugs are addictive. They rob the user of free will. A drug user cannot make an informed and rational decision to continue using drugs because the use of the drug eliminates that user’s ability to think logically. Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking.

Drug use is dangerous to persons besides the user, in the rise of health care costs, violence associated with the use of drugs, neglect of children by drug-addicted parents, and other third party effects.

The use of soft drugs, such as marijuana, leads to the use of hard drugs (the Gateway Theory).

Drug dealers will sell to anyone, including children. Merchants who legally sell alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to sell to children. Many high school students report that it is easier to obtain illegal drugs than alcohol and tobacco.

Legalizing drugs will send a message to children that drug use is acceptable.

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  1. Unknown says:

    No one has ever died by marijuana by itself. Its a lot better for people who are in pain then pills wich kills thousands if not millons of people. People who dont agree with legalizing either havent tried it or are afraid of change either way marijuana will most likely be legal in less than 10 years al least in the u.s.a

  2. SHaun says:

    Why do you like weed? It is a plant only. My mom told met remove all of it last week. 😛

  3. Bob says:

    SmOKe WEEd EVERydAY 4/20 dudue

  4. Joe says:

    This is not about health issues. if federal law states that a drug is illegal then it therefore overpowers the state law. A federal agent can go into a store that sells marijuana and arrest everyone in it. If the state law allows marijuana and a federal law does not, then this is not constitutional and if this is acceptable what is to stop other, more dangerous things from becoming legal?

    • Hrandon Hanson says:

      States have the right to govern them selves.

      • Courtney says:

        Yes they should but you know this would create a mass hysteria. Everyone would be all cracked out. there would be not structure in anything anymore. (no like theres much of one) but still. So your saying that you would want people walking around out in the open smoking or shooting up stuff what ever it may be. I don’t know about you but that’s ridiculous! The only reason you would think that this is ok is if you were going to go out and do some drugs.

  5. carol braddock says:

    Wow, Chris, way to go!! I just spent the whole semester doing research on medical marijuana. I am on the legalization waltz. I’m from Texas, I’m hoping that in 2015 we can see progress in the works. Did you know that the U.S. government patented cannabinoids? In 1994, we found cannabinoid receptors in our brains. It is patent number 6630507. Ain’t that crazy? How can you patent something you say doesn’t exist? Just in case, tho, they patented cannabinoids for use in the neuro pathways in our brains. How do they tell all the children with epilepsy that certain states have certain rights. That’s B.S. Once California legalized medical marijuana, all 50 states should have followed suit. Maybe with a united front, we could get this classification changed. In all actuality, it is still against the federal law. So Obama’s troops swoop in and start closing dispensaries. This is causing much havoc in the lives of the people that own those stores, and all the way down the line for their employees. Way to go, so much for stimulating the economy. It was a pleasure to chat with someone that clearly did his homework.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gov needs to stop being difficult and let the people do what they want we are supposed to be land of the free well I say bs to that if we can’t even use something that has many health benefits can be used form hundreds if not thousands of reasons and out of everything it’s a plant!!! No one is going around forcing you to smoke a joint and how many of you hypocritical ads holes are here saying dont smoke weed its bad but yet are smoking cigs and drinking and completely destroying your body while weed is much less addictive much les harmful and you don’t see people who smoke a joint going around beating there children an wife’s or getting behind a wheel of a car and going 90 on a 30 instead you see them relaxin at home after a hard days work eating some food and being happy as can be your supposed to enjoy life not waste it away and those people who are abusing it are going to abuse it anyways legal or non legal and it’s easier for kids to get it when it is legal and instead of spending trillions of taxpayers dollars on the war on drugs which is horribly failing we should tax and regulate it so we would be making billions if not trillions of dollars on a plant that dosent have any man made chemicals it grows out of the ground has hundreds if not thousands of benefits and simply makes life better for millions of people only reason why government keeps it illegal is because they get bribed by alcohol and tobacco companies and any other large multi million dollar companies to keep it that way and hey government if I’m wrong about that then please prove me wrong and honestly how are you going to tell me that I can’t grow a plant that’s harmless in my own backyard and if I do I’m gonna have all my rights taken away and thrown into prison for years it’s insanity of what there doing so if you say your for the people then make it legal otherwise your just Lying to everyone which you seem to be pretty good at you’ve only bin doing it for years because your a bunch of old corrupt politicians sitting on your thrones and telling people what to do then taking there money I could keep going on but I think you get the point Signed sincerely by anonymous 😉

  7. Chris says:

    It’s hard to find any argument on the internet that isn’t one-sided. People don’t want to debate, they want to shove what they think down everyone else’s throat. To be honest, there aren’t enough arguments for marijuana here and the arguments against it aren’t even debunked. You just stated them and left it at that. The truth is that hemp, or marijuana is not only a safe drug with very few negative effects in adult users, it is also a drug that has been used for thousands of years in both medicinal and industrial settings. (btw, marijuana kills cancer cells and can be used in other methods that don’t require smoking) The constitution was written on hemp paper just as all paper at the time. It grows easier, faster, and with more yield than wood and cotton. Any other alternative that we use today when it comes to textiles, energy, paper and construction are inferior to hemp. There are literally countless uses of hemp, from dynamite created from the cellulose compound, to clean renewable energy that could make the US energy independent from the rest of the world. People like George Washington saw the extremely helpful nature of this plant, declaring that it should be sowed “everywhere.” That was hundreds of years ago. We have only discovered more and more uses of hemp as time rolls on. People like Henry Ford can be credited for such discoveries as a composite plastic made with hemp that is both 10 times stronger than steel and only weighing 2/3 as much. He even used it as bio fuel in his original Model T prototype AKA the hemp car. Medicinal uses are also being found as time passes, with many breakthroughs in this field showing that medical marijuana is more effective than pharmaceuticals in patients with PTSD, epilepsy and seizures, glaucoma, chronic headaches, eating disorders, and cancer. The list can go on all day if you want it to. Not only has it been found to be more effective, it also has side effects that pale in comparison to pharmaceuticals that treat the same illnesses. Our president has said that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, yet leaves it on the Schedule 1 list, declaring it more powerful than cocaine and meth, which are both widely-known as much harder drugs than marijuana. It also says that there is no accepted medical benefit and that the drugs in Schedule 1 have great potential for physical dependence. Marijuana withdrawals are are as petty as caffeine and are much rarer. This man says he supports it, yet medical marijuana dispensaries are being raided on his watch, forcing these patients to buy their medicine on the street with no assurance that they are getting what they pay for. This, in turn, only gives the cartels more power. When people argue and say that marijuana is a “gateway” drug, they are admitting that there are so few truthful arguments against marijuana, that they need to bring in other drugs that are easier to argue about, saying “This gets you higher though! So that means that after awhile you’ll get bored and want some variety!” In truth though, the high people get from marijuana is not even similar to what other drugs offer. Honestly you can’t even compare them besides the negative side effects that come with. The gateway drug theory is the last resort in the war on freedom and has been shown from multiple polls and statistics to be false. To make marijuana legal does not condone that teenagers use it. Just with alcohol, they would have to be 21 to use it legally. Even if kids started smoking pot instead of drinking alcohol regardless of this fact, they would be better off. In order to overdose on pot, you would have to smoke, according to theory, 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes. It is not linked to violent behavior like alcohol and it is less dangerous when idiots decide to drive stoned than intoxicated, by at least 500%. Even if the person does get in a wreck, it’s extremely unlikely they were going 120 mph like what a drunk driver might be going. Alcohol has become highly welcomed in American society through countless ad campaigns which group alcohol with your favorite sport. This is not the example we should give our kids, not at all. If we want them to know how dangerous alcohol is, we need to be less liberal with these commercials making beer look like the biggest joyride of your life. We also need to realize that 750,000 people are incarcerated every year in the US for marijuana related crimes, 82% of which for simple possession. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world because of prohibition, which not only shows how lacking we are on our core value of “freedom” but also speaks volumes when you compare people who have smoked and gotten caught and people who have not. If our president got caught for smoking marijuana in college, his life would not even resemble what it is now. He would have been convicted of a crime that can have longer sentences than rape and murder, even though it is a victim less crime. He would be labeled an ex-con for the rest of his life, being refused basic American freedoms like the right to vote to this day. He would not even be able to get a minimum wage job because he would be seen as a blight on society. That’s our president. A war on drugs is a war on the people. Stop telling us how to live our lives. Empty the prisons and focus on things that matter. Make our society safer and stop making our protectors our enemies. Black people make up 13% of society and 14% of drug users, yet 56% of drug related arrests are on black people, even though they use drugs like marijuana about as much as white and Hispanic people. It is blatant profiling sanctioned by law enforcement.

  8. Tricia says:

    I just want to know where the persons constitutional rights are of those who are highly allergic to the smoke, the plant, and proteins. People are there are no health problems, I believe this is a one sided argument. I have on several occasions been rushed to ER just because the idiot next to me rolled down his window at a stop light and the smoke bellowed into my car. It closes my airways and stops my heart. If this is legalized and allowed in public places I would not have anywhere to live. And I do not think that it would be freedom to have to lock my self up just so others can get high.

    • Yoshi says:

      Tricia says:
      “I have on several occasions been rushed to ER just because the idiot next to me rolled down his window at a stop light and the smoke bellowed into my car. It closes my airways and stops my heart.”
      Smoke and (before and during) drive won’t be legalized, just like the current law prohibits drink and drive, and intoxicated in anyway.

      • Nonya says:

        People who are allergic to the marijuana plant’s pollen or smoke may get symptoms such as a runny nose, inflammation of the nasal passages, and coughing and sneezing, according to the review. Some people who have touched marijuana have developed hives, and itching and swelling around the eyes.

        Good Try..

    • Nexus says:

      This is not a mater of constitutional rights. There are many people that I know who are allergic to tobacco smoke and they have this same problem. The only difference is that tobacco is already legal and my friends avoid all contact with people who smoke. There are ways to get around and ways to protect yourself in high density areas where people do smoke. If it is legalized and it has a huge chance that it will then you will either have to move somewhere where they are more conservative or find a way to deal with society as it evolves.

    • Cole says:

      Honestly, I am sorry that you are allergic to the smoke and have had to go to the hospital on many occasions for this. But people that are allergic to peanuts could make this same claim for why peanuts should be against the law everywhere in the united states. It just really doesnt make sense. Only a very small percentage of the population has this condition and you cant ban a substance just because .001% of the population is allergic to it

  9. Suzieq says:

    My fellow Americans let’s get our act together and set our priorities right! Legalizing marijuana is a bad idea. It negatively affects our work force productivity, increases addiction and the spiraling, out of control problems that causes, and who knows the long term health affects more of this use will cause? What young person wants to risk having a possible early lung disease like the onset of bullous emphysema?? Health care costs will rise and everyone will be up in arms about it! We’ve already seen this with cigarette and alcohol’s affect on the health of Americans, why add fuel to the fire?

    • Yoshi says:

      Suzieq says:
      “It negatively affects our work force productivity, increases addiction and the spiraling, out of control problems that causes, and who knows the long term health affects more of this use will cause?”
      Same as alcohol, and the negative effect of alcohol to one’s health is even greater.
      Have you seen any of your co-worker shown up at work drunk? If he or she does it, they’ll get fired.
      Most people don’t do it because of the consequences.
      How will the marijuana make any difference?

      • bifferton says:

        I vote for NOT legalizing it, but of course, the vote may be otherwise. I will say, I will not hire people who smoke marijuana and I will fire anyone who is high when they come into work or while they are at work, no question’s asked. It will become just another vice, like cigarettes and alcohol. Everyone will become a pot head, be unproductive, health care costs will rise even more, access to the drug will skyrocket for the underage and so on. Everyone voting to legalize it already illegally smokes it, so I don’t know why it is necessary to legalize it anyway. You will still be on food stamps and jobless, living in a trailer if it is legalized, so lets not drag others down with you. 🙂

      • Will says:

        People mask their actions. I have seen people show up to work with vodka in a water bottle. Even their coffee is tainted. Weed will be no different. People will continue to use when ever and where ever they want to. Its human nature to fulfill all self interests and gratifications. I love how people who want to do something of self interest always seem to act as if they will be angels, when others give them some leeway. Smokers and drinkers have already claimed they know when and where to drink of smoke–yet second hand smoke is still killings thousands and drunk driving is still ruining peoples lives-if they survive!

      • Cody says:

        Give some real evidence backing your words, everybody has a right to an opinion but without evidence it worthless, also you cant get addicted to marijuana, you could smoke for 3 years everyday, and than just quit your not gonna need cannabis patches, or a vape, you can just stop. Also marijuana can boost productivity, because of Dopamine. When smoking marijuana you intake dopamine, which helps people calm down and focus. It open up your mind for creativity, which leads to inventions of new ideas that can solve common work place problems. Win, win listen do your research. we need to stop the stigma, the stereotype, that people who smoke cannabis are lazy, and less productive. Look at this site if you have some time,

    • Cody says:

      Give some real evidence backing your words, everybody has a right to an opinion but without evidence it worthless, also you cant get addicted to marijuana, you could smoke for 3 years everyday, and than just quit your not gonna need cannabis patches, or a vape, you can just stop. Also marijuana can boost productivity, because of Dopamine. When smoking marijuana you intake dopamine, which helps people calm down and focus. It open up your mind for creativity, which leads to inventions of new ideas that can solve common work place problems. Win, win listen do your research. we need to stop the stigma, the stereotype, that people who smoke cannabis are lazy, and less productive. Look at this site if you have some time,

  10. Jay says:

    Marijuana should be legalized. These cons mentioned are not even helping to support the argument to not legalize marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco are substantially more addictive than marijuana. Nicotine is just as addictive (if not more) than heroin! Yet, nicotine and alcohol products can be bought in any gas station and convenient store in the U.S.! No one has died from smoking too much weed. It’s impossible, you would have to smoke an obscene amount and by then you would probably pass out. It’s all about your decision making. You choose to smoke, be inquisitive about the world, and make wise decisions regarding your safety then you do so. But if you engage in risky behavior that’s your fault and not the drug. Besides, drivers cannot blame the alcohol for getting charged with a DUI; they blame themselves for making a bad decision. It’s your choice to get into a car high or drunk. Alcohol and tobacco are a lot worse for you than weed and the statistics prove this; the government just needs to legalize marijuana.

    Obama even admitted that marijuana was a lot less harmful than alcohol! The government must get past its insecurities about pot.

    • truth says:

      Actually, that is not true. Many people have died from using marijuana. Thy have not died from inhaling the drug itself, but from the effect the drug had on them. They decide to drive a car, or try to use complex machinery. They get into axcidents and then they kill not only themselves, but other people as well. The drug has an overall negative effect on the body and such substances should be illegal. I am against both smoking and alchohol sales, and I believe these to should be illegal.

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  12. marty says:

    Here is a nice contrast of lifestyle choices and their consequences in the land of the free…

  13. genomoney says:

    thank you. Does the fact that alcohol is legal mean you can go to work and knock a few back, no. When was the last time you went out to eat and your server had a cig dangling out their mouth? Lets get realistic about this. If a person chooses to smoke pot, they will. If it is legal, will a person try it because it because it is? More than likely there will be some folks who will. But if you have no desire to start, why would legalization change that. do all Americans smoke cigs and drink booze simply because its legal? There is a lot to gain from legalization. If legalized, will you be able to grow your own? Can you grow your own tobacco? Yes.( in all 50 states.) Can you sell your tobacco ? Yes. You have to go through all the miles of gov’t regulations( chap. 52 internal revenue code, title 26, U.S. code) and many others too many to mention. It would seem to me that legalization would fall under similar laws. Can you make your own alcohol? Yes.(although there are still places in the U.S where alcohol is banned, and other places where it is strictly controlled.).Can you sell your booze? Yet again, depends on where you live and you must go through all the gov’t hoops and regulations People are so afraid that if it’s legalized, we are going to be a nation of pot heads. I feel they are mistaken, and I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that if legal, all the drug problems are going to go away. There are far worse drugs available to keep the drug lords busy for quite a while.

  14. unknown says:

    they said it takes our main focus on thinking away bs mannn the joint doesnt roll its self and it doesnt force you to smoke it self so its not marijuana that makes people do stupid shit.. people think you trip off marijuana. NO… its not.. its what YOU are thinking it does.. it does make you hungry and gives you the munchies that is a side effect maybe the only one.. and if u get fat bc of it… it isnt because it made you eat a shit ton of food, its because you eat the shit ton of food.. jus like the beggining of my comment it doesnt open the fridge and say here… feed your face no.. thats all on you.. not marijuana.. so stop blaming your obesity and problems on marijuana and btw its not a drug.. its a plant. drugs are fused with chemicals.. yes marijuana needs chemicals yes but its all organic.. ORGANIC!!! not man made chemicals like baking soda or cough syrup..

  15. kushfreak1 says:

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  16. Tony Homo says:

    I believe that merry-juana it very good for humans and boosts health. This means that hepititis is not possible to cure and you can die from eating watermelon water. Chuck says its okay to steal from brockway and I enjoy the reefer. Mon madre est une froid son of a bitch and weed is my favorite snack, marlaria kills too many fuckers to yeah penis

  17. Michael says:

    should be legalized. No addiction, no health hazards, no marijuana related deaths. The only thing I can see how and why its still illegal can be summed up in one word. BIGOTRY. All you corrupt politicians, you know who you are. You consider destroying families and incarcerating marijuana users with murderers and rapists the right thing to do. Lets see what the creator says when your facing him and cant hide behind or rely on your political power. All I got to say is watch your step to hell cause its a long fall.

    • Annonymous says:

      Amen brother!! Every one of those greedy bigot politicians deserve to burn in hell for what they do to their constituents! From Anslinger on down the line. May the good lord give them no mercy for banishing the plant he put on this Earth to help people!

  18. blaster says:

    I can attest to the medical benefits WEED offers for a user who suffers from mental health issues. Depression,anxiety,etc.. can be somewhat relieved in some people by smoking a lil weed. I dont percieve WEED to be anymore harmfull than tobacco or alcohol. I think we the tax payers could realize certain benefits if WEED were to be legalized. The savings among our law enforcement corrections,and Judicial Systems warrant law makers to act in legalizing WEED imo. The money [tax dollars] saved along with the new tax dollars generated by such a move would IMO be a significant improvement for our Nation and its citizens. With it we could actually develope and implement REAL treatment programs for those who are addicted to drugs. The War on drugs is to be won by addressing the issues concerning drugs. This does not mean locking up those who use or sell drugs. For that really solves nothing and only contributes to our problems. Legalize weed [give a lil bit] help those who need help and want it [gain a bunch]. Leave the remaining [pot smokers] alone. THEY ARE SIMPLY CHILL-N!!!!!!

  19. billy says:

    its a dog gone shame our leaders , all of them got there head up there \ AS@ `S , IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE WE THE PEOPLE , THEM DUMD F@CKS , DON`T DO WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT , IF a M.F. , wants a abortion , its there call , not the gov. we got to vote these be hind the plow , shot cakes , out ,

  20. Alex says:

    Just legalize marijuana already! I wanna smoke it recreationally on the weekends without worrying that I’ll lose my job and be thrown in jail.

  21. Julia says:

    Americans hate to hear the word “no”. We don’t like limits, we don’t like rules, we don’t like being told what to do. But the truth is, while alcohol can be more dangerous, it can be used in moderation for recreational purposes that aren’t necessarily for the purposes of “getting high”. What is recreational marijuana for? Getting high.

    Imagine, if you will, that your son or daughter has just been hit by someone in a car that has smoked weed and, due to the effects. How much would you want marijuana to be legalized? The difference between marijuana and alcohol is the purpose; while alcohol can be consumed in moderation without mind altering effects on the brain, the purpose of marijuana is to produce a high, happy effect which can be endangering to other people.

    As for medical purposes, marijuana is certainly not the only drug that can help heal bodies. In fact (my parents work in the medical field) there are other drugs that have the same effect and often yield better results than marijuana. Marijuana, like other drugs, can become addictive, destructive, and although it can be beneficial to the economy, it would be extracting and taking advantage of savings from people who are trapped in the drug cycle, and can put themselves, their families, and others in harms way.

    I do not believe in the legalization of marijuana.

    • That Guy says:

      you are an idiot. generally spekaing, most people who experience the high of some damn good kush are generally more careful drivers as opposed to alcohol. and just like alcohol you build a tolerance. that and what stoner wants to get up off the couch? other than to get food for the munchies of course.

    • Billy Jones says:

      This is absolutely hilarious. First of to complain to get laws and regulations to reflect a greater percentage of the population is what Democracy was based on. Weed does none of the things you listed. Why is it your stance on alcohol that kills thousands each year is positive but weed which doesn’t kill you feel as though it is the anti-Christ. For starters any data collected in any study on weed and car accidents could be tainted for the simple fact that it takes the body to flush the residuals completely away. So it can not be said with any certainty that a person involved in an accident has smoked shortly before an accident or it could have been over a month ago. And if you don’t smoke weed and aren’t intelligent enough to research something before you blurt things out that are not only not true but are so far from making sense it is comical. You can in fact smoke to get a light buzzz…. most don’t but you could. With Dr’s for parents I’m surprised that they never educated you on the fact that even a sip of alcohol alters the mind and can impair function. And not sure how you classify only being a little drunk as not getting any effect from the alcohol. Weed is not crack or meth or cocaine it does not draw you in and force you to smoke it to survive. You act as if actually being held accountable for your actions is something for the government should take thew decision out of your hands because you lack the intelligence to make the decision by yourself sounds more like a communist agenda to me. I’m not calling names but to ask the government to continue to ban something because you aren’t mature enough to handle something is selfish and a prime reason why this country has been going downhill no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and everyone wants someone else to make their decisions for them. And your analogy with the car accident is laughable at best, if my kids had to be hit by an impaired driver i would rather a pothead driving being overly cautious then an alcoholic passed out with the pedal to the floor. And educate yourself there is no vicious drug cycle with Weed other than constantly having to get up to go to the fridge. Last but not least as a parent i can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t matter if your parents are Drs or telemarketers they are not going to openly promote any drug. At least not good parents, they might accept the fact that you might already be using a drug but not going to just openly encourage it if they think you have never tried it.

  22. Noelani says:

    I’ve been hoping marijuana would be legalized since I was a teenager, back in 1970. I did not use it or ever plan to, but my father, an officer in the Marine Corps, was assigned to take a course in drug abuse and prevention. This was because of the increasing problem with drug addiction in young Marines serving in Vietnam. My dad is the one who first convinced me that legalizing marijuana would prevent a great deal of drug addiction. The “gateway drug” theory is only held by people who know little or nothing about it or have some personal agenda to want it to remain illegal. As my dad explained, more than four decades ago, marijuana leads to harder drugs because people get it from people who sell harder drugs. In Vietnam, there were drug pushers who spiked the marijuana with opiates.

    In the last few decades, I’ve had even more reason to hope that marijuana will be legalized. I have been chronically ill with an incurable disease known to be benefitted by marijuana. I believe that if I could use marijuana, I would be able to get off of some of the other medications I have to take, just to get through the day. The medications I am speaking of cause many deaths every year and create an addiction which is very difficult to break. Legalization of marijuana could benefit people who suffer from many different illnesses. It will even soothe the symptoms of someone going through chemotherapy for cancer. It is downright cruel to deny cancer sufferers that relief!

    It is also ridiculous that we waste so much money, time, energy, and even lives, fighting marijuana, when there are so much other really serious crime to fight.

    Marijuana is much, much safer than alcohol or tobacco, but our laws, and especially our FDA continue to insist otherwise. The FDA actually says that drugs like heroin and cocaine are safer than marijuana and have some potential benefit!

    Whether anyone has any desire to ever use marijuana, I would hope they would educate themselves about this issue, especially before voting on anything about it, or making definitive statements about it.

    I am sure we will one day have hard evidence from Colorado and Washington, which will finally force the FDA and others with control, to admit that they’ve been wrong. I hope and pray that it will be soon enough to benefit me and others currently fighting the effects of illnesses that marijuana use could benefit.

  23. Summer Marshall says:

    There is nothing wrong with legalizing marijuana! And, everything with not! If the state would do its homework it would see all the benefits brought to the states that have legalized. Dramatic decreases in arrests, decreases in addiction stats. It would save the state and taxpayers so much money. It could also be used as a huge cash crop for the benefit of this very poor state. The state of West Virginia is in dire need of revenue! This is the answer!!

  24. Eli says:

    Are you all serious? Just because something comes from the earth doesn’t mean it should be used. Poison ivy is natural and comes from the earth, but are you going to smoke it? No. And it’s not as natural as you think, it does has chemicals, it’s own chemicals that came from it. There are no benefits. It plugs up pain receptors in the brain, which is why doctors give it to cancer patients, so they can’t feel the pain as they receive chemotherapy. If you’re not in serious agony, why are you taking it in the first place? Is it really your free will? Children who grow up in places like ghettos have a higher chance of smoking marijuana because they see their parents and peers doing it. Is it because they really want to, or just to fit in? And if you really want to make this about free will, well let’s see here, children are people, and have the ability to think for themselves, make decisions, all that jazz. Are you going to stop them from wanting to smoke at, say the age of 10? Because if you say no, it’s wrong, well then you are denying them their rights as humans, to do what they want and it’s their free will to as they please. That’s being hypocritical. And it does harm others, it does affect other people. Stoned driving and smoking where others (particularly children) can secondhand smoke because they’re are near you are being harmed by your negative impacts. If you’re not one of those poor babies that were born addicted to whatever their stupid mother was while their child was developing inside them, then you don’t need to smoke. It is not you that is saying you want to smoke, it is your body, it is psychological, the want to smoke, and that is called an addiction. You could smoke one, then stop, but you didn’t. You continued. A gateway drug. You didn’t come into this world smoking a pipe, I see no reason why you would let yourselves leave it clutching one in your hands because you believe it isn’t harmful. Oh, and about the drug cartels. You really think all they sell is marijuana? Did you forget about all the other drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth? They’ll still be transporting those into the US, they won’t stop because marijuana is legal, and there’s always the chance that some new stupid drug is created and ends up being trafficked as well. And it will not eliminate the crime. It won’t even reduce it. If people are smoking an illegal drug now, who’s to say they won’t commit any other crime? Bottom line, it’s a stupid, unhealthy addiction. Get over it, it’s illegal.

    • James Williams says:

      People in the ghetto where I’m sure your not from smoke weed because it makes them feel better. The same reason people drink and your not bashing alcohol. If you were poor and unsure of how you were going to pay the bills or make it out of the ghetto you need a little release some time. I would rather a person who is stressed out smoke a little weed and chill out then the same person go have some drinks, and then who knows how they react. I always think its funny when some opinionated moron huffs and pufffs with what they call facts and they are just as full of it. If they legalized marijuana they would regulate proper ages to consume it moron, like alcohol. It is about civil liberties. The Government hasn’t legalized it yet because all the money the jails,judges, cops, and lawyers get for prosecuting it would go away. I also don’t need the government to make laws because they are worried about my children’s decisions because that’s my job and I don’t need the Government’s to supervise them. People act like because they legalize marijuana the whole country will fall apart. Responsible people won’t become irresponsible because marijuana is legalized.Thanks for your comments though I had a good laugh I always do listening to fools. Go move to Russia or China if you need a government to dictate every move you and your children make, because you don’t have a mind of your own.

      • CKS says:

        I agree, while Eli did point out some notable arguments against legalization of marijuana he did fill it mostly with a lot of useless “huffing and puffing”. But then you, James Williams, went and did the same thing in turn. And you became quite rude about it.

        Three things just sat kind of wrong with me when I read your comment that I also want to include. First: “ If you were poor and unsure of how you were going to pay the bills…” Why are people who are worried about money using something that averages $100-$300 an ounce to relax from being worried about money? I feel like there could be a more beneficial out that doesn’t contribute to the problem. Second: “I always think its funny when some opinionated moron huffs and pufffs with what they call facts and they are just as full of it” followed by claims like “The Government hasn’t legalized it yet because all the money the jails,judges, cops, and lawyers get for prosecuting it would go away.” Third: “I also don’t need the government to make laws because they are worried about my children’s decisions because that’s my job and I don’t need the Government’s to supervise them… Responsible people won’t become irresponsible because marijuana is legalized.” Both points there are very, very true. But is someone who is currently using marijuana a responsible person? They are risking fines and imprisonment, thus placing their children in danger, just to get a high. If someone is willing to take that risk do they show the ability to choose between right and wrong and are they able to teach their children to choose between right and wrong also?

        I am currently unsure of my views on legalizing marijuana, though before now I’ve always been more against it. There do seem to be a lot of benefits to it and I will continue to look into them. I feel that people should have freedom of choice as long as their choices will not harm others in any way. I do believe legalizing marijuana would increase the numbers of people driving high and would create similar problems as DUI’s which account for around a third of driving deaths each year. But then there comes a gray area where we have to decide what choices will affect others harmfully. Does a community where smoking marijuana becomes as normal as drinking alcohol (which may not happen but is a definite possibility) become better or worse? Is it the government’s job to look at something and decide how it will affect the community as a whole and then decide if it should be permitted? Is that what they are doing?

        And often I’ve seen posts saying “go after alcohol and cigarettes, not marijuana”. The government does go after those things. It sees the harmful affects of them to society and does put rules and regulations on them (ever seen cigarette packs in Europe? The only product I’ve ever seen that advertises that it’s going to kill you and is still bought). It even tried to get rid of alcohol at one point but failed because drinking was already engrained in so many people. So why would the government allow another thing, that shows the possibility of having the affects of two things it already is fighting against, to gain a foothold within it’s society that will engrain it within the society to the point where it can’t be taken out. It’s clear that people are already fighting more and more for it so maybe it is already engrained within us, but what does that show about our society. About us…

    • Kat says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! If I hear one more person try to make a case for marijuana by using that fing natural/from the earth nonsense, I’m going to lose my sh*t!! Better yet, I’m gonna act like they just made a GREAT point & say I’d never really thought of it like that before…then lead them to the nearest holly bush to eat the berries when they get the munchies. I’ll even bake holly berry muffins for them if they want….just a little experiment in natural selection.

    • Tracy says:

      here’s a thought. Children adopted from the foster system have been exposed and damaged. They must attend a doctor every 30 days to get their ADD medication “controlled substance”. Marijuana users should be the same check up. We are allowing the idiots who damaged these kids to go have fun without accountability. I also have witnessed withdrawals from people who have used a long time like sweats, anger, fatigue, nausea and psychosis.

  25. God if there is one made marijuana for a reason like to mellow out
    Man made the drink that kills 17,000 people a year from drunk drivers
    one thing I do no from smoking pot is I know that I am not going to flip out or freak out or pass out just munch out

  26. Redmarlboro says:

    It is a plant that is used “as is” so to speak…Yes, cocaine is derived from a plant, but it is processed into cocaine…Heroin is from a plant, but it is processed into heroin…This is why I believe that Marijuana and Mushrooms should just be legal.

    They grow naturally out of the Earth and are used just the way they were intended by the Creator to be used. Mother Earth wants us to open our minds and we have been kept from legally doing it for far too long…Can you imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if people were smoking ganja daily and using sh rooms every once in a while. All the evils of the world would disappear and I hope we can live in that world one day.

    • Kat says:

      Ever heard of a little artist called Vincent van Gogh? Ask him how eating poppies (heroin in it’s “natural state”) worked out for him. And make sure you speak up since… know….. there was that incident with him and his ear after one particularly long afternoon of eating poppies.

  27. Dean says:

    We here in America as a whole have tried to live our lives as moral people, trying to do unto others as we would have them do to us. I have read many pro’s and con’s to the legalization of Marijuana, some make sense and others come from people who are apparently just going through life always stone.
    For the people who are always stone, if you are not harming others by being in this state all the time, and you are providing support for yourself, then more power to you. But if you are a burden on the state because you have no goals and no sense of what each of us as American’s need to do to keep this country afloat, then wise up, get a job and be productive, pot head.
    Marijuana does not lead to wanting to do heavier drugs, the gov. is full of crap when they suggest this is what happens. Ofcourse this study is being done by people who do not smoke Marijuana so they can have no factual data to back up thier claims. I read from one of these studies that you can buy 5 some odd grams on the street for $8.60, which is bullcrap, only if it is some nasty tasting brown dirt weed being sold by some homeless person. 5 grams of good hydoponic marijuana will cost you around 75 to 90 dollars. But imagine if the government legalized marijuana and as a comercial comodity were the only ones who could either grow or select who grows it, and you could purchase a pack of twenty marijuana cigs in the same type of pack regular cigs come in, for only twenty or thirty dollars. The gov. knows this would bring us out of the fiancial situation this country is in, but they do not want this because our government is not run by the people we elected it is run by the wealthy. There would be no profit for them if marijuana was legalized.
    So I say if we want change in this country where each person can choose for themselves as to what they consume then we have to start with changing the laws that govern what politicians can earn while they are in office. They can no longer earn or have in there posession funds or profits other than what they are paid through serving and legit investments that all can be proven with records. And this is what is so funny about this whole legalizing of marijuana thing. The politicians wont legalize it because the wealthy say no, and the politicians go along so they can keep getting thier pockets lined. But if they did legalize marijuana there would be much money floating around within the government they could be paid more for what they were hired to do, repersent all of America, not just the rich.

  28. Taylor says:

    marijuana should be legal ! make it legal please and thanks hah

  29. I think all drugs should be legal to sell but illegal to own out in public. You should be able to use them at your house but not in public. I think there is a big difference between the freedom in your own home and intruding in other people’s freedom by wreckless drug habbits.. This is similar to alcohal laws but without bars and wreckless driving.

  30. Pan Pot says:

    Nice one C DET. It’s always good to hear a positive story from somebody who has had a positive experience with medical marijuana.
    Keep spreading the news and one of these days………..

  31. C DET says:

    I used to spend 10,000. to 12,000. a yr on bi-poloar med’s still having mannic episodes
    stopped that legal or not i spend aprox. 1,000. to 1,200 per yr on maryjane and 3,600. on cigarettes
    Quit smoking cig’s and can’t afford meds from doc, spend 40 a wk on jane and there is no more pain physicaly ‘n’ mentaly

  32. VICTOR says:


  33. Camel says:

    Legalization will allow ANYONE to grow their own, which means there will be NO criminals selling it. Anyone with a brain can figure this out on their own. When it is illegal or “decriminalized”, criminals will still be involved because it has massive value. Once everything is legal, the value drops dramatically, which means everyone can grow it in their backyards if they so choose. Wakeup people, these things will be used whether they are illegal or not. So why waste money putting people in jail over things they will use anyways. So dumb.

  34. Frampton says:

    the government aint for the people now, only for corporations which they now consider “people” so that the gov can still say they are for the “people” so if corps dont like cannabis, then neither does the government.

  35. steve easley says:

    legalize it already,the federal goverment is the only thing holding this up,it only makes since to legalize this drug,look real hard at the reasons it should be legalized
    and you can come to only one conclusion.

  36. Matt says:

    legalize it already!!! its not that bad as you can see the death rates are all a lot higher than marijuana… that’s because marijuana is at zero because it does not kill people and i don’t see what they don’t get about that.. alcohol is ten times worst than weed.. ITS NOT BAD FOR YOU!!! if it was they wouldn’t prescribe it to people that are sick or need help it obviously does something right because if it didn’t then they wouldn’t do it!!! LEGALIZE WEED!!!! 🙂

  37. Michael says:

    Really! Ditto to all those who have echoed my sentiments. I am disabled and Doctors cannot fix my broken spine, but they don’t mind giving me Loritab till my liver dies or I do. I think less people would smoke ciggarettes and that is what the problem is. Phillip Morris is a huge finacial contributor to Washington. When my arthritis flares which is every morning or during a rain storm I want to kill myself because there is nothing short of morphine or marijuana that will stop it.
    When did our government stop listening to the American People?
    When did we lose the war on what is good and right?
    How long must we persecute those who suffer?

  38. luise says:

    listen everyone is freakin out over this, i think it should be leaglized! and pppl say that everyone will be high, everyone who smokes it is already high so what does it matter? and alcohol is legal but you can still loose your job and stuff over it and it will be the same with weed, its not like there gunna legalize it and just let everyone go with it, so stop being a dumbass and lighten up everyone

  39. Karen says:

    I am for legalizing marijuana because of all the deaths in Mexico and along the border. They are trying to get their drugs over here and in the process many are being murdered senselessly for the love of money. Do I need to explain how much money the government can get if they legalized it and not to mention the lives it would save and the time police officers could be doing other things and punishing harder criminals instead of this?

  40. cdawg says:

    my bad. i messed up on katts part. but he was like ” its a plant. it just grows like that. know crack and cocaine you have to do shit to it chemically. add water, baking soda, stir it up. i dont knw the reciepe im just saying.” but its the truth. its a plant. it has seeds. it helps people. it saves lives. legalize it for 5 years and see how much change it will have on the world. i guarantee it will be less crimes. people will be to high and lazy to do anything wrong. well prolly not lazy. im telling you. smoke before you go to work. i bet your day will go a thousand times better then if u hadnt smoked. and thats a promise.

  41. cdawg says:

    i dont see what the big deal is that they cant legalize it. like katt willaims said “it plant”. it comes from the earth. like if they was to legelize it there shuld be rules. like you can grow your own you just cant sell it. they shuld have the good stuff in the stores if you cant grow the good stuff yourself. like im just saying sounds fair to me.

  42. Chasity says:

    Legalize it already! Less people in jail for marijuana and they wouldn’t be so overcrowded. Tax it and sale it like you would alcohol or tobacco in the stores. People will continue to smoke it either way. I have never felt as shitty physically after smoking a blunt as I have when I have had a hangover from drinking alcohol.

  43. Tom says:

    I believe weed should be legal,compared to alcohol and even sugar ,(which can be classified as a drug),it’s relatively harmless.
    The law against marijuana has done more harm and is responsible for ruining more lives than consuming the plant ever could. The only ones who benefit from the enforcement of these outdated laws is LAW ENFORCEMENT and ORGANIZED CRIME.

  44. Karen says:

    I am all for legalized Marajauna! I have chronic pain due to Rhumitoide arthritis, ostoarthritis, severe migrains, Diverticulosis, severe nausea and bone pain also fibermyalgia. My Dr. plagues me with all kinds of pills when all i need is some weed! It extreamly helps the pain and nausea i have daily. I am a cig. smoker, if I had pot I know I wont die from cancer cause I wouldnt smoke cigs. I know I wouldnt be in the consant pain i am in.

    Although, I am all for the legalization, it should be regulated so children cannot get it. But there are stupid idiotic people out there who will and that makes it hard on the ones who just want to get high, or people like me who need it for medicne. But! The government will never make it legal. Just think how the national debt would go down since about 80% of the country are smokers! Make it legal, tax it get it from the drug store whatever just help people like me who need it for pain! I don’t want pain pills THATS addiction, if i can smoke weed there is NO addiction and no need for pain pills for me.

  45. JO Bob says:

    I am all for legalizing marijuana!!

  46. Apple Red says:

    Weed should be legalied because of all the medical support it offers health wise. I’ve smoked marjuanna for 20 years and I benefited from it big time. It helps my arthritis, appetite, eyesight, depression, pain, and energy level. Psychologically too. I would not have been as productive had I not used marijuanna. Alcohol had negative results health wise I would be dead had I used alcolhol. Please leghalize marijuanna and save america.

  47. Damon says:

    I am glad to see at least the american people have states to go to to smoke dope even if they have to get a medicinal certificate for it. Good on The United States Of America for the loophole of state laws vs Federal laws. Us here in Australia or the slave country that is basically new will follow the larger older countrys on 99% of things that the older countries do

  48. David says:

    I just think they should legalize it and then just tax the hell out of it.

  49. Andy says:

    All of you guys state accurate and well facts and arguments why weed should be legal. Personally, the most important reason why marijuana should be legal is that the government should not be able to dictate the life of the individual. However the individuals choices must not harm or affect others in a negative manner. It is immoral that they do this. We as a group (an enormous group) need to take a stand and fight for our liberty that we have as Americans.

  50. Stacey says:

    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA ALREADY!!!! It’ll make the world a happier place to be. I know it would make me happier! And everything above, I agree. And Toker2K4: Exactly, Freedom of Choice.

  51. Julie says:

    i think pot is way better then acohol and tobacoo.

    i think i the goverment went wrong by chosing that over something that wil not kill u. only if people will stop lacing it. it wil not hurt anyone one. pot is not a drug so dont call it a drug it is a plant that idians used for their peace pipes.

    It defently is peaceful and doesnt make u crazy and mad and triping over fires and al this other shit that real drugs causes. So make this legal bc they hav fake shit that is hurting little kids. My friend had to go to the hospital bc of what insence does to u.

  52. phil chiappe says:

    Many of us have witnessed the devastation that has happened because drugs, in general, are not legal.

    So many people have been murdered or their lives altered beyond repair because of the power of the drug traffickers. This damage is far greater for our Society than any kind of harm that legalizing drugs would or could cause. America is a terribly ill society that refuses to see the world for what it is. So many of us want complete freedom to choose how we live our lives. But how many of us still inhibit the choices of others because their version of freedom does not agree with ours.

    If we legalize drugs and control their distribution we would solve the problems of so many of our citizens and we would benefit because within five years our national debt would be no more and drug dealers will stop killing innocent people, and they will stop taking our children hostage because they have the power to do so…with cops aiding them. The corruption is not with the dealers, it is with us, because we have the power to stop them.

  53. Debbie Hewitt says:

    As we all know the government doesnt like to be wrong.

    They know legalization of marijuana would make the world a better place. I laugh at the thought of being high and getting pulled over on the freeway; for what? Doing 35MPH in a 70MPH zone…. makes me laugh. I would rather my kids smoke any day over drinking. Get with it government, who’s it hurting??

    And I truly do NOT believe that smoking marijuana leads to harder drugs. Stupidity leads to harder drugs !! What about the new drug that the cigarette companies are now putting on our cigarettes so they go out by themself after several seconds. *shaking my head* funny how most things contradict each other.

    Life is good and life goes on!! Peace

  54. Megan says:

    I think marijuana should be legalized, or even just decriminalized.

  55. sourpower says:

    legalize marijuana and crimininalize the real killers tobacco and alcohol!!!!!

  56. toker2k4 says:

    Every one that has post arguments in favor of legalization has very good points for legalization. i think however that the best point is freedom of choice.

    This basically comes down to our god givin rights that our goverment has relieved us of along time ago. it seems there are some states wanting to legalize on a state level….once again the goverment steps in and tells us what we cant do…but really…what would happen if a couple of these states went forward with legalization? i think there would be others for sure..if enuff fell in line how would the goverment handle this…declare war on its citezens..surely we are more civilized than that at the end of the day.

    Maybe this is needed to get things started, some one brave enuff to take that first step and encourage their neighbors to do like wise…i feel this would bring on far more positive changes than negative. I’m thinking tax money could help on lots of levels one being the repair of our ssi system…others on a state level. As it looks to me now colorado will have legal marijuana befor clali based on the fact the growers of cali will continue to help those against legalization vote it down to protect their income.

    I ask them to realize that this is bigger than them and vote yes the next time it come up for vote. I firmly believe it will only take a coupe of states to step forward causing a domino efect the goverment can no longer ignore, just my 2cents worth and food for thought.

  57. Tracy says:

    I have healed myself with herbs for the last 15 years of my life (including Marijuana). I grow my own herbs such as basil, oregano, lavendar, etc…it is truly beyond me why cannabis is any different! We should be able to grow it and use it as we please.

    It is a plant that is used “as is” so to speak…Yes, cocaine is derived from a plant, but it is processed into cocaine…Heroin is from a plant, but it is processed into heroin…This is why I believe that Marijuana and Mushrooms should just be legal.

    They grow naturally out of the Earth and are used just the way they were intended by the Creator to be used. Mother Earth wants us to open our minds and we have been kept from legally doing it for far too long…Can you imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if people were smoking ganja daily and using shrooms every once in a while. All the evils of the world would disappear and I hope we can live in that world one day 🙂

  58. will says:

    The government doesnt like to be wrong. They know legalization of merijuana would make the world a better place. If they do legalize it people will realize that big brother is wrong about alot of things and more people would question the government. life changing man.I agree with every thing the gentleman says above me.

  59. Jermu says:

    I’m not actually American, but I do think marijuana, psilosybe mushrooms and MDMA at least could be legalized all over the world.

    A lot of poor areas in the world could profit nicely from that. (There will always be rich people taking advantage of poor people – I’m not implying that that would stop).#

    Legalizing drugs would spare lives and cost lives. Arguments for both sides. But if drugs were legal, every “good and acceptable” human could use recreational drugs casually/socially. The stereotype that all people associated with recreational drugs are “bad people” would fade into the past. (This would be a big step forward).
    I guess you can think of this anti-drug mentality of many people similarly to homophobia: a long time ago, bisexuality/homosexuality were ther norm. Everyone had sex with everyone.

    Then, all of a sudden, it became a bad thing. I won’t play the blame game, but I know it would have been better in terms of not dividing people before gay-hate. If people had never grouped up against drugs, we wouldn’t have this debate and everyone would accept drugs today.

    Governments could save money not trying to prevent drugs – they would even make money from the taxes. This money could be spent on helping less fortunate people around the world or research for a more desirable and/or peaceful future.

    More personally, I have never done any drugs appart from alcohol. I am a European living in Australia who was brought up on morals derived from Christianity. I myself believe nothing but science. Even though I do not stand to gain personally from this argument, I strongly believe that legalization of all drugs (along with non-biased, proper education about drugs and their active chemicals) would serve to benefit everyone everywhere.

  60. mike says:

    Marijuana should be legal. stats show ithat NO deaths have occurred from smoking pot. if it were legal people would not have to be around the dangerous drugs like meth or cociane, that illegal dealers commonly sell also.

  61. TJ says:

    I agree to legalize Marijuana. There is no scientific evidence that proves that Marijuana is any more destructive then Alcohol or even many prescription drugs.

    Plus these harsh laws punish users and help fund criminal activity. In effect it does the exact opposite of what the law was enacted to do: protect American’s. In addition the selling of the plant has been and will be used by evil groups who profit off of human misery. We could legalize it, tax it and use the money to benefit our economy and country.

    It could shrink organized crime and gang funding in both America and Mexico. It could also cut wasteful laws that eat up a lot of the general publics money. The most irresponsible thing we can do, is nothing. No one will benefit from our country doing nothing on this issue.

    It needs to be done. And soon.

  62. Georgianna says:

    I agree to legalization of marijuana due to the legalization of alcohol.

    Alcohol is much more dangerous, but when used in moderation, no problem. The only problem is one of self control. Alcohol is adictive, marijuana is not, alcohol contributes to diseases, marijuana does not…if alcohol can be legal, marijuana should also be legal. Right to choose.

  63. deanna says:

    I will not take much time in saying what good causes are from MM, for r one it gives people a quality of life,, prolongs life helps life, gives life, in the medical field, it is the BEST! everyone knows it, but it is a MONEY thing, nothing more nothing less.

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