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6 Responses to about our newsletter

  1. teacher says:

    Hey kids…go to the SOURCES listed on the site directly. They will be more credible. And please, if you are going to write the paper, do it sober. It doesn’t help the cause to sound like a pothead who can’t be bothered to source reliable data. Norml would be another good place to look. Stay in school.

  2. Josh says:

    PLEASE leave information that is vital for citations, it would be nice to use this information in an argumentative paper!

  3. nisha says:

    you guys should provide authors and dates so us students can properly cite your website. how can we educate our professors and peers with out the proper citation….

  4. Julie Godden says:

    I need to reference where I received this information for a school paper. Can you provide more information so I can use this website as a citation. Thanks!

  5. ledor says:

    i have an assigement on a reseach paper i just wanted to know the currency of the artcle and the author of the artcle.

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