1. What is Marijuana?
The term ‘Marijuana’ refers to the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis
plant; hemp comes from the same plant and is used in around 500,000 non-drug applications. Cannabis contains a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has various effects on the body when taken.

2. Where Does the Word Marijuana come from?
“Marijuana” is a Mexican term for low-quality tobacco.

3. Who Uses Marijuana?
There is no typical marijuana user.

4. How Old is Marijuana?
The Chinese cultivated cannabis as a therapeutic and recreational drug over 4,700 years ago.

At the turn of the 20th century US pharmacies sold in excess of 20 cannabis containing medications, which were freely available until 1942. More than 20 medications containing marijuana were sold in U.S. pharmacies at the turn of the 20th century and, between 1937 and 1942 the US federal government taxed marijuana-containing medicines at $1 an ounce. In 1942, cannabis was removed from the US Pharmacopeia.*

5. Is Marijuana Addictive?
No. On a scale of relativity, cannabis is less habit forming than sugar or chocolate. It is more habit forming than anchovies though. Ten percent of the population have what is known as ‘addictive personalities’ but even they are neither more nor less likely to overindulge in cannabis than any other habit forming substance.

6. Can Smoking Marijuana Kill?
There has never been a case of somebody dying from marijuana. The following chart shows the deaths attributed to various substances for the year 1987:

  1. Tobacco………………………….340,000 – 395,000
  2. Alcohol (excluding crime/accidents)………….125,000+
  3. Drug Overdose (prescription)…………24,000 – 27,000
  4. Drug Overdose (illegal)……………….3,800 – 5,200
  5. Marijuana………………………………………0


7. Does Marijuana Use Lead to Hard Drug Use?
No. This theory was discredited some time ago. The majority of marijuana users started out using drugs like sugar, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

8. Does Marijuana Use Lead to Violence?
No. Marijuana cannot change your basic personality, so if you’re violent, you will still be violent, if you’re a pacifist you will still be a pacifist.

9. Is Marijuana Bad for You?
Smoking tobacco is bad for you, so if you smoke your marijuana mixed with tobacco, yes it’s bad for you. Marijuana itself is not bad for you; in fact, it is a valuable medicinal herb. Vaporizing your marijuana removes the smoking risk.

10. Should Marijuana Users go to Jail?
No. Independent government panel that has studied marijuana has ever recommended jail for users.